Best Epilators for Women in India (Tips & Buying Guide)

Take a look at the best epilators for women in India. Epilators, as a modern solution to hair removal, excel in their ability to directly pluck hair from the roots, promising a smooth finish. While the prospect of pain

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Epilators, as a modern solution to hair removal, excel in their ability to directly pluck hair from the roots, promising a smooth finish. While the prospect of pain may raise eyebrows, rest assured—it's on par with the familiar sensation of waxing. Women can choose from a variety of hair removal methods on the market, but epilators are becoming more popular thanks to their numerous benefits. One of the most significant advantages of epilators for women is their convenience. You no longer need to schedule salon visits, as you can easily use them at home. This means that you can save time and money while still achieving hair-free skin. With the latest technology, epilators have become more versatile, with some models designed to work on both the face and body. If you're looking for the best epilator for women in India or one that works well on both the face and body, we have curated a list of top-notch options that are specifically tailored for women. So, whether you're a beginner or a pro, you can find the perfect epilator to meet your hair removal needs.

Best Epilators for women in india

Top 7 Best Epilators for Women in India

Braun Silk-epil 9-890 Best Epilator for Women

Braun Silk-epil 9-890 Best Epilator for Women

Brand: Braun

Warranty: 2 Years

Waterproof: Yes

Power Source: Chargeable

Price: Rs.11119

Effortless and effective, this epilator for women boasts a wide, pivoting head that facilitates easier and more efficient hair removal. With Micro-Grip tweezer technology consisting of 40 tweezers, it ensures smooth skin that lasts for weeks, not just days. The precision-focused bikini styler is adept at creating defined lines, shapes, or contours, offering versatility in grooming. The device's 100% waterproof design allows for painless epilation in the bath or shower, enhancing the overall experience. There is a shaver head for delicate areas, which emphasizes the multifunctional feature.

Additionally, the innovative pressure sensor technology guides the epilation process, removing more hair in a single stroke. The 40% wider epilator head is designed to eliminate 4x shorter hair than traditional waxing methods. Cordless and suitable for wet and dry use, this epilator provides convenience and flexibility. There are seven extras included with this kit, including a body and face trimmer. For women seeking a painless and efficient hair removal solution, this epilator stands out as a reliable companion, ensuring a smooth and hair-free appearance without the risk of nicks or cuts associated with traditional shaving methods.

P.S. Despite its high price range, the Braun Silk-epil 9-890 Epilator is known to be one of the best epilators for women.

Philips Satinelle Essential BRE235/00 Corded Compact Epilator

Philips Satinelle Essential BRE235/00 Corded Compact Epilator

Brand: Philips

Warranty: 2 Years

Waterproof: No

Power Source: Corded Electric

Price: Rs.2209

Philips compact epilator features an efficient epilation system that gently pulls out hairs from the root, ensuring a painless hair removal experience. This epilator has 2-speed settings, so it works great for both thin and thick hair. The hair removal performance is remarkable, capturing hairs as short as 0.5 mm from the root, thanks to efficient epilation discs that function like gentle tweezing discs. The ergonomically designed, profiled grip enhances comfortable handling during the hair removal process. The epilation head is washable, making it easy to clean and promoting extra hygiene.

Philips Satinelle Essential is known to be one of the best epilator for women in India and it is so versatile and comes with a sensitive cap designed specifically for removing unwanted hair from sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line, catering to the diverse needs of users. And the best part? It comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase, with the option of a 1-year extension upon registration. So you can be confident that it's built to last and that you're making a great investment. Overall, it's a reliable, user-friendly choice that'll make hair removal a breeze.

