30 Best Gifts for Moms Everywhere on Mother's Day

Get your mom the most thoughtful, aswell as useful gift this Mother;s Day from our list of 30 best gifts for mom.

by Akansha_B Updated: 04 Apr, 2022, 07:11 IST
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If you need a reminder, Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 9 — and after a particularly troubling year, this Mother's Day is an excellent opportunity to shower some much-deserved affection and attention on the parental figures in your life. The pandemic has isolated us in our homes, whether you see her every day or she lives far away, you should express your love with a gift that expresses how much she means to you.

To help you in finding the right Mother's Day gift, we have compiled a list of 30 Best Gifts for Moms Everywhere on Mother's Day that any mother would appreciate. Some gifts are practical, and emotional which would be a big help for your mother or mother figure in her day-to-day life.

You still have plenty of time to have it until Mother's Day. (but we’d recommend that you place your order soon).

1. Foot Massager

She'd never want to buy such a luxury item for herself, so instead, you should be the one to buy it for her. She spends all day standing, walking and doing her best for her family, no matter she is young or mid-age every woman needs a foot massage now and then. This would make years' worth of massages to make her comfortable on her feet.

2. Smart Watch

Gone are the days were the 90’s kids would have to dial a phone number for their parents because they lack the knowledge. Mothers now want to learn new things; they aren’t afraid o making mistakes until they learn. Once you teach her how to use it, she will love the ease and fitness motivation that the Smart Watches provides.

3. Robot Vacuum

After years of cleaning up for us, this is the least you can gift to her. A robotic cleaner that can clean the dust and dirt from the floor, leaving a clean floor. One less thing to do for her, all because of a tiny gesture for her.

4. Instant Digital Camera

For the mom’s that love to make memories. An instant Polaroid camera with a built-in printer is extra fun for the mom who is still taking photos and glueing them to the fridge.

5. Phone and Tablet Holder

A phone and tablet holder are a thousand times better than a poorly angled Facetime or faulty Zoom call. Mom can use this to keep in touch with her family and friends, as well as watch cooking videos or others along with performing the activity.

6. Wireless Headphones

Doesn’t all our mom struggle with long wires every time she wants something, she has to stop whatever she has been listening to and watching. Gift her a Wireless Bluetooth headphone and free her from being tied to her phone, when she can listen to her favourite songs, serials and recipes from anywhere.

7. Gardening Tools and Supplies

Gift her a DIY gardening kit, she can sprinkle some sunshine into her life — and garden. She can start by planting various plants like herbs, flowers, and succulents to enjoy some of her me-time.Mother's Day gift

8. Scented Candles

Candles are so ordinary, yet they change the atmosphere when lit up and a bonus when they are scented. Gift her a variety of scented candles so she can feel special when she lights them up, which lightens her mood and help her relax. Example Scented Candles emits a calming aroma of lavender, jasmine tea, purple violet, etc that soothing to your senses.

9. One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

This is a perfect gift for your mother as every woman loves to style her hair. Dyson develops the hairdryer that is the mother of all hairdryers. The Supersonics’ high-velocity airflow and temperature gauges keep her hair smooth and dry without overheating it.

10. Folding Treadmill

If she's been missing the gym or wants to get into shape, this inexpensive and durable foldable home treadmill is a brilliant temporary and long-term replacement. This can help her manage her fitness goals and save her some time.

11. Best Mom Mug

Replace her coffee mug with a lovely present that will remind her of all she cherishes every morning. Gift her a mug that’s pretty or has something that she is passionate about and sees that makes her teatime better.

12. Tea Set

Gift her a set of tea set china that looks like it has stepped out of a magazine. Women look a good-looking utensil or crockery that they can flaunt in front of the relatives. Also, she will enjoy having tea in something pretty and gifted with love.

13. Blender

This is the perfect present for any mother or mother-in-law who enjoys cooking. A food blender juicer that does it all. It not only has variable speed control and easy use function to give you the texture you like, comes with multiple containers for various blending.

