10 Best Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India 2023

Take a look at India's Favorite Formal Shoe Brands for Men form Hush Puppies to Steve Madden to Bata. Here we have listed 10 Best Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India 2023.

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We admire the fact that you've asked this question. Indeed, the COVID-19 epidemic has given us unprecedented freedom in our professional lives. Even formal enthusiasts are inspired by the perceptible comfort provided by gym leggings and Pjs as part of the "new normal." Today, it's difficult to see an expensive Goodyear welted pair as a part of the working wardrobe.

However, things are getting back to normal and we have come up with something that would shake you from the fashion ditch you have been in. Starting with the most accessible pick from your outfit, here are the 10 best formal shoe brands that you would want to include in your wardrobe.

Best Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India 2023

10 Best Formal Shoe Brands for Men in India

You can also educate yourself on different types of formal shoes, how to maintain them, colours to choose from, size, and much more with the help of buying guide for formal shoes.

1. Hush Puppies


Hush Puppies' take the first spot in our list of best formal shoe brands for men. Hush Puppies, one of the country's most well-known formal shoe brands, debuted in the footwear market in 1958. For the US military, the shoemaker Wolverine World Wide.

India's top formal shoe manufacturers are economical, comfortable, and just dressy enough to look the part. Hush Puppies, without a doubt, has a presence in the Indian formal shoe industry and is well-known for offering great value. Of course, these shoes aren't the nicest formal shoes money can purchase for guys.

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Hush Puppies

2. Red Tape


The well-known Red Tape brand will make it difficult for you to choose the appropriate pair of dressy shoes. These dress shoes stand out from the crowd because of their superior craftsmanship and delicacy. Mirza, a Red Tape brand owned by an international corporation, has never failed to wow buyers with its finest footwear, which has a premium design, high-quality leather, and excellent fit.

This firm assures that its items are cheaply priced, whether it's their collection of elegant formals, slippers, or casuals. Their dressy shoes include fine-grade buckles that slip comfortably down your foot. Their dressy shoes come in both lace-up and non-laced versions.

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Red Tape

3. Clarks


If you're looking to add some of the greatest formal shoes from well-known brands to your collection, don't overlook Clarks. They have been selling over 20,000 varieties of footwear for more than 200 years, making them an important element of the global shoe business. This British brand is now well-known among Indian shoe connoisseurs, with more than 25 retail locations across the nation.

Their elegant and sophisticated formal shoes, which come in suede or gleaming premium leather, are the height of comfort and elegance. Their dress shoes are distinguished by their padded leather finish, durable rubber sole, breathable leather inside, and cushioned footbed. Make sure you have a pair of this high-end designer sneaker in your closet.

Clarks offers a webpage dedicated to India, where you can get the most recent Clarks discounts before purchasing your next pair of formal shoes.

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Clarks India

4. Woodland


Woodland, a Canadian shoemaker, first entered the Indian market in 1992. They specialize in developing shoes that are inspired by the spirit of adventure, making them the go-to footwear for any tough guy.

The Woods line, which includes a selection of men's shoes for the office and special events, was also unveiled. They specialize in a wide range of formal shoes, including brogues, lace-ups, and monks, in a variety of styles. The shoemaker has remained the dominant contender in the Indian formal shoe industry due to its ability to blend outstanding comfort with soft leather.

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5. Red Chief


Red Chief, the main brand of premium leather footwear, is owned by Leayan Global Pvt Ltd, a well-known company in the leather industry. They specialize in leather footwear and have their own tannery and production facilities.

Red Chief's leather footwear has received a warm welcome from shoe aficionados all around the world since its inception in 1997. This company launched the 'Top Brass' premium category last year, which includes premium formal and party shoes for men.

This brand's skill is in creating amazing formal shoes by experimenting with different materials including hiding, suede, and premium soft leather in various colors like tan, burgundy, black, and brown to convey the wearer's mood.

