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Samsung S24 Series - Galaxy Unpacked 2024 ^ Deal4U

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What are the Pre Reserve Benefits this time for Samsung S24 Series ?


Be among the first few customers to lay your hands on the Samsung next Galaxy device.
You will receive benefits worth ₹ 6999

  • An extra ₹ 5000 coupon to spend on (on Add-on Products, please refer T&C).

This benefit will only be availed once the main product (Next Galaxy) is added in cart and coupon is applied at checkout for purchase.

The amount, ₹ 1999 paid to Pre-reserve your next Galaxy would be adjusted against the purchase value.


  • Get the best possible exchange value for a flagship device
  • Special edition colors can be chosen
  • Get buy more save more offer to save 5% off on all the products in your cart
  • Get 2% smart club points which you can avail at the next purchase
What is meant by benefits worth 6999 ?

Let me explain ->

Where you will get the price reduced from the main product of ₹1999 right away at the time of purchase,

And also get ₹5000 off on your add on accessories, so a total of ₹6999 will be saved for this pre reserve VIP pass.

You can use this link and pre reserve for our upcoming flagship device right now

* You can get it by now itself as we have limited VIP passes

In Detail Explanations for each Sub Offer
An extra ₹ 5000 coupon to spend on any other accessories

( apart from the main device i.e. newly launched S series phone )

This coupon itself is for accessories only, so if you add any extra product with the main device worth up to ₹5000 will be free, and suppose you have added a total of accessories worth ₹6000, you just need to pay ₹1000 for it.

You can access this PDF and check for which accessories you can get this offer to avail

Now About the next Offer
Get Buy more save more offer to save 5% off on all the products in your cart

When i add main device plus any item I will get 5 %extra on total cart ?

As you will add accessories with the main device, to get ₹5000 benefit, you will also get this offer to save 5% off on every products in your cart, so it is a plus point to purchase it from regular portal ( which is not from student portal, corporate portal etc)

That the total payable amount will be huge discounted including the pre reserve value of ₹1999.

Now About the next Offer

Get 2% smart club points which you can avail at the next purchase

You will use a Samsung account from Samsung website or Samsung Shop app, and the same account will receive loyalty bonus points after 15 days after the main product will be delivered, the points can be availed at your next purchase where 1 smart club point = ₹1

So Overall you will receive 2% of your spend amount in that particular purchase ( excluding those add on accessories for this offer) after 15 days of product delivery

Can I utilize FULLY on my next purchase at Samsung website or Samsung Shop app FOR PURCHASING ANY PRODUCT including accessories ?

Now there is a limit, it cannot always be the total Smart club point in every product, there are limits on affordable side products, and surely a product worth ₹999 cannot be ₹0 due to having 999 smart club points, but for larger amount purchases or split purchases, you can utilize all

Refer for more Details Here you go!

As the device is not yet launched, we do not having its pricing, features or offer info, go for pre reserve to get surely maximum benefit, including any of the offer clubbing after launch.

And after pre reserve in case I don't Buy then ?

Get 100% refund to your main payment source, get your ₹1999 back if you do not utilize it.

Do i need to initiate or request Or its automatic to the source account ?

It is system generated, whenever the pre booking date will over, get automatically refunded without any hassle.

I believe last year offers were better comparatively

S23 Offers :

Free 25W Travel Adapter & Wireless Charger worth ₹ 4298
- Get Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth @ ₹ 2999 (available with Galaxy S23+)
- Get 256 GB storage for the price of 128 GB (available with Galaxy S23)
- Bank Cashback or Upgrade benefits worth ₹ 8000
- Extra ₹ 2000 off with welcome voucher on Samsung Shop App 1st purchase

S23 Ultra Offers :

- Get Galaxy Watch4 Classic 4G & Galaxy Buds2 worth ₹ 47999 @ ₹ 4999
- Free 25W Travel Adapter & Wireless Charger worth ₹ 4298
- Bank Cashback or Upgrade benefits worth ₹ 8000
- Extra ₹ 2000 off with welcome voucher on Samsung Shop App 1st purchase

Any such extra offers will be told during launched ?

We used to continue that "better" Legacy here, and we are expecting similar or similar type of offers this year too, hold on tight, lets see what exciting we provide, just 10 days to go.
: )

You can use this link to pre reserve for our next Galaxy AI Flagship device


Additional Fun Facts

After announcement of the Brand new Galaxy S23 series and despite the price hike, the company secured around 140,000 pre-orders in the first 24 hours in India. That's about twice the Galaxy S22 pre-orders from last year and it shows a strong demand for premium devices in the country and perhaps Samsung's pre-order deals and goodies tipped the scale in its favor.

S23 vs S22: increased ₹2K

S23+ vs S22+: increased ₹6K

S23 Ultra vs S22 Ultra: increased ₹15K


Amazon Pre - Book Galaxy Unpacked


More Details on Samsung S24 Series coming on 17th Jan to India


Any other query, doubts or confusion before pre booking , you can ask Below

Expert Dimers further inputs & valuable suggestions & Tricks for Maximum Benefits are welcome

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Best platform to pre reserve? Samsung corporate, retail, fk, az?

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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AFAIK it's from SAMSUNG Website/App (not sure about in Store) where you get in maximum benefits (Along with Referral Benefits)
*Not on Corporate account (May be receive other benefits such as Screen
protection etc.) or Student Account 
After few months especially during BBD/GIF  Flipkart/Amazon would be Best 
Some Dimers/Buyer from previous Sales & Launch offers can provide further stats/Best platform & confirmation on above information

Benevolent Benevolent
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I am still using S10+... 😂

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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WoW Awesome
How many years to phone 
Could you provide more inputs on the phone UI , Camera ,performance , Lags currently 
& any Pros/Cons observed till date 


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Cool Cool
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Can we prebook via corporate account so that we can get corporate benefits (if any) as well?

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Yes There are possibilities for additional offers
Samsung Care+ protection comes inbuilt freely from Cooperate account purchase 


We will get to know today about it in few hours from now
Anyways it will get refunded back if pre booked & not purchased

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Benevolent Benevolent
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if it goes below 65 will get one. 

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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Possibilities for nearby of the mentioned amount  for S24 base variant with trade-ins / Pre Reserve Discounts / Bank Discounts / Combo Offers / Store Purchase

Lets see in the next few hours for the GALAXY Unpacked Event 

Generous Generous
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My S8 is working flawless. Storage and battery is an issue now. Thinking to take an upgrade.

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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Brilliant Good to hear that S8 is still flawless 
Currently Samsung dropped a few hints on Upgrades Exchange offer for Specific Models 


You can plan for upgrade if you really want owing to current Storage & Battery issues 

Post Emperor Post Emperor
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Whenever these launches happen I always get conflicts..

Whether to go for.higher amount of phone or go with avg till and upgrade every one or two years rather than waiting for 3/4 years...

I don't do much,, no photography ,no texting or social much...

Just desidime and x

Deal's Advocate Deal's Advocate
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I get the same thoughts as well  & agree with on 1st two lines 
Much into Photography So my thoughts are like any  mobile phones which would last long with prominent features to suffice my prior statement

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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What about exchange? Do we have to give the original box of the phone as well in the exchange? Or just phone and charger will do?

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