Android 14 for TV announced! List of New Features in Android 14 TV Update

Google has now announced it to bring its Android 14 update for TV soon. Here’s a list of Android 14 TV update new features that might make the wait worth it.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 17 May, 2024, 11:53 IST
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Android 14 is soon coming to all the Google TVs and Android TVs. Google ($2.6 Trillion market cap as of 2024) on 15th May announced a brand new Android 14 update for smart TVs. While smartphones are known for their frequent OS updates, the same isn’t the case with smart TVs. The last Android 13 update for TV was launched in the year 2022 (that’s almost 2 years ago!). Thankfully, Google has now announced it to bring its Android 14 update for TV soon. Here’s a list of Android 14 TV update new features that might make the wait worth it.

Android 14 for TV announced! List of New Features in Android 14 TV Update

Android 14 for TV announced
Google in its blog post on 15th May said, “We’re bringing Android 14 to TV! The next generation of Android provides improvements in performance, sustainability, accessibility, and multitasking to help you build engaging apps for TVs.”

Android & Google TV users with this new Android TV update can look forward to seeing an improvement in the performance of their TV (Energy Mode to reduce TV’s standby power consumption) and accessibility (new text fonts, colours) and lastly, multitasking (picture in picture mode).

Latest update for Google TV & Android TV

With the latest Google Android TV 14 update, users are in for some much-needed improvements such as support for lossless audio format, credential manager, and ultra HDR for images which enables greater contrast and vibrant colours. In terms of accessibility too, there’s an improvement made in the latest Android 14 TV update. New features include colour correction, enhanced text options and improved navigation for users.

Here are some of the new features in the Android 14 update for TV

List of Key New Features in Android 14 TV update

Below mentioned are the key new features in the Android 14 for TV update:




Android supports font scaling up to 200%, providing low-vision users with additional accessibility options

Camera and media

Android 14 adds support for Ultra High Dynamic Range (HDR) images

Camera and media

Zoom, Focus, Postview, and more in-camera extensions

Camera and media

In-sensor zoom Implement request override controls to give users zoom control even before other camera controls are ready.

Camera and media

Android 14 TV update gains support for lossless audio formats for audiophile-level experiences over USB-wired headsets.

Developer productivity and tools

Android 14 introduces Credential Manager, which supports multiple sign-in methods, including username and password, passkeys, and federated sign-in solutions (such as Sign-in with Google) in a single API.

Developer productivity and tools

Starting with Android 14, Health Connect is part of the platform and receives updates through Google Play system updates without requiring a separate download.

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These are just a few key features in the latest Android TV 14 update. There’s more awaiting you such as AI personalised recommendations, optimised speed-up boot time, and even a new Energy Mode to help you make some savings on your bills.

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Google Tv 14 update. will it be rolled out to 2yrs back old Sony X74 & X75s or they have to bite the dust?

Anyone tried Google Tv update from USB? any pointers? I have hisense tv with Google Tv and only update from past 1.5yrs is app icons turned to "round" from "rectangle". Tears rolled out round from eyes after the update.


Wrote this comment while listening to "Gajab ka hain din..   ye diwana pan .. " sad

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hey there, you can check if your Sony TV model is listed in this list or not - Termination of TV Software Updates for certain models

Also, yes as far as I know the updates can be installed via USB too..though not sure on the exact steps..

ps: good song
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what i did got the onn. android which is currently the best possible box you can get then put lineage os 14 unofficial made for it ,all works will a charm in mumbai

i dont believe any android tv in india except sony and samsung will give a 14 update, even those sony /samsung will not give it soon

Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast
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chill buddy. Read what you wrote. Samsung and android 14 update for TV? you are kidding right?
ONN is not available in India and EU and only in NA.
If you manage to get one for me currently selling ~$20, i would be grateful 
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