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Myntra started a new scam, not to refund by rejecting ur return.
When u ask for a return and refund, the so called quality check pick person will reject your return and not explain why he did and asks to contact customer care. Customer care will raise a ticket, and after 3 days they just close it saying cannot refund. If u ask them why…the customer care rep doesn’t have an answer and just blatantly denies to help you.
They say a supervisor will contact you, who never will.
My experience… the moment when the pick up guy rejected i kept calling him to ask for reason..he declined my calls, contacted the customer care, they asked to send pictures of the product, which i did..the tags and labels everything was in tact, i dint even try the product, the folding and folding cover and orginal packing all in tact. Still they closed the return query without any explanation. I kept reopening the issue no solution yet. SO BEWARE
After much coercion, one customer care rep said price tag missing…which is a blatant lie..they don’t even want to give u the reason for rejecting ur return.
Total scam ….scam…cheap tricks pathetic..

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Last month when I returned a track pant, pick up guy told me that 70% of return request are put on hold. Thankfully mine was accepted. Haven’t faced any issue till now but I know many are facing.

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I returned 2 clothes last Oct bcz of fake cloth description and low quality.
One guy came, inspected and took it and got refund in 10 days. For the other one, an a**hole or a drug addict came and started spouting that there is an imaginary hole!! Me and my mom asked him to point out that hole but he flatly refused and cancelled the return!
Some gaalis were exchanged and later cc said he would place another return request.
The next day, another guy came with that jerk, the other guy accepted the return cloth while I forbid the jerk from ever stepping in my property.
Return and refund was processed by Nov.
I think in your case, it might be a jerk’s fault unless myntra reached a new low now.

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I totally agree with you they are doing the same with me I just tried the product and and I did not like it and even the same day I have requested for the return
And at the time of pickup the boy was saying mam it’s defective which is totally ridiculous. That was some straight line which was kind of fabric property.

Now the Myntra team is saying we cannot refund, I have asked for the pictures too but they are denying we cannot share it. I am not going to order against with Myntra. If anyone knows how to complain about them do let me know, such a cheater they are.

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Just bought nike shoes from

two days back and after receipt of product .

We observed that the quality and the size was an issue then we request to return the product.

Delivery guy came next day and stated that the “ quality check of your return failed as the brand tags for this item were missing”

You need to contact customer care .

So I contact customer care and they said wait for more 2 days and then will update you the status…

And then we waited for 2 days same statement we’re said to us your return has rejected.

This will go on and on and on…..

No status, no refund nothing at all .

Plz dont ’t go for Myntra any more .

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