Best Geysers in 2024 India (5L, 10L, 15L, 25L) from Top Brands

Crompton, Havells, V-Guard, and other such brands are creating an impact in Indian markets by providing their top-notch geysers at the best price. Read below to explore best geyser in India in 2024!

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Whether it's the warmness of summer or the chill of winter, geysers stand as an important household appliance for everyone, providing a constant supply of comfortable hot water that covers us from the piercing cold and making sure we never shiver in the bathroom. Sometimes, the geysers at our home can be quite irritating, either giving us electrical injuries (shocks) or simply remaining nonfunctioning. Hence, we have mentioned geysers among the Top 10 geyser brands in India for your convenience. 

Best Geysers in 2024 India (5L, 10L, 15L, 25L) from Top Brands

This season, ignore your outdated and disputable geyser and read our full article to purchase the new, preferred geyser (water heater) with us at extremely affordable prices. In this article, we have listed the geysers that are available in 5 litres, 10 litres, 15 litres, and 25-litre capacities, ensuring that you make the best choice based on factors like brand quality, storage, warranty, heating indicator, water pressure, ISI certification, best fit, and more. Explore the options and elevate your water heating experience with our selection of high-quality geysers that meet your specific needs.

Best 5-litre geysers to buy in 2024

For individuals who are bachelor or just a couples, and are busy in their daily routines, a quick and instant hot water bath or shower is a necessity, for that purpose, a 5-litre geyser is an ideal solution. Not only it is suitable for busy scheduled working professionals, but it’s also a perfect buy for those who acquire smaller spaces.

Bajaj Skive Instant 5 litre Geyser

Bajaj Skive Instant 5 litre Geyser | Non-rusty and Cost-Effective

The Bajaj Skive is stylish due to its thermoplastic body, which adds a trendy touch to your bath space. With 3,000 watts, 230V, 50Hz frequency energy consumption, and a copper heating element, it heats water to 72 degrees Celsius in 2-4 minutes. The rust-free stainless steel tank promises durability; you can enjoy a 2-year product warranty, a 3-year heating element warranty, and a 5-year warranty on the inner tank.

Talking about installation, you can install it yourself or through a local electrician. The geyser features multiple safety systems to protect against various thermal hazards and is ideal for people who stays in single-room apartments.

Bajaj Skive Geyser Price: Rs.3,599

Pros and Cons of the Bajaj Skive Instant 5-litre Geyser


Capacity to hold water for 3-4 hours after a power cut.

Compact size with a stylish design.

Easy installation

Portable (can be carried easily for shifting purposes)


Need to spend extra on additional accessories

No free installation by the company.

Not suitable for high-rise apartments.

Havells Carlo Instant Geyser 5-litre

Havells Carlo Instant Geyser 5-litre | With Color Changing Ring Indicator

If you’re searching for a reliable geyser for your apartment, consider the Havells Carlo geyser. With 3,000 watts wattage, it comes in 5 and 3-litre storage capacities (based on customers' requirements). Havells Carlo offers a 5-year warranty on its inner container. The whirlflow technology ensures faster heating by preventing direct contact between cold and hot water flows. Its rust and shockproof plastic body, along with broad stainless steel, ensures durability. The highlight is the color-changing LED indicator, which provides real-time water temperature updates.

Havells Carlo Geyser Price: Rs.4,798

Pros and Cons of the Havells Carlo Instant 5 litre Geyser


Quick heating

Valve to remove water from the tank.

Ideal for families consisting of 2-3 members.


Takes time for heating

Can consume excessive electricity

Can be defective while purchasing online.

Crompton Rapid Jet 5-litre Geyser

Crompton Rapid Jet 5-litre Geyser | Smart Instant Geyser for Robust Heating

Experience instant hot water with the powerful 3000-watt Crompton Rapid Jet geyser. Boasting advanced safety features like a four-level pressure release system and a fusible plug, this geyser ensures your comfort and hot water needs. With a maximum operating pressure of 8 bars, ISI-marked nickel-coated special element, and resistance against scale formation, it guarantees durability. Choose the Crompton Rapid Jet 5 for smart health protection, rust-proof, and shock-proof performance, and the ideal choice for your compact living space.

