20 New Year Resolution Ideas to Grow More this Year!

Start your New year with a solid list of New Year Resolution Ideas to Grow More this Year and keep at it.

by Akansha_B Updated: 05 Jan, 2021, 14:26 IST
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New Year is a day away, and we are ready to welcome 2021 with enthusiasm and excitement that it would bring a better year than 2020. We all have been reflecting upon the things that went by, and it’s time to look forward to the year that’s about to start. What will you write for the next chapter of your life? It’s entirely up to you. New Year’s resolutions are the first pledge you take for yourself. Here are 20 New Year Resolution Ideas to Grow More this Year.

20 New Year Resolution Ideas to Grow More this Year!
1.Practice Gratitude

We all are aware that showing gratitude is something we should be practising daily. However, in the mundane task of life, we let it slip and always hurry to get to the next thing. The ending year has taught us a great deal about appreciating what we have, and we would not take it for granted. The first one on our new year resolution is Practice Gratitude and make it a lifelong habit to bring positivity in your life.

2.Start Meditation

Mediation is an important aspect of Yoga that deals with mental relaxation and concentration and has ample benefits for your mind and body. We make this resolution every year, but while we are into the 3-4 month into the new year, we forget about it. However, make 2021 the year where you prioritize your mental and physical health over everything. You can join a virtual Yoga and meditation class to gain comprehensive knowledge on it so you can learn and practice on it whenever you want.

3.Learn a New Skill

Always wanted to learn Cooking, Photography or Coding, well this year you can make it happen. How do you ask? Well, with the pandemic and the current world situation, everything has shifted virtually, and that makes it easier for you. With virtual classes and courses, you can learn a new skill and work on your business or job without jeopardizing anything. If you are certain that you want to learn a new skill as your New Year Resolution, then there are several places you can do that.

4.Rekindle a forgotten Hobby

We all have one hobby that we always wanted to continue but lost it in the way. However, we don’t dwell on what has been lost but on the things that are in our grasp. Hobbies are really vital for your self-growth as it is something you do only for yourself, be it colouring or pottery everyone should have a hobby. You can learn about new things related to your hobbies and keep upgrading it as a skill.

5.Start Gardening

We have discussed self-growth and mental health, now let’s talk about feeding your soul. Gardening is a therapeutic hobby that is not said to reduce the risk of depression and helps you get closer to nature. If you have decided to start with gardening as your New Year Resolution for 2021, check out Ferns N Petals. You can find a wide variety of plants to grow in your garden or at home.

6.Consume good Calories

You might have heard “Count your Calories” like a hundred times, but do we really know how to count our calories. While we mentioned, it was to educate you that counting calories can be helpful and bad. The more calories you consume, the more who have to burn them and if not, you end up gaining a few pounds. Consuming good calories is what most people ignore when trying to follow a certain diet plan.

Bottom Line: When you eat more good calories it can help you keep your weight in check and benefit your body as well

7.Decide a Fitness Plan

Fitness Goals for New Year Resolution is nothing new for any of us, but how many those goals have we achieved and kept track of. While we are entering in just a new year like every time, but 2021 is different from all of them. The troubles of 2020 have taught us how important it is to have strong immunity and a healthy body. Decide your body goals and keep on it until you don’t achieve it as your New year Resolution. You can also invest in a Fitness Plan online to always be reminded and motivated to keep going. Here are some options for you –

8.Lay down a Finance Plan

If 2020 has thought of anything, then it has to do with our finances. The 6 months-long lockdown was brutal for some of us, that had no idea what the future held for us. Learning from experience having a financial plan should absolutely be in your New Year resolution if you still haven’t started on it. Starting a business, buying a new house or wanting to invest always look for good deals online and a strong plan to move forward with it.


Where your 2020 Travel Plans ruin due to the pandemic and you couldn’t achieve your travel New year resolution? We are entering into a new year that has taught us to live with co-vid and take precaution. You can commence your travel plans with the start of the new year and cross one resolution off your list. Plan how you will travel, where you will stay and what will you explore as it will make everything simpler for you.

10.Make a Book List for yourself.

Making a Booklist for your New Year Resolution is a great way to gain knowledge or explore the world of fiction stories. While there might not be many book readers out there, but there is something they can opt for rather than Books. No-book lovers can listen to audiobooks and gain the same knowledge and imagination through the same books. Make a reading list for your New year resolution and get to it.

11.Work on your Business Plan

New Year Resolutions are always about staying hopeful about the future, and we all have a vision of how we want to grow financially. Create a resolution for 2021 to focus on your own business and how to grow it and how you can take the first step towards it.

12.Clear your Debts

You can’t truly go ahead in life if you are burdened down by debt. The path to financial freedom is a rugged one, but it is surely manageable with a bit of preparation and self-restraint. Make a plan and pay off your debt.

13.Learn a new Language

Learning a new language, we admire, has always been on our new year resolution list. With the 2020 lockdown giving you plenty of time to catch up on it, you can continue learning. Those who have missed out on it here is a great chance to start on it.

14Give up Smoking

A bad habit that many people don’t know how to kick, smoking will not only jeopardise your health but can burn a hole in your wallet. Gather all of your will power and make up your mind that you can do it.

15.Donate or Volunteer

Donation is a choice you make when you believe in giving back to the world. It not only helps you feel good about yourself, but it helps others in need. Look for places you are comfortable to donate at and make it a new year resolution for yourself.

16.Start a Journal

Journaling is the best way to stay in check with your thoughts. Writing down your goals, feelings and everyday tasks. Keeping a journal also helps you know the progress you make throughout a year and work on things when you pledge your New year resolution.

17.Learn to Cook

Cooking is something you have to learn to survive, and it is something that is a basic skill, all of us should learn, no matter the gender. Add Cooking to your New Year Resolution List, so you don’t miss out on it.

18.Accept a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is different from making a healthy diet plan. When you start following a diet plan, you follow it until you have reached your goal. Following a healthy lifestyle is for all your life choosing healthy over everything, meaning-making changes in your food, sleep, etc.

19.Invest in your future

Deciding to invest in your future benefits you to steer clear of any debt. You know where your money is going and work toward growing it. Putting your money into funds, shares, and policies is a sure way of simplifying your journey towards a secure future.

20.Save Money

Once you have your debt under control, it’s time to start putting some money aside. Start by saving small and then gradually fix an amount that you save no matter what, and see how you can save money for yourself.

We hope you find the New Year Resolution Ideas useful and start your year full of possibilities and good vibes.

Have a Great Year ahead!

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