10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Newly Hitched Bride and Groom

Indian wedding gift ideas need to be pre-planned. Here are 10 Great wedding gift ideas that will reflect your blessing and love through gifts.

by Akansha_B Updated: 11 Apr, 2022, 20:41 IST
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Indian wedding gift ideas are a wonderful way to congratulate newlyweds and convey your blessings as they embark on their new life together. However, the gift you present speaks a lot about your relationship with them and what you want to convey.


When it comes to Indian wedding gift ideas, it's an occasion that strengthens ties among families, not only between the bride and groom. It's worth it to provide something truly unique for such a wonderful occasion. Here is a list of some wedding gift ideas we came up with, which could help you decide what to gift.

1. Wedding Gift Basket

A one-of-kind Wedding Basket that has all the favourites of your Newlyweds. You can make the basket two ways, one with edibles and the other with some self-pampering products.

Start with adding some luxurious chocolates, snacks, candies, dry fruits, etc. You can also make a healthy snack basket for the newlyweds if they like it. You can add all the self-pampering products and spa items that can be used to treat the newlyweds. Lotions, scrubs, bath gels, moisturisers, and other things are included in the basket.

For visual appeal, fill the basket with things from the same theme and in the same colour palette.

2. Maps of Life

This life map frame is one of the best wedding presents. The frame features three maps depicting the locations where the couple met, got engaged, and eventually married. This is a heart-warming present for the couple because it is a map of their lives together and present to cherish.

3. Couples Perfume Pair

The scent of love is what pulls two souls closer together. Presenting a pair of fine fragrances with a bottle each for him and her as a wedding gift exemplifies it. Luxurious brands as the scent last longer,

4. Customized Cutlery Décor

Try something different by gifting customized wooden cutlery sets with the grooms and bride’s initials. This wedding gift idea is brilliant because it features the couple's name on the cutlery. You can incorporate a punch line or an insider joke to give it a warmly fun touch. The cutlery piece can also be hung as a decorative element on the kitchen wall.

5. Couples Cookbooks

If your newlyweds love to cook, Cookbooks as a wedding git seems like the best idea. The Tasty Ultimate Cookbook is sure to please their taste buds! This cookbook, which contains hundreds of recipes, is a present that no one will ever forget. You can also include the Tasty Dessert book as it has almost every dessert possible, from all over the world, this cookbook is surely bound to make them thank you later.

6. Honeymoon Packages

If you are someone who dislikes giving gifts that aren't useful to the receiver, this gifting choice will be ideal for you. Honeymoon packages are present in all types of companies. You can pick famous honeymoon destinations like Maldives, Bali, Phuket, Mauritius, etc. You can give the newlyweds a great honeymoon trip, and I'm sure they'll remember you for the rest of their lives.

7. Luxurious Ayurvedic Skincare

Who doesn't like to take care of their skin? Gift them Ayurvedic skincare with a complete selection of skin aiding products. Ayurvedic products are mild and are less likely to create an allergic reaction to sensitive skins Furthermore, these scented alternatives are really divine!

8. French Press Coffee Maker

A French press coffee maker is perhaps one of the most helpful gifts you can give at a wedding when it comes to handy gadgets. A French press coffee machine is a great way to skip the instant coffee and go for a more full-bodied coffee, especially for people who enjoy coffee and can't start their day without a cup.

9. Gift vouchers or Cards

Gift cards are always the best wedding gift idea. They're extremely useful and will delight the individual to whom you're giving them because they can be used to purchase anything they want. Even if you are unable to attend the wedding, the gift certificates can be delivered to them immediately.

10. Non-Stick Cookware Set

Okay, hear us out. When couples get cookware items, they are disappointed if they receive boring, ineffective cookware sets. However, if a couple receives non-stick cookware set in a lovely colour teal blue or pink with the appropriate number of utensils for each person, they will be appreciative. Plus, it's useful, so why not?

There isn't usually a category for which kind of gifts are ideal and which aren't. The intention with which we deliver the gift is what matters most. There are many more things you can gift according to your budget.

Let us know your wedding gift ideas you would gift to a friend or a close one.

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I often buy kitchen appliances from olx. My prime candidates are newly wed couples who sell them unused & sealed box. Ideally give them an Amazon gift card instead and let them chose.
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Excellent Stuff

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I often buy kitchen appliances from olx. My prime candidates are newly wed couples who sell them unused & sealed box. Ideally give them an Amazon gift card instead and let them chose.
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On of my friend is getting married this Sunday. I bought a Amazon gv recently and would have been a nice gift but by mistake I ordered valentine themed amazon gv 🤦🏻

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Hum to bin buleya mehaman hai …. sunglasses

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Personally i think you shouldn’t give cookware or dinner sets etc(my brother has more than 10 dinner sets gifted to him on his marriage) , if its a close friend just ask what they want, and if not, i think gv or cash is the best gift.

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Same here… Kuch bhi bus article bana do.. foreign ka cheep diya

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Forgot C0nd0ms

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What a useless list..

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