Crompton Rapid Jet Geyser Price: Rs.3,779

Pros and Cons of the Crompton Rapid Jet 5-litre Geyser


Comes with a neon indicator

Consists of good safety features

Budget-friendly for a small family

Effective geyser for kitchen purposes


Accessories to purchase separately

Can consume high-energy

Less durable than other Crompton geysers

V-Guard Zio 5-litre Geyser

V-Guard Zio 5-litre Geyser | Overheat Protection Geyser

For a reliable and quick hot water supply, choose the V-Guard Zio Geyser. The geyser is renowned for its safety and durability and comes with a great design and top-quality features. V-Guard Zio consists KW heating element with a copper sheath and magnesium oxide insulation and ensures efficient performance. Like Crompton Rapid Jet geyser it boasts advanced 4-level safety that includes a pressure release valve for smooth operation. The ISI-marked thermostat prevents overheating by cutting off power at 55 degrees Celsius. Upon purchasing V-Guard Zio, you receive a 2-year warranty on the product, an extra 2-year warranty on the heating element, and a 5-year warranty on the inner tank.

For installation, you can opt for professional installation at a nominal cost, and the technician can provide accessories by charging a suitable amount.

V-Guard Zio Geyser Price: Rs.2899

Pros and Cons of the V-Guard Zio 5-litre Geyser


Budget-friendly geyser

Good for warm water-preferred persons

Auto-cutting of power


Geyser accessories are not included

Less product and heating element warranty

Less durable as compared to Racold geyser

Hindware Atlantic Xceed 5-litre Geyser

Hindware Atlantic Xceed 5-litre Geyser | A Standard Wall Mounting Geyser

In today's era, everyone wishes for a geyser with special features and an automatic power cut for energy saving. The Hindware Atlantic Xceed geyser is particularly popular among high and low-rise apartment people. Hindware Atlantic Xceed is the best 5-litre geyser to buy. With a 2-year product warranty, 2-year heating element warranty, and a 5-year inner tank warranty, it offers peace of mind. It consists of a 3 litres per minute flow rate, it ensures a consistent supply of hot water for quick showers and various activities. Safety is prioritized with features like a pressure release valve for temperature control, auto-cutoff, and thermal cutoff functions. The Hindware Atlantic Xceed geyser is a reliable choice for those who want both performance and safety.

Hindware Atlantic Xceed Geyser Price: Rs.3,299

Pros and Cons of the Hindware Atlantic Xceed 5-litre Geyser


Quick water heating

Rust resistance

PAN India service


No adjustable buttons for temperature variation

Limited features

Suitable for small size houses

Mounting on the wall can be complicated

Bajaj is a prominent brand, and if you're looking to buy some of their products at a discounted price, then explore some of the best Bajaj offers and deals to buy products at convenience.
Best 10-litre Geysers to Buy in 2024

A 10-litre geyser is essential for a family consisting of 2-4 members and choosing the perfect geyser for your family sometimes can be a challenging task due to the variety of options available in the market with varying features and capacities. Therefore, we have compiled a list of a best 10-litre geyser to buy this year.

AO Smith HSE-SHS-010 10-litre Geyser

AO Smith HSE-SHS-010 10-litre Geyser | Superior Energy Efficient Geyser

AO Smith Geyser is a smart choice for every household, as geysers with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) ratings are now mandatory for controlling electricity consumption. The AO Smith geyser is reliable, efficient, and crafted with advanced technology, featuring 2000 watts of power and an 8-bar pressure rating. For safety, it features a thermal cut-out and a multi-function safety valve. The durable red and white ABS plastic body, along with a blue diamond glass inner tank offering 2X corrosion resistance, ensures the longevity of the geyser. With a BEE 5-star rating, this geyser is a perfect choice for small families.

