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"Epic New Ways to do Business" as Quoted by Samsung & they are literally following it


All in the GALAXY Unpacked Event on Jan 17 2024 11:30 PM was more about AI from the Google - Samsung partnership & so much that Galaxy S24 series is called as the Samsung Galaxy AI Smartphone as well as the event called as GALAXY AI unpacked event


The entire presentation was more into Software sides especially the seamless AI integration into the S24 series & less of Hardware Specs & upgrades 

AI leap is what luring people to get hands on the new S24 series which is basically the most striking & prominent features of the Smartphone 
little do people know this or are aware about the Fact that the AI inclusion (The key selling point of the Smartphone as showcased) is trail /Free for a couple of Years only 
Although unspoken anything about the same in the event with the slightest of Hints ,this information is provided in T&C at the very bottom of the page among other things 

*Galaxy AI features will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices. Different terms may apply for AI features provided by third parties.


Cautioning Dimers to be aware of the above facts before making an Purchase (just for AI features)
Sharing the entire original T&C in the Reply section below for future reference 

This practice is Shady & Unethical tactics to outright sell a product fooling millions 

#Apart from the points stated above Phone seems pretty good on books & to be very much same as compared to the previous Flagship model (S23 Series) with few add ons like Titanium Body , heat dissipation ,Corning Gorilla Glass Victus , Camera ,new Gen Processor  etc. & is currently on Pre Order


Offer Valid till Jan 20 2024 midnight 


With added Benefits 


So Grab if you really want one with added Benefits 


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Hunk Hunk
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Nothing shady about it every minute details agr presentation me dalne lge to ho gya presentation joy joy . On the other side they didn't say that lifetime free milega. If it's a software service then thoda sa common sense hona chaiye ki lifetime support nhi milega Bhai expressionless

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Agreed bhai & nothing against phone But if they boast the Entire presentation with AI only outrageously & making it believe as the  USP of the phone , they should be
obliged to provide the same benefits for a buyer entirely without any further T&C 
They may not be bound to provide & can prevent any major upgrades to the AI in the future to be available for current owners of S24 series which is agreeable but should not forfeit to what is already sold

They could also present all the aesthetics & Specs of the phone in a single presentation itself without stretching long unlike how some companies do but they care not to  & following the footfall of Apple or even worse

Not much emphasizing on this point but Typically most of the things you do in the Smartphones is via Software service/Software Update Service backed up by Hardware
Animations kaho ya Optimization ya Camera fix ya Battery issues all is done through the same process 
Will it be okay for you with these fixes also getting stopped & are chargeable ?

And if you have watched the presentation carefully , they have clearly said it's not any app  specific to get all those features but built in the S24 series internally(through software enhancements)


If it's software service They should have marketed in that way but they clearly mentioned otherwise 

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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somehow informative but masses won't care whatever it was and how it was made to attract.

AI hai to hai

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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i dont think anyone will care about subscription price of ai when tthey are paying 1.1lack for phone

and most of them will upgrade every year or 2 for the new shiny toy

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