10 Prompt Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

If you are wondering when is mother's day and can't decide a mother's day gift, this list of mother's day ideas is going to help you a lot.

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Mother’s Day is on 14th May 2023, and we have compiled a list of prompt mother’s day celebration ideas, even though one day a year really isn’t enough to honor one of the most important people in your life. Take this opportunity to express your gratitude and carve out quality time with the person that raised you.

If you ask an Indian mother what she would like to do on mother’s day, her answer would be, to spend some Quality time with her kids or spend it relaxing – Indian mothers are simple that way. Of course, you can spoil her with gifts and bouquets, but if there's one thing your mom will love most, it's quality time with you.

10 Prompt Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

To celebrate this Mother's Day for that special woman in your life—whether it’s your mom, grandma, aunt, sister, or a mother-like figure. This list of fun, easy Mother's Day activities has got you covered—including virtual experiences, cooking ideas, or just something fun to do outdoors. Depending on your mom's interests, she may enjoy taking a yoga class, watching a mother-daughter movie, or a spa treatment this list of mother’s day

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1. Help her Tackle her to-do list


Mother’s Day celebration doesn’t give your mother a break from her everyday chores. So to help her ease her to-do list even only for a day, will make her feel appreciated. So start with the morning breakfast or just help her prep, that way you can spend quality time with your mother, learn and help her out.

2. Take her Shopping


No woman will say no to shopping! Yes, even you’re always telling you to save money mother. Take your mom on a shopping spree even if it’s so get her a single dress, she will be very happy about it. Also, make sure you pay the bill, and after you can go for a light brunch at a food court.

3. Arrange a home movie


Home movies are so underrated! Watching a video of you walking may seem very meek to you but, put together a movie of all your videos. Add birthday videos, mother’s day videos, outings, whatever you have on film. Make a compilation and watch it together with your mom. Your mother will treasure it forever and always watch it when she misses you.

4. Have a Barbeque Night


Mother's Day rolls around with the start of warm weather, which means it's the perfect time to eat Barbeque! Lucky for you, cookout meals tend to be pretty easy. You can get a compact barbeque grill from Amazon that will fit perfectly on your balcony or even your kitchen. If you don’t know how to cook, you can always take her out to have a barbeque nations buffet.

5. Add Flower and Herb plants to her plant collecting


Most women love having plants at home. We bet your mom already has ample plants in her garden, but you can add a few more like flowering plants, herbs, and small vegetable plants. You can get them delivered online or offline depending on your choice.

6. Cook her a tasty dinner


She cooks for you every day, now it’s your turn to cook her something. If you do not know how to cook, that’s even better, as she won’t expect a tasty meal from you. There are millions of food recipes online and YouTube will always have a detailed recipe for you.

7. Dedicate the whole day to Pampering her


Pampering your mother shouldn’t only be limited to mother’s day. Simple acts of helping her and taking care of her should be done every day. However, mother’s day is extra special, so book her a spa appointment or book a home spa appointment. You can also give her a mani-pedi if you know how to do it, or an ahead or back massage is always a good idea.

8. Gift her a Kindle


Books are everyone’s best friends. So getting your mother a kindle is a great idea. Also, on the plus side kindle has multiple language books including Hindi and Gujarat. Make sure to add some books for your mom to read when you gift her the kindle.

9. Surprise her with a Beach/Garden Picnic


Do you remember the picnics you had when you were a toddler, we bet not but you have pictures as proof. Plan a quaint little picnic on the beach or a garden near you. Pack some good food and snacks and surprise her with the spread. You can also make it extra special by opting to hire a café near beaches to do all the work.

10. Puja Celebration for her


Indian mothers are inclined towards auspicious occasions and believe that everything starts with the blessing of God. Arrange a puja or a visit to your place of a pilgrim to mark the day with positivity.

So here’s our list of prompt mother’s day celebration ideas. So don’t keep yourself guessing about when is mother’s day, start planning your surprise.

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