emi convertion after credit card statement date?

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I swiped my ICICI card to purchase a product, with no-cost EMI offer on POS machine at merchant store.

Now, the EMI convertion of the transaction takes few (2-5) days.

After swiping my card, my statement was generated the next day, and the transaction is not yet converted to EMI. So the amount due for the month shows the full amount swiped with the merchant.

Now, I am confused that how much do I need to pay towards credit card due? Full amount? or calculate the approx dues after EMI convertion? or some other way?

P.S. I already have another transaction in the statement which is already converted to no-cost EMI before statement generation date.

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customercare bata paenge bhai

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Usually paying minimum due + emi is fine, 

BUT write to icici cc first, And keep that reply mail safe, if any issue arrives 

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In case of SBI, cc guys asked me to pay minimum due. It might be same for ICICI. Ask them first for confirmation.

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Customer care asked to pay the minimum amount due only, as the transaction was converted to EMI by the merchant.

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