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Swiggy & Zomato process more than 3M orders per day. Following the footsteps of its competitor Zomato, Swiggy owned by Bundl Technologies Limited is set to introduce a 2% collection fee for restaurants

by Vrushali.S Updated: 24 Dec, 2023, 18:29 IST
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Swiggy & Zomato, the two dominating food aggregators in India process more than 3M orders per day. Following the footsteps of its competitor Zomato, Swiggy owned by Bundl Technologies Limited is set to introduce a 2% collection fee for restaurants. This move by Swiggy has given birth to a spark among the restaurant community. But wait, this might not just be between Swiggy and its restaurant partners because in the end as customers it might be you who may have to bear the cost eventually.

Swiggy Announces 2% Collection Fee

Swiggy on its 2% collection fee wrote to its restaurant partners in an email, “This fee is for facilitating seamless customer payments on the Swiggy platform. Please note that this amount will be deducted from your payouts”

What does the Swiggy Collection Fee mean?

A collection fee is a small fee charged to facilitate a particular service. In this case, Swiggy’s collection fee of 2% is a fee charged by the platform to facilitate an online payment platform for the restaurant partners. An example of this collection fee is also what other payment gateways charge.

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Swiggy Collection Fee to be Introduced Soon

Swiggy collection fee is set to be introduced from 20th December and the 2% charges will be deducted from the payout said Swiggy in its email. Zomato also implemented similar payment gateway charges a few years back.

As per a recent article published by NRAI or the National Restaurant Association of India, it seems that more and more restaurant partners are considering ONDC to reduce their dependency on Swiggy and Zomato.

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The report suggests that restaurant partners in total pay approx 40% to the current duopolies, Swiggy and Zomato in the form of commission, discounts, fees, delivery, discovery, etc.

Now, the addition of Swiggy's collection fee of 2% will also be adding to the existing cost the restaurant partners and eventually the customer have to bear.

“A standard industry-wide practice” to facilitate smooth payments from customers on the platform, adding that restaurants that do not currently have a collection fee are being charged this amount” said a Swiggy Insider.

Swiggy also recently launched a new PocketHero initiative which offers free delivery, up to 60% OFF, cashback and more.

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FAQ on Swiggy Collection Fee


    1. What is the Swiggy Collection Fee?

    Swiggy has announced a 2% collection fee applicable from 20th December 2023 to its restaurant partners

    2. Swiggy joining fees for restaurants?

    Typically, Swiggy doesn’t have a joining feel for restaurants to register on its platforms. However, partners need to pay a commission fee + GST and now a 2% collection fee

    3. What does Swiggy charge per order to restaurants?

    As far as we know Swiggy generally charges between 15% to 22% to its restaurants + GST charges. This is excluding delivery fee and platform fee.

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    Swiggy & Zomato ruining the food delivery service in India. Both the restaurants and customers are at receiving end. I really wonder if there is any increase in overall profit percentage for a restaurant by going online.

    Review Expert Review Expert
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    True, both parties are at the receiving end but these food aggregators also bring a massive share of their own proprietary users + not everyone may be able to place a direct home delivery order with the restaurants always..due to several reasons.. this is where I think these food delivery apps become a tool for restaurants to reach more of their customers & increase profits..

    Thanks for your comment @gundahareesh5683844  
    Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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    S9me sweets shiops and small eateries in my previous town have vast difference in what they charge their regular offline customers
    prices displayed on their menu on these sites.

    So all in all, if it is just minor 4-5% increases, then there may not be any immediate trickle down effect for the buyers.
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