AO Smith 10-litre Geyser Price: Rs.6,499

Pros and Cons of the AO Smith HSE-SHS-010 10-litre Geyser


Blue diamond glass lined tank

Build quality

Easy to install

Easily fits in your bathing space


Heating noise after several periods

No LED indicator

Plastic body

No temperature control knob

Havells Adonia R 10-litre Storage Geyser

Havells Adonia R 10-litre Storage Geyser | Havells Remote Control Geyser

The Havells Adonia Geyser offers convenient storage and temperature control via a remote. With a powerful 2000W wattage and 8-bar pressure, it consists of a Feroglas tech and a single weld design for corrosion-free use. The Anode Rod with stainless steel protect’s geyser tank. The advanced digital system and full-color LED temperature indicator enhance your bathroom's aesthetics. Set your preferred temperature after purchase for a peaceful and enjoyable bath experience and consider it as a best 10-litre geyser to buy for home or kitchen.

Havells Adonia R Geyser Price: Rs.13,640

Pros and Cons of the Havells Adonia R 10-litre Storage Geyser


Can visually indicate water temperature (Blue to Red)

Easy operating via remote

Instant heating after turning on the geyser

Can allow for control via gentle touch


Expensive product

Need to spend extra for installation

Geyser can be damage in rough usage.

V-Guard Victo 10-litre Geyser

V-Guard Victo 10-litre Geyser | With Free Connection Pipes

Explore V-Guard Victo Geyser and upgrade your bathroom’s calmness. The geyser comes with a BEE 5-star rating and high energy capability, this advanced geyser ensures superior heat retention with extra-thick PUF insulation. You can experience dual heat protection with a thermostat and thermal cutout mechanism for safety. V-Guard Victo boasts corrosion-free and hygienic water and an adjustment knob (for easy control of temp) and indicate power and heating status via the circular red and green LED indicator.

V-Guard Victo comes with an offer of free installation along with inlet and outlet geyser accessories. It covers 2 years warranty on the product. 3 years on the heating element, and 5 years on the inner tank. Overall, V-Guard Victo 10-litre Geyser is the best 10-litre geyser to buy this year.

V-Guard Victo 10-litre Geyser Price: Rs.6,799

Pros and Cons of the V-Guard Victo 10-litre Geyser


Noise-free product

High energy efficient

Inlet and outlet pipes are included

Suitable for high rise apartment

Digital temperature display


Requires more space for installation

Pricey product

Not suitable for small size house


Polycab Emerald 10 litre Geyser | Electric Storage Water Heater

The Polycab brand is renowned for its electrical appliances and accessories, and the Policab Emerald Geyser is no exception. This corded electric geyser is user-friendly and comes with a 4-Star BEE Energy Rating, it ensures exceptional energy savings and establish itself as the best 10-litre geyser in Polycab’s brand. Its anti-rust engineered plastic body guarantees durability, while the ultra diamond glass-lined coated storage tank enhances pressure-bearing capacity. The temperature control knob allows you to set the perfect temperature that suits your needs. In my view, this white-colored geyser is a perfect in functionality and aesthetics.

Price of Polycab Emerald Geyser: Rs.5,900

Pros and Cons of Polycab Emerald 10 litre Geyser


Can store hot water more than 4 hours

8 bar working pressure

Easy geyser wall mount bracket


No Cons


Racold Bunono Pro 10-litre Geyser | 3 years Warranty (On Tank) Geyser

Racold geysers are mostly bought and considered as the best geyser brand in India 2024 because of their durability and instant hot water delivery, making them a popular choice among both row house and apartment owners. The Racold Buono Pro, featuring a 10-litre storage capacity and a vertical wall mount design, efficiently saves space in your bathroom. For corrosion-free working, this geyser is equipped with a special anode that undergoes an electrolytic process.

With a BEE-certified 5-star rating, the Racold Buono Pro offers a good warranty package: 2 years on the product, 2 years on the heating element, and 3 years on the inner tank. For those in search of a dependable geyser, the Racold Buono Pro can be the best choice.

Price of Racold Buono Pro Geyser: Rs.5,999

Pros and Cons of the Racold Bunono Pro 10-litre Geyser


Easy to fit

Quick service for installation from Racold



Fixed tempreature

Extra expenses and accessories

Buy Havells electronics and electrical products at a lower price by delving into Havells Coupons and discount offers. Grab exclusive deals instantly and share them with your friends and family members!

