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Helpful Post regarding mobile connections on your name...

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Hi friends,

I am sharing important information regarding mobile connections on your name...

I have seen this message from a friend's relative...

He purchases new numbers of different networks regularly in a gap of 5-6 months...

Last month his 3 numbers are disconnected without any information and he called his friend and discussed and later he met me with his relative and told everything happened..

Also he told he has only 6 connections in total and 3 are disconnected..

As per TRAI  these are to be active..

So after that I have took his phone and checked his old messages and seen a message tells that you have more than 9 connections.. But he only have totally 6 connections and 3 are disconnected now only 3 are active...

Seems suspicious...

In message a website suggested to check no. Of connections on your name..

So I have done checking and found some other numbers are active on his name.. This means some retailers done fraud with him.. As they have activated some extra connections and sold for more money to other visitors.. He didn't know what actually happened with him...

I have then sent request to suspend that more active unknown numbers on his name...

Here you can see how his numbers are disconnected without his mistake..

This is fraud done by some retailers..

How : while doing activation they sent your application and tell you your request for new sim failed and do same process again and keep that first sim and they sell out for more money as "without proof " Sim...

So do check how many connections are there on your name and if found unknown numbers then block it..  If not done your primary numbers will get to stop soon..

Website to check here :

Screenshot enclosed for proof of post...

Hope this post will help you for sure plus1

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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That website does not work with my number sad

Helpful Helpful
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How many numbers active on his name?

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Only for select telecom circles...

Critic Critic
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Upvoted !!!

Wasn't expecting it to work for my number (Vi->Airtel, OR->KA->JH), however it worked and listed all my active connections.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Worked like a charm, listed both my active connections...Thanks for the link mate...Upvoted

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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This website launched 2 years ago Initially with Telangana State B😞ut till Now No Light of Maharashtra

Helpful Helpful
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The website mentioned is not accurate for all..i know i have 6 active connections on my name..but it's showing only 2 active.

Beacon Beacon
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I think it shows numbers on per id proof basis based on which id proof is linked to the number that you enter into website.

So if your numbers were bought using adhaar, then they will be in one group and numbers bought using drivers license would be in another group.

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tnx, worked like a charm, was on the boundary line, had 8 number active, but I got records for the all. numbers 

Hunk Hunk
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i also want to check but "Connection is not secure" message appears when i open the link. is it trustable enough to submit OTP's guys ???
Shopping Friend Shopping Friend
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Yes trusted by DOT
Tech Guru Tech Guru
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Currently this facility is available only to Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Telangana, Jammu & Kashmir, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland Consumers

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Nope, working for me in West bengal too! Thanks op
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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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But if someone tries to help people then some people laugh, some think it as time waste and only few understand !

Like, I have created a post which includes solution for this problem too but comments on this post proves what I wrote in 1st line.

People like to learn it hard way only !

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Nice info. Working for Gujarat too.
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working for UP also 

Generous Generous
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Vu informative It shows mobiles linked as per same id proof My 2 nos linked to aadhhar Oldest one to passport While other one to dl So they r not interlinked
Benevolent Benevolent
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I have 3 airtel, 2 Jio, 1 Voda and 1 MTNL Delhi no in my name.

The MTNL and 1 Airtel no are independently shown in two separate logins. Remaining 5 are shown together.

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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I am from Maharashtra, and it worked perfectly well. All of my numbers are there and as expected Thanks Vu
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