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Havells FD5051 Epilator, Best Epilator for Women in India

Havells FD5051 Epilator, Best Epilator for Women in India

Brand: Havells

Warranty: 2 Years

Waterproof: No

Power Source: Cordless, Rechargeable

Price: Rs.1699

The Havells Epilator is a versatile hair removal device that can be used both corded and cordless, providing users with flexibility. The device has a wet and dry usage feature rated at IPX4, making it safe to use even in wet conditions, such as in the shower or bath. The Intelligent Touch Technology feature is a standout, as it ensures users don't apply excessive pressure to their skin during the hair removal process, leading to a more controlled and comfortable experience. With two epilation speeds available, users can choose between gentle and efficient cutting, tailoring the device to their specific needs. The LED indication feature is also very practical, providing users with real-time information on the product's charging status. This ensures that users are aware of the device's battery level, facilitating timely charging and uninterrupted usage. In summary, the Havells Epilator is a comprehensive and user-centric hair removal device that provides an effective and customizable hair removal solution.

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Remington Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Face and Body Epilator

Remington Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Face and Body Epilator

Brand: Remington

Warranty: 1 Year (2 years Warranty on US manufacturer)

Waterproof: No

Power Source: Battery Operated

Price: Rs.8439

Experience smooth and hair-free skin for up to 6 weeks with the Remington Smooth & Silky Wet/Dry Face & Body Epilator, whether you choose to use it in or out of the shower. The updated design prioritizes comfort, featuring a perfect angle cap, a detailed light, and a pivoting head to ensure optimal coverage and efficient removal of even the shortest hairs. This versatile epilator allows for wet or dry usage, providing flexibility in your grooming routine.

Equipped with 40 tweezers and 2-speed settings, it offers a thorough and customizable hair removal experience. The inclusion of a massaging cap with aloe vera adds a soothing touch to the skin, enhancing the overall comfort of the epilation process. Additionally, the precision cap caters specifically to facial and detail areas, ensuring precise and gentle hair removal. The rechargeable feature adds convenience to your grooming routine, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements. The detailed light illuminates the targeted area for enhanced visibility during the epilation process. With its thoughtful design and advanced features, the Remington Smooth & Silky Wet/Dry Face & Body Epilator for women stands out as a reliable and user-friendly tool for achieving long-lasting smoothness.

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WISKA 2 in 1 Face & Full Body Epilator for Women

WISKA 2 in 1 Face & Full Body Epilator for Women

Brand: Wiska

Warranty: No

Waterproof: No

Power Source: Corded, Rechargeable

Price: Rs.1499

The Wiska Electric Epilator is a cordless hair removal solution equipped with 18 rotating tweezers that swiftly and efficiently remove unwanted hair from the root, leaving your skin irresistibly smooth for up to 4 weeks. The Effective Electric Epilator is a cordless hair removal device that quickly and efficiently removes unwanted hair from the root, providing smooth skin for up to four weeks. The device is equipped with 18 rotating tweezers, and it is suggested to keep the hair and the epilator at a 90° angle for optimal results. The product features skin-friendly stainless steel blades that follow the contours of your body, providing a painless and irritation-free hair shaving experience suitable for sensitive skin.

The device offers two speed settings, high and low, and an LED light design that enhances visibility to spot even the finest hairs. The epilator for women is portable, USB rechargeable, and offers 120 minutes of shaving after a 2.5-hour charge. The included USB cable allows versatile charging options, whether through a 5V adapter, a computer, a power bank, or a car charger. The mini, portable design makes it an excellent travel companion, ensuring hair-free confidence wherever life takes you.

Panasonic Wet and Dry Ladies Shaver, Best Epilator for women

Panasonic Wet and Dry Ladies Shaver, Best Epilator for women

Brand: Panasonic

Warranty: No

Waterproof: No

Power Source: Battery Powered

Price: Rs.1399

The Panasonic ES2082P503 Battery-Operated Wet and Dry Ladies Epilator is a must-have grooming device designed to cater to sensitive skin. Its skin guard provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring a comfortable and painless hair removal experience. With its wet and dry epilation feature, it offers convenience and versatility in your grooming routine. Its washable design makes cleaning incredibly easy after each use. The device comes with two epilation heads, making it suitable for various areas, including underarms, arms, bikini lines, and legs. The multiple attachments make it a versatile option, catering to different preferences and specific grooming needs. It operates cordlessly, giving you the flexibility to use it whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you prefer a quick dry shave or a more indulgent wet hair removal, this epilator for women is designed to meet your requirements, providing a gentle and effective solution for hair removal from different parts of the body.