Best 15-litre Geysers to Buy in 2024

For a household of four individuals or more, it becomes hard to select a reliable storage geyser to cater to bathing and various other domestic needs. Opting for geysers with capacities of 5 or 10 litres may sometimes fall short of providing the necessary hot water, leaving you with a limited supply. Hence, we have compiled a list of the best 15-litre geysers to buy in 2024, ensuring a consistent hot water supply for your family's requirements.

Orient Electric Enamour Prime 15-litre Geyser

Orient Electric Enamour Prime 15-litre Geyser | Glassline Storage Geyser

Orient has received acclaim for its production of fans and various essential home electrical appliances. Among them, Orient Geysers has recently established itself as a budget-friendly brand (in geysers and other products) and has additional advantages. The Electric Enamour Prime by Orient stands out with its advanced ultra-diamond glassine technology, ensuring a shockproof and waterproof polymer body for the high safety of every household member. Enamour Primes is not only great in providing efficient working conditions but also features a 5-level safety shield, making it a secure choice for households. And if you're looking for the best 15-litre geysers to buy, the Orient Enamour Prime is definitely worth considering.

Orient Electric Enamour Prime Geyser Price: Rs.7,799

Pros and Cons of Orient Electric Enamour Prime 15-litre Geyser


Highly recommended for hard water.

Fire-proof body

Stylish and trendy design

5-level safety


Less durable compared to other geyser brands

Needs frequent services.


Bajaj Shakti Neo 15-litre Geyser | Most Buyed Bajaj Geyser

The Bajaj Shakti Neo Geyser is a popular choice among many Indian citizens. This 10-litre Storage Water Heater operates at 2000 Watts, and comes with a 1-year product warranty along with additional tank and heating element warranties. Featuring a Glassline Inner Tank, Titanium Armour Technology, and Magnesium Anode to prevent corrosion, this geyser ensures durability. With an adjustable thermostat knob for temperature control, the Bajaj Shakti Neo Geyser is versatile and suitable for both small homes and high-rise buildings. It features a pressure withstand capacity of 8 bars and includes child safety protection. The geyser offers paid installation by the brand, making it a reliable and convenient choice for consumers.

Bajaj Shakti Neo 10-litre Geyser Price: Rs. 5,899

Pros and Cons of the Bajaj Shakti Neo 10-litre Geyser


Compact and lightweight geyser

Durable product

Pricey geyser compared to other Bajaj geysers


Metal body

Highly suitable for kitchen use

Poor services

V-Guard Pebble Shine 15 Litre Geyser

V-Guard Pebble Shine 15 Litre Geyser | With Rust-proof ABS Body

Enjoy hot water heating with the BEE 5 Star Rated V-Guard Pebble Shine Storage Geyser. It is designed for improved energy efficiency, and includes thick, high-density PUF insulation and maximum heat retention for optimal performance. With an IPX4 Rating, it guards against spills and splashes, and features advanced thermostat mechanisms for dual overheat protection. This geyser is well-suited for hard water usage, prevents scale formation, and can resist pressure up to 8 bar, making it ideal for high-rise buildings up to 35 floors.

V-Guard Pebble Shine Geyser Price: Rs. 9,499

Pros and Cons of V-Guard Pebble Shine 10 Litre


Bulky product (requires space)

Pre-emptive safety feature

Good for spacious bathroom


Not include auto turn-off feature

Less durable with salty water.

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List of the Best 15-litre Geysers to Buy in 2024

Looking for the perfect geysers on e-commerce sites can be a time-consuming process. Hence, we have listed an additional 15-litre geysers for you to explore, complete with prices and other specifications. Make your purchase comfortably and efficiently.

