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Federal Bank Launch RuPay Flash Pay NCMC Debit Card (Smart Key Chain)

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Federal bank launch RuPay Flash Pay NCMC Debit card (Smart Key Chain):

Use your Flash Pay device at Fuel Station for refilling fuel and receive assured cashback up to ₹125 on your contactless transaction.

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Smart Key Chain Flash Pay

Federal Bank On The Go smart payment solution, The Flash Pay – Smart Key Chain is designed to ensure expedient and seamless contactless payments with just a tap on the device to meet the demands of our evolving customers. Customers can make payments on-the-go of up to INR 5,000/- without any PIN while shopping on any PoS machines enabled for contactless payments making it extremely convenient for the customers.

Flash Pay is a type of payment instrument which is linked to your Bank Account and can be used to carry out contactless transactions similar to a Debit Card’s ‘Tap and Pay’ feature. The Key chain – Flash Pay is embedded with a chip and works on the principle of wireless connectivity (NFC) and allows to make seamless contactless payments.

Features & Benefits

Compact Design The sleek and compact design of the RuPay smart key chain – Flash Pay ensures that customers can carry their payment method wherever they go effortlessly integrating into their daily lives.

Contactless Payments Say Goodbye to traditional payment methods! The Smart Key chain - Flash Pay enables users to make secure and convenient contactless payments at millions of merchants across India.

Enhanced Security Built- in security features such as tokenization and encryption ensure that transactions made with Flash Pay are safe and secure, giving users peace of mind with every purchase.

Compatibility Flash Pay is compatible with a wide range of devices and payment terminals, providing users with flexibility and convenience in their payment options.

NCMC Enabled Flash Pay is enabled with RuPay NCMC features that customer can use during their transit such as metro station and all NCMC enabled POS terminals.

Offer on Fuel Payment Use your Flash Pay device at Fuel Station for refilling fuel and receive assured cashback up to ₹125 on your contactless transaction. Customers will be receiving the cashback within 90 days from the date of the transaction.

Contactless machines and devices/cards have a limited range. Your Flash Pay device needs to be within 3-4 cms from the POS Terminal/machine for completing a successful transaction.

All Federal Bank Resident Customers are eligible for Flash Pay.

    Eligible Mode of Operation:

    • Resident Saving Bank Account
    • Resident Current Account
    1. Customer can directly login to their FedNet portal and apply.
    2. Customer just need to visit your nearest branch and apply for Flash Pay after filling the customer request form.

    Post successful application, the Flash Pay device shall get delivered within 7-10 working days.

    • The total number of Smart Key chain that would be issued to an account would be one. As per Bank’s Policy, only two debit cards can be issued for a single account and one additional smart key chain (Flash Pay).
    Activation & Blocking

    All about setting PIN!

    To start using, you need to first activate your device by following 2 simple steps:
    Step 1 - Set PIN for your Smart Key Chain -Flash Pay device using FedMobile or FedNet.

    • Using FedMobile (Card management -Select Flash Pay --Set New PIN)
    • Using FedNet (Debit Card services- Select Flash Pay -Set New PIN)

    Step 2 - Enable contactless usage via Net Banking (FedNet)/ Mobile Banking (FedMobile)/IVR (Please dial 0484-6716700)/ visit your Branch.

    • FedMobile (Card Management-Select Flash pay- -Enable/Disable Card)
    • FedNet (Debit Card services- Select Flash pay - Enable/Disable Card)

    Once PIN is set, you can start using your Flash Pay to make contactless transactions at POS terminals.

    All about safety!

    Flash Pay can be permanently/temporarily blocked via FedMobile, FedNet, and through branches. Please refer the below channels:

    Temporary Blocking

    For temporary disablement of the Flash Pay, customers can do directly through FedMobile and FedNet by switching off the NFC (contactless) or through branches.

    • FedMobile- (Card Management-Select Flash Pay- Switch OFF contactless usage)
    • FedNet (Debit card services- Select Flash Pay- Switch OFF contactless usage)

    Permanent Blocking
    For Blocking of the Flash Pay, the available option is through FedMobile, FedNet, Contact Center and through branches. The detailed procedure is mentioned below.

    • FedMobile- (Card management- Select Flash Pay - Block the card)
    • FedNet (Debit card services- Select Flash Pay -Block the card)
    • The customer can call the Contact centre number 1800 424 1199 and after successful verification, the wearable can be blocked.
    Flash Pay Limits

    All about Limits!

    • Contactless payments up to INR 5,000/- per transaction (with a maximum of 5 transactions per day) - without PIN (Tap and Pay)
    • Any contactless payment transaction above INR 5000/- will require PIN authentication with a per day limit of INR 1,00,000 at any POS terminal.
    Fees & Charges

    The Joining fees is for the issuance of Smart Key chain “Flash Pay” is ₹499 (exclusive of Taxes) which will be collected within 90 days of the date of issue.
    The AMC will be charged on yearly basis total amounting to ₹ 199. (exclusive of taxes).

    Customer Support

    Contact Center is your single point contact with the bank. Dial the Pan India toll free number 1800 - 425 - 1199 Or 1800 - 420 - 1199 to avail the services of the Contact Center.

    Customers calling from registered mobile number get speedier services as the steps for customer identification are simplified when calls are made from customer's registered mobile numbers.

    You can also contact us via email.
    For General Queries: [email protected]





    We are not SEBI/IRDA registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.

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    Fi customers can avail this keychain?

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    I can pay 499 pay but don't want something which has a 199 annual fee.

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    sorry contactless payments without 2fa = fraud and invalid for india unless u can enable Pin only payments

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    free me dena h to do

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    Federal Bank introduces RuPay Flash Pay NCMC Debit Card with a smart key chain. Experience seamless transactions and enhanced convenience on the go. Unlock the future of banking today!

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    Which gadget is current good to do NFC payment? Ring or keychain? Anyone using ring NFC? Suggestions and experience pls

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    IDFC account holders also apply IDFC Add-on FIRSTAP Sticker RuPay Platinum debit card -

    Only one time Rs99+GST charges.

    This card will issue with your existing debit card. You can use both the card.


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    Is there any way to avoid annual fee

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    RuPay Flash Pay NCMC Debit Card (Smart Key Chain) Pic -



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    Just got omnicard rupay on the go keychain which looks great  DM for referral . Cost one time 300rs .

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