Pls suggest best VFM 4Cylinder Base Model SUV / MPV

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Hi Friends, 

Need to buy new car. Have shortlisted few, pls suggest which one is best VFM  and going to provide best ownership experience  wrt feature, fuel economy, repair & maintenance etc. Due to base model, I need to spend 50-100K extra so you can count that too and suggest upper model also.

Maruti Brezza, Ertiga, XL6 (All hv same engine) /Hyundai Creta /Kia Seltos, Carens 

User of above pls provide real mileage u r getting.

You can suggest other brand and model too..if those r VFM. 

I have used Honda City ZX Vtec for 15 yrs and due to end of vehicle age policy , need to buy new one.

Budget- Initially 10L them increased to 12L..

Fuel- Petrol /  Hybrid / CNG

Transmission-  Manual but love to hv auto if fits in budget.

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you can check my thread . bought brezza top model manual which had mild hybrid

mileage  12.4 showing in dashboard around 2k kms.

i will not suggest kia due to build quality.

brezza has 4 star ncap rating for base model

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Isn't 12.4 less for hybrid? All YouTube claims around 19 km for brezza hybrid ..sadly no hybrid in breeza now...

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go for xl6 if you like reasonable luxury in your car. ertiga will be second best as suggestion.

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Identical interiors in brezza, ertiga, xl6 got me inclined  to Kia carens due to refreshing look...whats ur take...

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I would any day buy an automatic instead of feature rich cars, as cities getting choked day by day.

In delhi, Brezza automatic with aftermarket CNG is best of both worlds.

Else Nexon/punch ev would be good.

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