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My friend sold his activa to someone today. Policy expiring in 2-3 days. The buyer will get it insured from some new insurer. My friend didn’t take any claim for the past 2 years. How to take ncb certificate from his insurer and what documents are required? Does it have any validity?

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NCB is for person, not for vehicle. If your friend is planning on new bike, NCB can be availed on the new bike’s insurance. Ask him to get in touch with current insurer, and seek complete details.

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NCB apply to owner/driver not to vehicle.. So if owner change than the NCB will also will be back to 0%

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Also the new owner cannot take advantage of existing NCB. By the way, simple exchange if bike and cash will not do, one need to get it re-registered. Since the existing insurance is close to renewal, I’m not sure how it can be handled effectively. Better talk to customer care

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Yes, NCB literally means no claim bonus & only the person can make the claim so nothing to do with object of insurance, only the person holding the policy.