what was the best price for a phone you got in a deal

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Hi, what was the best price you got a brand new phone in a deal

1-official price, app
2-bank discount and emi discount if any
3-exchange discount of old mobile(if exchanged)
4-final cart price
5-current market price for new phone
6- current selling price for your purchased phone in exchange (to see decrease) and depreciation percent of your phone.

I will start with mine

device: poco x3 6gb 64gb
app: flipkart
purchase date: march 2021
selling price: 20000
extra disc  : 5000 (-)
bank offer: 1159 (-)
cart price/paid price: 13841
current exchange price for my phone – 8100 (flipkart),8500 (amazon/cashify).
40-45% depreciation

current market  price for new phone(incl bank discounts) : 15999-1500 bank (10%)= 14500

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i got realme 8 (8/128) for 14k retail price is around 17-18k

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