Useful Topic Regarding Desidime Groups

Deal Captain

Many users ask how DD group works ?

Here is the answer ….

Every DD user have an option to create a DD group , So you can create and add deals on daily basis !

How many deals you can Add to your group ?

You can add as much as you want !

How will you get subscribers ?

You can get many users added to your group by posting best deals smile

How many alerts can be sent to subscribers ?

You can send 5 alerts daily !

But in Sales you can send 10 alerts daily smile

Also every month 3 Groups will get rewarded , First group 500 Dimes , Second group 350 Dimes, Third group 200 Dimes !

You can Add Co-owners up to 3 Dimers to your group , so deals get added by active users to your group regularly smile

Final Words : Winning

Winning as group of the month depends on Hotness of the group , Hotness is based on various factors like how many deals added & how many days you add continuously !

So group which got highest hotness increase in 30 days will Win ( So Hotness calculated of 30 days )

More details can be found Here :

This topic may helpful to users asking about group hotness , questions related to it !

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