sbi cashback credit card query

Hello guys,

I have just recently recieved my SBI cashback card. So I have a few queries..

Do I recieve 5% cashback

1. If I pay electricity bill from within the sbicards app itself

2. If I buy Amazon gv from Amazon itself. And if yes is there any limit on amount of gvs I can buy

3. If I buy Amazon gv from other platforms. If yes please also suggest a few other than gyftr as I have read gyftr transactions don't provide cashback

3. If I make payment directly payments directly via Google pay using this card

I also have apay icici card which I think gives 2% on electricity bill payments.
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1. - No

2. - Yes, limit is 20k to 30k within 30 days, buy 10k denomination because sometimes Amazon will disabled credit card option after 2-3 orders.

3. Yes, gyftr transactions don't provide cashback. Other sites here -

Stan app (sometimes Amazon gv OOS) -

Zingoy (first buy zingoy gv using SBI Cashback credit card and then buy Amazon gv using zingoy gv, 1% processing fee) 4% effectively benefit -

4. No. Utility payment is not eligible for cashback on any platform. Buy Amazon gv and then use for Utility, Insurance payment etc.

One platform is available for Utility payment but i am stop using this website (use only website, dnt use app) -


Rotate money trick using 5% SBI Cashback credit card to bank or credit card bill pay -

1. Here -

2. another trick (Trick 2 is working) -

3. Here not verified yet -


Other trick for Utility bill payment, Insurance, offline spend -


They are now start charging 2.42%. So, you will get 2.58% benefit using SBI Cashback Credit Card.

order physical wallet card for offline use.

you can also use for online, if any merchant is not eligible for direct 5% sbi cashback credit card use there like Utility, Insurance, Education payment etc.

Read the post, all details explain there.

2. Zingoy RuPay gift card (effectively 3% profit, after payment 2% conv fee using SBI Cashback credit card) -

Use Zingoy RuPay gift card for Wallet spend, Utility bill payment etc (effectively 3% profit, after payment 2% conv fee using SBI Cashback credit card).

Note - Zingoy gv and Zingoy RuPay gift card both are different thing, dnt get confused.


Fuel purchase at 7% profit - 

IOCL gift voucher - buy iocl gift voucher from Park+ app - 2% cb + 5% sbi cb card, more details -

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Off topic, @abhishek012 I have seen 10%  cashback for any credit card on lenovo site on purchase of tablets,  that would be posted original source of payment after 30 days, my question is if I purchase with sbi cashback card do I get regular 5% other than 10% cashback provided by lenovo?

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@abhishek012 You pretty much cleared all my doubts. Thanks a lot for all the info.

I will also check out all the tricks there's so many lol! 

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