Which liquid detergent is good for office wear?

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Which liquid detergent is good for office wear?

Are premium detergents recommended for office wear, compared to the economy ones?

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tried Ariel, Surf (front load) for hand washing too.
They are less harsh than the Surf Excel or Ariel powders, for sure.
But during hand wash i am never sure of how much liquid is enough.
(as in, i prefer to rinse them up until all scent of soap is gone. but the perfume in the liquids, to my taste, is a bit too much).

Had bought 6-8 litres offline and online combined, but elders refused to use in (front load) machine or hardly use it. sad

Me and just one more family member sometimes use it in machine.
Else my experience with handwashing was good. Soak or tumble fpr hardly 8-10 minutes by hand in warm water.
Then rinse rinse rinse