Braun Silk-épil 3-270, Best Epilator for Long Lasting Hair Removal

Braun Silk-épil 3-270, Best Epilator for Women Long Lasting Hair Removal

Brand: Braun

Warranty: 2 Years

Waterproof: No

Power Source:Electric

Price: Rs.3655

The Braun Silk-épil 3-270 is a hair removal device that effectively removes hair from its roots using 20 tweezers. It is easy to use and gentle on the skin, making it a great choice for beginners who want to achieve smooth and lasting results. The device comes with a Smartlight feature that illuminates even the finest hairs, ensuring that you don't miss any spots. It also has massage rollers that help reduce the pain associated with hair removal. The epilator is designed to fit the contours of your body, making it easy to use on areas like the knees and underarms.

In addition to hair removal, the Braun Silk-épil 3-270 comes with a shaver and trimmer, which makes it a multifunctional grooming tool. This means that you can use it for other grooming needs aside from hair removal. Whether you're new to hair removal or an experienced user, it is an easy-to-use and reliable choice. It offers a gentle and thorough hair removal experience with additional features that enhance your overall grooming routine.

Epilator Buying Guide: What to Look For?

Epilators are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to achieve smooth, hairless skin without having to go to a salon. When shopping for an best epilator for women in India, there are several essential features to consider to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Amount of Tweezers

The first thing to consider is the number of tweezers that the epilator has. The number of tweezers will determine how efficiently and quickly the epilator can remove hair. Epilators for women can have anywhere from 3 to 70 tweezers, with more tweezers generally translating to greater efficiency. However, keep in mind that as the number of tweezers increases, so does the price tag. If you're looking to remove hair from more delicate areas like the face, a model with fewer tweezers may be more appropriate.

Is it corded or cordless?

Another important consideration is whether the epilator is corded or cordless. Wet epilators are typically cordless and battery-operated for underwater use, while dry epilators can be either corded or cordless. Cordless epilators offer more flexibility in movement and are ideal for various body parts. On the other hand, corded epilators may lack flexibility but could be more powerful. If you opt for a battery-operated epilator, be sure to consider its battery capacity to ensure that it can meet your session requirements.

Attachments and Extras

Attachments are also crucial factors to consider when purchasing an epilator. These attachments can enhance your overall epilation experience and may include an 'epilator cap' to minimize pain, shaver heads, foot massagers, tweezers with narrow heads, facial caps, trimmer heads, pedicure buffers, massage rollers, and charging stands.

Wide epilator head

In addition to the basic features of an epilator, an extra-wide epilation head is a significant feature that can help speed up the hair removal process. This feature allows the device to cover a larger surface area, which means that more hair can be removed at once, resulting in a faster and more efficient epilation experience. With an extra-wide epilation head, you can achieve smoother skin in a shorter amount of time. This feature is especially useful for those who have a busy schedule and need to get ready quickly.

Setting speed levels

Different body parts may require varying speed levels for optimal results. For instance, high speed is suitable for larger and stiffer areas like thighs and arms, while low speed is preferable for more sensitive regions like underarms and the bikini area. Modern epilator models often offer multiple speed settings to accommodate diverse skin needs.

Do you like it dry or wet?

Epilators come in two types: dry and wet. Dry epilators are designed for use on dry skin, whereas wet epilators can be used on both dry and wet skin, including under the shower or in bathtubs. Wet epilators are ideal for sensitive skin, reducing pain, rashes, redness, and bumps.

Inbuilt light

A lot of modern-day epilators are designed with a built-in light feature that can be immensely helpful during the hair removal process. This light feature can help in identifying and removing even the smallest and finest hairs, which may otherwise go unnoticed and remain on your skin. The built-in light of an epilator illuminates the skin, making it easier to spot any unwanted hair, even in low-light conditions. Additionally, it can also help in reducing the chances of missing any hair, resulting in a more effective and efficient hair removal experience.

Is it noisy?

