Suggest a router with Gigabit WAN / LAN ports

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Looking for a basic router but needs to have gigabit WAN /LAN ports and both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. I am ok to wait for sale. But need to know a reliable brand and model.

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archer a6 / c6 with openwrt firmware works just perfect ... 

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Bumping thread. Planning to buy during upcoming sale.

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mi gigabit router 4a

its one of the best openwrt routers under 2k budget.... during sales you can get it under 1500

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Is Openwrt it's default firmware? If not then how well does it work with default firmware? And what benefit will I get using Openwrt?
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Bit reluctant even at this great price as I see lots of negative reviews on amazon.

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tp link

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