What is this HIBOX mystery box thing. Seeing a lot of YouTube videos by popular YouTube channels.
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Reach out to me in DM for referral

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Dm Me Referral

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Ponzi scheme, earn whatever you can and withdraw immediately, wont last long. 

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Better stay away:) i would say, because you are becoming accomplice in scamming chain:) i can't sleep personally knowing that I am referring someone to a scam:)  and getting money out of it like blood sucking mosquito xD, 

Tip to get out of it: think what will happen if you are the last person in this chain and become scammed, so think this way and dont encourage ponzi schemes smile

as many say its ponzy scheme, no offense, so stay out of it:) to keep society healthy not bloddlness

God bless:) support genuine businesses not scamming ones:)

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