When you're in the market for best epilators in India, it's essential to consider the noise level of the device you're looking to purchase. Depending on your tolerance level, excessive noise during a 20-30 minute epilating session can be quite bothersome. Therefore, it's wise to choose a model that operates quietly to ensure a more pleasant and comfortable grooming experience. A quieter epilator can also be beneficial if you plan to use it during your morning routine or in a shared living space. So, take the time to research and compare different models' noise levels before making your final decision.

Fast charging

Finally, a quick charge feature is convenient for rechargeable devices, allowing for a single session after a short charging period. This is especially useful if you tend to forget to charge your devices regularly. With quick charging, you can recharge your device in a single session after a brief charging period. This means that you don't have to wait for hours to charge your device fully, and you can use it again in no time. Quick charging is also helpful when you're on the go and need to recharge your device quickly to ensure that you don't run out of battery when you need it the most.

Tips for Painless Hair Removal with Epilator

If you're considering using an epilator for hair removal, there are several crucial steps you should keep in mind to achieve the best possible results. Follow these detailed steps to enjoy a more effective, comfortable, and luxurious hair removal experience with your epilator.

Optimal Hair Length: Before beginning the epilation process, ensure that your hair is ideally less than 4-5mm in length. If your hair is longer than this, it's recommended that you trim it with scissors or clippers to facilitate a more effective and comfortable hair removal process.

Shaving beforehand: If you're thinking that if I have to shave anyway, what's the point of using an epilator? Let us explain. If you're just starting with epilation, a smart move is to shave a couple of days before. Shaving helps ease the process by reducing the amount of hair, making the whole epilation experience gentler. Unlike waiting for hair to grow back after shaving or waxing, epilation allows you to keep going every few days. This way, you can get used to how the epilator feels over time. Plus, if your epilator is water-friendly, you can use it in the shower for a mess-free shave. Consider buying best epilators for women for a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Prep with Exfoliation: For an even better hair removal experience, it's recommended that you exfoliate your skin before using the epilator. This step helps remove dead skin cells and impurities, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion. Exfoliation also helps prevent ingrown hairs, which can be a common problem with other hair removal methods.

Start with a low setting: Do you remember the saying, "Slow and steady wins the race"? Well, it applies to epilation too. Start your epilation journey at the lowest speed setting for a closer and smoother hair removal experience. Avoid rushing, as faster movements can lead to the pulling or tearing of hair. As you get more comfortable, feel free to adjust the speed according to your preferences. This is especially important if you're new to epilation. You may want to start with a low setting on your device. This gradual approach enables getting used to the sensation and ensures a more comfortable experience for beginners. Once you become more comfortable with the process, you can increase the setting for a more thorough hair removal.

Use specialised caps: Most epilators come with an array of specialised caps designed to cater to specific areas of the body. These attachments are designed to optimize the hair removal process and ensure precision, especially in areas that are hard to reach. For instance, you can use a smaller cap for the face or bikini area or a wider cap for larger areas like the legs.

Aim to pull the skin tight: Making epilation less painful involves a simple yet crucial trick—pulling or holding your skin tight. This step creates a smooth surface for the epilator to glide across, grabbing more hair in one go. In areas with softer skin, like the underarms or upper thighs, pull your skin tight while epilating. Remember, fewer passes over your skin means less discomfort.

Keeping goosebumps at bay: If you are someone who experiences goosebumps frequently, it is important to be mindful of the timing when removing hair. Choosing warmer conditions can dramatically reduce bumpy areas. When you have goosebumps, the texture of the skin becomes uneven, making it more challenging for the epilator to grab and remove hair efficiently. By taking this precaution, you can ensure that the hair is pulled out from the root, which ultimately leads to smoother skin and reduces the chances of experiencing stubble.

The right angle for epilation: Getting the hang of epilation means keeping your epilator at the right angle throughout. Tilt it incorrectly, and you might end up pulling or tearing hair. Start by placing the epilator at a straight 90-degree angle on less sensitive areas. Gradually work your way up, allowing the epilator to move gently over your skin.

