Apple may soon launch its new & bigger Macbook Air 15.5 inches!

Macbook Air M2 15.5 inches, may launch by 2023 next year. Here's everything we know so far about it, from the new Macbook Air M2 15 inches expected launch, to its specs and price.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 16 Dec, 2022, 15:03 IST
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Macbook Air 15.5 inches is expected to make its appearance by Spring 2023 as per some recent rumors from trusted sources. Earlier this year, we saw Apple bringing its Apple Macbook Air 13 inches with an M2 chip. It received a lot of love from the tech community and the Macbook Air M2 was considered as a success on virtually every level, be it in terms of display, its chipset, better speakers and an improved webcam. Now, the alleged upcoming Macbook Air 15.5 inches with an M2 chip is said to come with similar features but a slightly improved version of them. Below is everything you need to know about the new Macbook Air 15.5 inches launch, price, & more.

Apple Macbook Air 15 inches M2 Chip

Before we begin, please know that the new Macbook Air 15 inches launch is only speculated and there’s no official announcement from Apple made yet. However, given the success of the Macbook Air 13 inches M2 chip, we can expect Apple to come with its big sibling.

Macbook Air 15.5 inches Expected Launch

Macbook Air 15.5 inches, if released will be the biggest Macbook Air released yet. Though Apple has not yet announced the launch date of the Macbook Air 15.5 inches. Trusted sources like Bloomberg and others have speculated that the new Macbook Air may release in the Spring months of 2023, sometime in March or June.

New Macbook Air 15.5 M2 Chip inches Specs

Similar to the previously launched Macbook Air M2 earlier this year in 2022, the upcoming Macbook Air 15 inches laptop is expected to be powered by an M2 chip, which has received praise for its performance and energy efficiency.

In addition to the M1 chip, the new MacBook Air is expected to have a 500-nit retina display, a 1080p webcam, and upgraded speakers. It is also expected the 15-inch Macbook Air to have a larger battery capacity, which will allow users to work for longer periods of time without needing to charge their laptops.

Currently, the Macbook Air M2 2022 is priced at around 1.5 Lakhs in India so we can expect the Macbook Air 15.5 inches laptop to be priced somewhere around 1.75 Lakhs. Though there’s no solid information on what the price of the upcoming Macbook Air M2 15.5 inches would be.

Overall, the expected launch of the 15.5-inch MacBook Air would be an interesting event to see what Apple brings in this time for its Apple fans. It is expected to offer a high-performance, portable laptop with a sleek design, allowing users to use it for both professional and personal use.

While Apple has not yet officially confirmed the launch of the 15.5-inch MacBook Air, it is expected to be announced in the coming months.

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