Geyser Name

Geyser Type

Geyser Price

Crompton Amica 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Crompton Solarium Cube 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Havells Monza EC 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Havells Otto 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Bajaj Edrea 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Bajaj Compagno 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Anchor (Panasonic Delsy) 15-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Also Read: Geyser Buying Guide (Best Electric Water Heater Buying Guide 2024) before buying the preferred Geyser!Best 25-litre Geysers to Buy in 2024

Best 25-litre Geysers to Buy in 2024

For working professionals who are wishing excessive supply of hot water to meet their bathing and kitchen requirements, storage geysers become apparent. This is especially true for those who prioritize bathing convenience in their daily routines. The need for 25-litre geysers is notable, as it caters to the consistent hot water storage capacity. Below we have listed the best 25-litre geysers to buy in 2024. Explore and purchase as noting the pros and cons

Crompton Solarium Qube IOT 25-litre Geyser

Crompton Solarium Qube IOT 25-litre Geyser | Alexa Enabled Controlled Geyser

If you want to experience exceptional convenience then consider Crompton's WiFi-enabled Solarium Qube Geyser for Effortless control the product from anywhere using the Crompton mobile app, and enjoy peaceful bathing time. This innovative water heater offers pre-set bathing modes and makes hot water control easy due to the Alexa and Google Assistant. Give simple voice instructions. Get benefit from a 7-year warranty on the tank, a 2-year warranty on the element, and an additional 2-year warranty on the overall product.

Crompton Solarium Qube IOT Geyser Price: Rs.13,499

Pros and Cons of the Crompton Solarium Qube IOT 25-litre Geyser


Easy access due to the Alexa and Google Assistant

Inlet and outlet pipes provided

Features pre-attached 3 pin plug


Holds water for less duration.

Can consume time to heat water at full setting. 

Orient Electric Evoke 25-litre Geyser

Orient Electric Evoke 25-litre Geyser | Premium Orient 25-litre Geyser

When searching for the best 25-litre geysers to buy, many people not only consider specifications but also give attention to the aesthetics for a beautiful bathroom. The Orient Electric Evoke, similar to Havells Carlo Instant Geyser, enhances water flow by 20% with whirlflow technology. The temperature control knob is user-friendly, allowing easy adjustment for both adults and children. The 25-litre capacity makes it ideal for a relaxing hot water bath in your bathtub. For a geyser that combines convenience and design, choose the Orient 25-litre geyser and upgrade your bathing experience.

Orient Electric Evoke Geyser Price: Rs.9,182

Pros and Cons of Orient Electric Evoke 25-litre Geyser


40% longer tank lifespan

Mostly suitable for high-rise apartments


No cons

Bajaj Calenta 25-litre Geyser

Bajaj Calenta 25-litre Geyser | With Dura Ace Tank

Bajaj brand crafts high-quality geysers, and the Bajaj Calenta Geyser is no exception. With a huge 25-litre storage capacity, it's ideal for large families. Boasting 2000 Watts wattage and an 8-bar pressure rating, this geyser ensures efficient performance. The inner tank, made of mild steel with a glass-lined coating, meets extreme hot water needs, while the outer body is crafted from injection-molded ABS for durability. You can enjoy long-lasting convenience with a 7-year warranty on the tank, offering temperature selection and advanced technologies.

Bajaj Calenta 25-litre Geyser Price: 10,999

Pros and Cons of the Bajaj Calenta 25-litre Geyser


Easy accessible for each family member

Energy efficient

Water resistant geyser


No cons

List of the Best 25-litre Geysers to Buy in 2024

Geysers are the kind of appliances that people often consider to buy once, and expects them to last for many years. That's why we've compiled a list of 25-litre geysers that you can explore and consider buying in 2024.

Geyser Name

Geyser Type

Geyser Price

Crompton Arno Neo 25-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Havells Troica 25-Litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Racold ETERNO PRO 25-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


Havells Adonia Spin 25-Litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


V-Guard Calino 25-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


VENUS Audra 25-litre Geyser

Storage Geyser


This was all about the best geysers to buy in 2024. If you are looking for gas geysers, solar geysers, electrics geysers, kitchen geysers, portable geysers or more then stay up-to-date with the Desdime’s discussion section and enjoy the latest information on buying guides, comparison, and more.

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1. 1. Which brand of geyser is best in India?

Racold, Havells, Bajaj, Orient, and other geyser brands are considered to be the best in India.

2. 2. Which is better 15 Litre or 25 Litre geyser?

Choosing the right geyser family size, hot water usage pattern, and the type of geyser you're considering.

3. 3. Which company geyser is best in 25 Litre?

If you're looking for the best 25-litre geyser then Racold, Haier, and Havells are all excellent brands to consider.

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