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Please suggest Suspense/Mystery Movies?

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So far I've watched these, please suggest some logically good Suspense/Thriller movies. Any language would work as long as there is a english subtitle available. Drishyam.2015 Detective.Byomkesh.Bakshy.2015 Kahaani 2012 Andhadhun 2018 Wazir 2016 Karthik calling Karthik 2010 The Shawshank Redemption 1994 Mission.Impossible - All Parts Inception.2010 (One of my Fav movie) Get.Out.2017 Loft.2008 Sherlock.Holmes.2009-2011 Shutter.Island.2010 Jason Bourne - All Parts The.Prestige.2006 The.Shining.1980 Deja.Vu.2006 Identity.2003 El Cuerpo aka The Body 2012 The Secret in their Eyes 2009 The Hateful Eight 2015 The.Invisible.Guest.A.K.A.Contratiempo.2016 Mirage aka Durante La Tormenta 2018 Wind.River.2017 Prisoners 2013 Enemy 2013 Tenet 2020 Angels & Demons 2009 Insomnia 2002 Cube - All Parts Cypher 2002 L.A Confidential 1997 Paycheck 2003 Saw - All Parts Secret.Window.2004 Fractured 2019 The Da Vinci Code 2006 The Usual Suspects 1995 The.Girl.With.The.Dragon.Tattoo.2009 - All Parts Triangle 2009 Vanilla Sky 2001 Memento 2000 (Another my fav movie) Mulholland Dr 2001 The Firm 1993 The Invisible Man 2020 The Silence of the Lambs 1991 The Sixth Sense 1999 The Game 1997 Alien - All Series - Prequel & Sequel Did I miss anything? I am mainly interested in Mystery or Psychological Thrillers movies.
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Ek bahut purani movie - Jewel Thief

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A web series called "mouse" but you have to watch it in korean with subtitle. I have seen several web series/movies in suspense/thriller genre but can easily predict the plot in most of them except a few. But in this one I couldn't guess a single thing and each episode is like a film which ends with a cliffhanger which will make you to watch the next episode to know the suspense created and by the 9th episode you can't quit watching it. The twist and turns are UNPREDICTABLE.     You can watch it on viki app
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1899 on Netflix..... It's from the makers of Dark. 1899 is a blend of mystery, period drama & sci-fi. First 2-3 episodes are a bit slow, but the ending makes you go WOW!! Easily the best series of 2022.   Highly recommended.! @abhishek012 @BlueFlash @maddydilip @guest_999   
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The Wailing
The Platform 
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