Closing PPF account during extension period of 5 years

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What are the conditions / requirements for closing the PPF account during extension period of 5 years ? ( Will it be called premature closing ? )
I tried to find out on web.
Is it very strict during extension period ?
Can I show the reason as address change ( just showing electricity bill of my other flat in another city ? )
Another reason is education of family members ( Do I need to submit the admission/fee receipt of college ) ?
Can I give reason as "I want to start my business / startup"  ?
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"After the extension of the account with contributions, you can only withdraw 60% of the balance accumulated at the time of extension over the fresh 5 year period. Also, you can only make one withdrawal per year."

Type of PPF Withdrawal Time Period Reason Amount
On Maturity After 15 years Any Full Amount
Partial Withdrawal After 6 years Any 50% of the balance
Premature Closure After 5 years Medical, Education Full Amount

Source: Google

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