If I cancel, how long does Flipkart take to refund?

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I ordered a Dell laptop yesterday on Flipkart using 1k gift card and remaining HDFC credit card. I got 1.5k off using HDFC. Now there is a supercoin discount deal offering extra Rs 500 off, so I’m wondering, what should I do? Do I Cancel the order and place again? Will HDFC card offer work instantly? Will I get refund for the gift card on the same day?

Of course there is the risk of the product going out of stock so I am hesitant to miss the deal for just Rs 500. The product in question is Dell Inspiron 3505 ryzen 5 3500u 512gb ssd 8gb ram https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/dell-inspiron-ryzen-...

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It will take 4-5 days for refund but you might not get credit card discount again… Check before cancelling…

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Refund is for sure within 4-5 working days but your flipkart account might be fagged and chances of blocking it in near future.
So always think before you order and think before you cancel in flipkart.