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Red Cheif

6. Pelle Santino


The Pellé Santino footwear brand is owned by Dapperman, a well-known fashion company. This brand is known for producing high-end dress shoes with quality design and comfort.

Mr Mikhil Mehra's idea for Pellé Santino was to replace the exorbitantly priced formal shoes with an inexpensive pair made of good materials. This footwear brand collaborates with experienced craftsmen all around the globe to create handcrafted shoes made of excellent leather at an affordable price.

They also provide bespoke services, such as customizing your favorite dress shoe or creating a monogram with your initials. Their items are entirely created with the best raw materials and craftsmanship to ensure that each pair is valued property.

Because their goods are handcrafted in a small studio utilizing royal full-grain leather held together by Blake stitch and soft lining, the firm can offer superior dress shoes at affordable pricing. The formal shoes from Pellé Santino are the best on the market because of their slim profile, quick break-in time, worn-in patina, and robust top leather.

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Pellé Santino

7. Bridlen - Goodyear-welted Leather Shoes


Bridlen has been providing excellent boots and shoes to gentlemen in Japan since 1986. It has earned a spot among the most expensive brands, but having a few pairs does have its advantages.

Bridlen is one of those rare businesses whose goods exude a sense of ease and refinement. Among India's premier shoemakers, this fashion-forward label is regarded as the gold standard. If you're looking to spend some money on a shiny dress shoe, a pair of Bridlen should be your first pick.

Their formal shoes last for almost a decade and are never susceptible to fashion fads, making them an excellent investment. This is one of the few existing shoe manufacturers that uses a 360-degree Goodyear welt in its construction.

To bridge the gap between readymade and bespoke shoes, Bridle assures that their dress shoes are produced using time-tested design principles. Each pair of Bridlen shoes has been meticulously honed to perfection and is the epitome of English elegance and everlasting beauty.

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8. Lee Cooper


Lee Cooper, one of the most well-known apparels and footwear labels in the world, doesn't hold back when it comes to formal shoes. Morris Cooper started this American-English business in 1908, with headquarters in London, England. This label is known for producing high-quality jeans, shirts, shoes, and belts and qualifies as the best formal shoe brands for men.

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Lee Cooper

9. Louis Philippe


Louis Phillipe is one of the finest luxury clothing and footwear brands of Indian origin. It was launched in 1989 and is a subsidiary of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. With Robert Pattinson as its brand ambassador, Louis Phillipe has become a sensation in India today. You may select from a variety of formals, casuals, sliders, and flip-flops in the footwear collection

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Louis Phillipe

10. Steve Madden


Steve Madden is a well-known footwear designer headquartered in Long Island City, New York. Steve Madden founded the company in 1990, and it now owns a number of brands. Steve Madden has built a dedicated consumer base in India over the years, and many individuals exclusively buy his items.

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Steve Madden

People’s Favorite Mention – Bata


Being the most popular on our best formal shoe brands for men list, Bata is a shopper's first choice. Since its entry into the Indian shoe market in 1931, Bata has been the first pick of any Indian who identifies it with a desi brand. This Swiss shoe manufacturer is one of the world's largest shoemakers. With 5300 retail showrooms in 70 countries, including India, and production plants in eighteen nations, this brand has a substantial retail presence.

Bata India was later renamed Bata India Limited in 1973 and is known for having a large following of shoe enthusiasts. From monk strap to derby style to groove in every meeting, this business provides formal shoes in patent leather and genuine leather in a variety of styles.

The firm attempts to maintain an unrivalled Cost to Quality ratio, ensuring that you can purchase a pair of high-end formal shoes. It's reasonable to assume that this label is serious about their shoemaking game, as they integrate subtle subtleties and features to create high-end shoes that aren't too expensive.

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There are many best formal shoe brands for men in India that can be added to this list. What is your favorite formal shoe brand? Let us know in the comments below.

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