14. Pearl Statement Necklace

Every Mother appreciates a good pearl necklace, and this one has a more contemporary feel with one of the pearls set with a small stone. It can be worn alone or layered with other necklaces, makes the best Mother's Day gift.

15. Handwriting Bracelet

Mom is the only one that recognises the handwriting. Immortalize it with this adorable handwritten bracelet, which transforms a handwritten sentence — "Best mom ever?" maybe? — into a heartfelt statement piece she can rock on her wrist every day.

16. Travel Cologne

This fragrance is created by distilling the sweetness of summer into a scent. Jo Malone is beautiful and fresh, and in this small size, Mom can tuck it into her purse or carry-on case.

17. Natural Basket

All, but especially mothers, appreciates a beautiful, multi-functional storage basket that can be used for almost everything. Gift her a bag that she can take to a supermarket as well as a beach and fits more things than a water bottle or sunglasses.

18. A Cookbook

Gift her a cookbook by her favourite chef or a cuisine she loves. This updated version of the classic culinary companion will enchant the mom who has been making homecooked goodness for years and shows no signs of slowing down.

19. Handheld Steamer

Mom's favourite blouses and dresses can be wrinkle-free and crease-resistant thanks to this portable steamer. It is a lot better than getting out the iron, and the board or ironing on the floor. A Mother's Day gift that can make her life a lot easier

20. Bluetooth Speaker (Echo Dot)

With the latest Echo Dot, you will usher her into the smart home era. Finally, she has someone else to boss around. Mom will fill the house with the sound of her podcasts and playlists, thanks to Google Assistant and Alexa.

21. Sunscreen

How many times has Mom told (and scolded) you to wear sunscreen when you were a child? Glossier's shield is SPF 35, but it's also water-based and sheer, making it the ideal combination of UV defence and skincare for Mom.

22. Comfort Casual shoes

A new pair of white shoes is always a good idea. This, on the other hand, is cute patterns and a feminine touch and will be each to wear.

23. Collagen Creamer

A collagen creamer will help her morning cup of coffee double as a protein boost for the mom who takes her diet seriously. As well as help her boost your inherent collagen production and enhance your natural beauty.

24. A Family Portrait

Upgrade your family picture game by creating a custom framed illustration of you and mom, or mom and dad and the grandkids, to hang in her home. Add some fun things into the frame it to make it more memorable, like a place you visited together in the background. A Mother's Day gift she will cherish forever.

25. Mask Chains

Safety Mask has become mandatory and it is of the utmost requirement for everyone until things go back to normal. Gift her a fancy mask that has a triple layer with these stunning mask chains that are in trend and she won’t lose it anywhere.

26. Gold Studs

Name one woman who deserves solid 22K gold earrings more than your mother. These are stunning, simple, and very stylish gold studs that would make an amazing gift for your mother.

27. Succulent Plants

Even if she doesn't have the greenest thumb, a succulent garden is simple to care for and adds a splash of colour to every room. That means it's a great present for the mom who enjoys the thought of filling her home with plants but can't keep any greens alive long enough for you to see them.

28. Stylish Handbags

There are thousands of handbags out there and it can get confusing to pick one for your beloved mother. Well, you can just let her pick one with a gift card from her favourite brand and if you are aware of her preferences, it would be no trouble. Here is a stunning handbag from Caprese that your mom would love to get her hands on.

29. Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Offer her the gift of better sleep with an alarm clock that has an incredible list of features that are sure to please — features including sunrise and sunset settings for customised bedroom lighting, as well as adjustable sleep music and alarm settings, have thousands of Amazon reviewers raving.

30. Beauty Regimen Kit

She still comes to you for skincare advice, and now you can provide her with the same, right ingredients to target her problem areas. This set's cosmetics all have the same goal: to brighten her skin and fade any hyperpigmentation or dark spots.

We hope the above list helps you pick a gift for the mother figure in your life and they would cherish it. Let us know what you are planning to gift your mother for mother’s day gift.

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