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Hi Fellow Dimers,

I'm doing a survey for my project work. Please fill the survey with genuine response it will help me with my project and also help me with getting a job.

Please don't fill random data.. 🙏🙏🙏

Survey link shared below

Thanks in Advance.

Note: If you feel uncomfortable or the survey is not upto the mark feel free to skip it... No one is forcing you to fill the survey. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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++ Visibility.

Masked the name for privacy reasons. Rest all are genuine responses.

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Yet to check the link/survey, but good wishes🤍 for your professional and personal growth.💙

(without trying to sound too probing) It might help others in pointing you in the right direction
if they have some idea of at-least the broader field of work/ industry which you are hoping to get into and/or might be the right fit (for you).
ℳ𝓇𝒦ℴℴ𝓁_𝒥𝒥. tried keeping this notice board updated for a considerable time.

Others too DO separately keep posting about likely openings, if you want to keep checking.

(And obviously the option to start a new thread seeking professional help is always an option. One can share specifics in private, if need be, on a case to case basis.)
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Purpose is just to help someone in need of it if possible grinning

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Dumb survey

Asking for detailed spotify experience even if you say you havent used spotify ever in first question itself

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