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Any good Rupay Platinum debit card?


Is there any free Rupay platinum debit card which can be easily obtained?

Need to use for Amazon 20% billpay discount offer.

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Can the QAB be zero with any relationship value? How about imps, neft, rtgs charges? 

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NSDL Jiffy - Instant Online Account Opening With Aadhaar OTP & PAN - Zero Balance (Monthly Service Charges ₹6) + FREE Virtual RuPay Platinum Debit Card 

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It's a mess yesterday their servers went kaput payments didn't go through card details were not coming 

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Rupay thread without @abhishek012 is a crime.

AU bank zero balance account

If you have existing icici account you can get easily Rupay Platinum card.

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@abhishek012   - at present what's the easy/cheapest way to get a  Rupay Platinum DC from SBI ?

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Visit SBI Branch and apply card with card code: RPJ
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Dear Lords: @V76  @Ash-D @TridentDG @abhishek012


I recently opened a NSDL Jiffy Saving Account, how do I confirm that my virtual rupay platinum dc is free?

And, any precautions/tips to keep in mind while using this card/account? 

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It's still free. I opened an account for my father a couple of months ago. 

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