Great Online Shopping Festival 2015

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About GOSF

Started in 2012 by Google, the Great Online Shopping Festival can also be called the Great Online Saving Festival or the Great Online Stealing Festival. Yes, it is that time of the year, when you get to save loads more than you spend, and what you save is so abundant that it almost feels like stealing. This year at GOSF, get the year’s most mind-boggling deals, heaviest discounts and craziest cashbback offers on a wide range of products and services from various stores like Amazon India, Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal and others. You can choose from a plethora of apparels, shoes, accessories, mobiles, tablets, food and entertainment, electronics, music and movies, games and sports equipment, home décor items and other products and services.

GOSF 2015 – Get Ready to Loot.

If shopping is your religion, saving a daily ritual, and the World Wide Web your mecca, then the Great Online Shopping Festival is your Eid, Diwali or Christmas. GOSF is that time of the year, when the gods of online shoppers fulfill the most outrageous and craziest wishes of their followers.

It all began in 2012, when Google decided that it is time to reward the devotion of online shoppers, and shouted SALE! at the top of its voice. Now, this ‘Sale’ was not just that; it became the Great Online Shopping Festival with 100s of online shopping portals coming together to give never-heard-before kind of deals, discounts and cashback offers on the widest range of products and services. While it was a one day affair then, the GOSF matured in to a three day carnival in 2014, which was further extended for a day, owing to the unprecedented traffic it had attracted. As online shopping is only getting bigger by the day, the GOSF 2015 is expected to be nothing less than colossal. Although more concrete information on this is still awaited, our best guess is that in this Pre-Party, online shoppers are going to have a nice warm-up session of grabbing deals and discounts before the real game begins in December.

But you are not that big a shopaholic, you say? Well, don’t we all celebrate Christmas and relish mouthwatering sewayi and biryani in Eid, irrespective of the religion we follow? Shoppers or non-shoppers, Indians or not, we are all humans first. Saving is in our DNA. As long as you believe in saving, this shopping festival by Google has a lot to offer to you. Because you surely have a list of things that you would have bought had they been available at a lesser price. Nah! At a much, much lesser price. Yes, the Google Shopping Festival does not just offer any deals; it offers deals that make you feel like you are stealing, not buying stuff online. It offers discounts so heavy that you actually feel your wallet getting heavier every time you make a purchase. It offers such huge cashbacks that you realize GOSF is the only festival where you can earn much more than you can spend. As the old adage goes, a penny saved, is a penny earned.

So take out that wish list, which kept getting longer all year round, only because you didn’t want to burn a big hole in your pocket. Because in GOSF 2015, that phone, you secretly coveted, will be up for grabs at less than half its original price; those shoes, you pined for months on end, will be all yours at the price of peanuts; that lovely center table, you have been imagining in your living room, will become a reality at an almost sinfully, low price.

Yes, the Great Online Shopping Festival will be a no holds barred carnival, where young and old, men and women, students and professionals, house-wives, geeks, travellers, anyone belonging to any social category, will get everything they need at the best prices ever. Wow! Mind-boggling, right? Anyone can lose his/ her head amidst such a parade of festivities. No doubt, you have already started thinking about ways in which you can get your hands on the best deals and offers in this shopping festival. After all, there will be so much to grab, but so little time. Only three days! But, hey, that’s exactly why Desidime is here… to help you make the most of GOSF 2015!

Suppose you wanna know about all the deals from all the stores at a glance, go to Desidime. Suppose you wanna know which store is offering a particular product at the best price, go to Desidime. Suppose you wanna know about the most popular deals or deals most recommended by other shoppers, Desidime is the place to be. This is what Desidime is all about. It is an online shopping community that brings experienced shoppers, deals and stores together in one place, to help you make the best shopping decisions. And we do this daily. So, imagine what a cake-walk GOSF 2015 is going to be for you, if you have Desidime bookmarked on your browser. Here, you can seize the best of deals on fashion products like apparels, shoes, accessories, bags etc. from stores like Jabong, Myntra, and others; mobiles, cameras, tablets and electronics like laptops, and their accessories from Amazon, Flipkart et al; kids’ products like toys, diapers, clothes etc. from Firstcry, Babyoye and other such stores. Be it books, home décor items, jewelry, gifts, movie tickets, food and entertainment services, air, bus or train tickets, hotel bookings, sports and gaming equipment, you name it, GOSF has it, Desidime tells you about it.

So, all you are expected to do on December 2015 , is to get hold of a robust system with the fastest net connection, your credit/ debit card details close at hand and Desidime open on your browser. Get set to tick most of the things off that long wish list of yours!