Use Epilator in the shower: If your epilator is waterproof, take advantage of it by epilating in the shower. It makes the epilator glide smoothly over your skin, reducing any discomfort. Just make sure your skin is really wet if you go for this method. Many epilators for women in India are fully waterproof and let you epilate in the shower or bath with ease. Epilators are usually very slim, and the anti-slip handle makes them comfortable to use, even in hard-to-reach spots.

Patch Test for Facial Use: If you plan to use the epilator on your face, it's essential to test it on a less sensitive area first, such as your leg or hands. This preliminary step allows you to gauge your skin's reaction and ascertain the compatibility of the epilator with your facial skin.

Refer to the manual: It's important to read the manual that comes with your epilator to understand how to use it properly. This not only helps you avoid any potential injuries or discomfort but also lets you harness any unique features or nuances your device may have.

Post-Epilation Moisturize: After using the epilator, it's recommended that you moisturize your skin with a gentle, nourishing lotion or cream. This step helps to alleviate any potential discomfort, redness, or irritation and also contributes to the overall softening and rejuvenation of your skin.

Staying on top of it: Consistency is the key to successful epilation. Make it a habit to epilate smaller areas regularly, it's less painful than tackling a lot of hair all at once. When you notice your hair starting to grow back, don't wait for it to reach full length. Epilate as you go. Start with weekly sessions and gradually extend the gap to once every three weeks. This not only minimizes discomfort but also helps you get used to the process over time.

On an Ending Note:

In conclusion, the use of epilators has become a staple for women when it comes to hair removal and getting rid of unwanted body hair. Best Epilators for Women are designed to remove fine hair from different parts of the body, leaving the skin smooth and hair-free. Unlike shaving, epilators don't leave any nicks or cuts on the skin. They work by grasping the hair and pulling it out from the root, similar to tweezers but with more power. A high-quality epilator can be an excellent investment for women who want to achieve painless hair removal. With their many benefits, it's no wonder that epilators have become a woman's best friend when it comes to hair removal. As we wrap up our discussion, we hope that our insights have guided you towards discovering the best epilators for women in India, as well as providing valuable tips and advice.

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1. Which brand of epilator is considered the best?

Braun is often regarded as one of the best brands for epilators for women. While there are several reputable brands out there, Braun is one that's often recommended for its high-quality products. In particular, their Silk-épil series is known for its efficiency, innovation, and performance. One of the standout models from this line is the Braun Silk-épil 9-890 Epilator. This device boasts several features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to remove hair quickly and effectively.

2. Do dermatologists recommend using epilators?

If you're considering using an epilator for hair removal, you'll be happy to know that they are generally safe and efficient, according to dermatologists. However, since everyone's skin is different, it's a good idea to do a patch test on a small area first, especially if you have a history of skin sensitivity or allergies. And if you have specific skin concerns or conditions, it's always a good idea to chat with a dermatologist for personalized advice that's tailored to your unique skin type and needs. This extra step can help ensure that your hair removal experience is both safe and effective.

3. Is it better to use an epilator on wet or dry skin?

The choice between wet and dry epilation depends on personal preference. Wet epilators can be used in the shower or bath, providing a more comfortable experience and reducing potential pain. Dry epilators, on the other hand, are suitable for use on dry skin. Each method has its benefits, and it's recommended to choose based on individual comfort.

4. How do I choose a good epilator?

When you're choosing best epilators for women, it's important to consider various factors to ensure that you find the right one for your needs. Some of the factors you should think about include the number of tweezers, whether it's corded or cordless, what attachments it comes with, whether it has an extra-wide epilator head, the speed settings, whether it's for wet or dry use, whether it has a built-in light, the noise level, and the quick charge feature. By assessing these features, you can find an epilator that's tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

5. Is epilation or waxing a better hair removal method?

Both epilation and waxing are effective methods for hair removal, and the choice between them depends on personal preferences. Epilation offers the convenience of doing it at home with less mess, while waxing is often associated with salon visits. Some find epilation more tolerable, while others prefer the results of waxing. It's a matter of individual comfort and suitability.

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