Swiggy CC Rude Behaviour


I have placed swiggy Instamart and order Amul cold coffee and Amul ice cream

I got coffee hot and ice cream melted 

I have raise the issue with CC they are saying will share the feedback no compensation or refund

When I said to take back product they are saying you want to keep with you keep or else dispose but we will not refund or compensate

What kind of this behaviour means in future they send anything we have to keep it?

I want to know which ministry or minister look food delivery related issues I want to tag on Twitter 

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This has been happening to most of us now, now kick your furniture or shake your head, nothing gonna happen, start used to this bullying from the worlds of Swiggy and Zomato. I raised this 6 months back and followed up on Twitter, emails but to no avail, there is a change in policy. Still, try if you have time to waste on these morons or forget about ordering online. 

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If they compensate they loose money, if they dont they lose customer hence money. They r in loss for everything . greatest loss making company . RIP to the investors

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Had ordered 6 kg potatoes from instamart. 1 kg was missing. Had to send pic to cc to get refund for 1 kg. 

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