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ICICI bank multi wallet prepaid card

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Any way to use ICICI bank multi wallet card online ?
Not working on Amazon, flipkart, paytm etc ..neither on load money nor card on delivery. Any way to use it efficiently?

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what is this bro ?

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Company given card.
Say now they give instead of sodexo coupons.

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I believe you would have got it from your employer as meal voucher. They can be used only at restaurants including online at Dominos, McDonald’s etc. Your employer might have allowed a few other merchant categories, get that info from your HR or bank.

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Yes it works in restaurant…
It works @ reliance mart as well… But nt working anywhere else..
If u say about employer: they updated it works only in restaurant etc not online but still it worked in reliance…so I thought anyone find some way to use it.

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I have been provided a Zeta Card by my employer. It works at any place where you can get anything to eat. Like Mithai Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Confectioneries, Supermarkets, etc.

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