Top Mattress Brands in India & Their Best Mattresses 2024

Looking to find the best mattress brand in India for 2024? Here’s our ultimate guide to help you find the best mattress for yourself from the top mattress brand in India. Compare mattress brands & choose for yourself

by Vrushali.S Updated: 04 Jun, 2024, 01:16 IST
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There are a ton of mattress brands in India, which one of them is the best to choose in 2024? We did the hard work of finding that for you, and here’s our ultimate list of the best mattress brands in India that we have selected after reading multiple reviews and conducting our deep research on each of these brands as well as their mattresses. Buying a mattress is not a small investment, be it financially or health-wise. We understand it and we know you care about your money and health too, so be sure to read this thread completely before choosing to buy a mattress online or offline.

Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India

Mattress Brands Comparison 2024 (Wakefit vs Sleepwell vs SleepX vs SleepyCat vs Duroflex vs Sunday vs The Sleep Company vs Kurlon)

Mattress Brand

Mattress Quality


Purity of Materials

Trial Period







2 years to 10 years






7 to 10 years warranty






3 years to 15 years






10 years warranty






2 years to 10 years






2 Years to 10 years






12 years to 20 years

The Sleep Company




No (on ordering from Amazon / Flipkart)

10 years to 12 years

1. Sunday Mattress: Number #1 Best Mattress Brand in India

    Sunday Mattresses is currently the number one mattress brand in India and it is so for several reasons.

    Why have we chosen Sunday as the best mattress brand in India?

    1. They do not compress their mattresses, unlike most other brands. This gives your mattress an extra 30% of life

    2. Mattresses are made from certified materials that adhere to European Standards & Certifications

    3. Mattress fabrics that are globally certified for purity such as GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) with Latex imported from Belgium

    4. The typical lifespan of Sunday mattresses is up to 12 years

    5. Their top covers are made from 100% cotton which resists allergies & provides asthma-free sleep

    6. Free Home Demo (applicable in Bangalore) click here for details

    7. 100 Days/Nights Free Trial Offer

    8. More affordable than other brands as Sunday Mattress is a web retailer brand with no middle-man

    These are some of the points that compelled us to select Sunday as the best mattress brand in India.

    Sunday Mattress: Number #1 Best Mattress Brand in India

    Is Sunday Mattress a Trusted Brand?

    Sunday Mattress being a web retailer does not have an online presence on other e-commerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart, and nor does an offline presence, except in Bangalore. This itself reduces the brand visibility. However, the brand says that they prefer to spend where it matters, namely raw materials, logistics, customer care, and designing and manufacturing which is why they do not have any middlemen and can afford to make their mattresses available at more reasonable prices as compared to competitors.

    Sunday Latex Mattress Review

    Sunday Mattress provides its customers with several risk-free payment options to purchase mattresses such as Try & Pay in Bangalore, Free Home Demo (Bangalore), Cash on Delivery, and Card on Delivery (the staff carries a POS machine). You can even pay through the website if you wish to. Also, shipping is free in most cities in India.

    Apart from these reliable payment options, the brand’s top-notch standards for quality & purity make it a trust-worthy mattress brand in India. If you are looking to shop for the best mattress in India, Sunday Mattress is a brand you must consider.

    Best Sunday Mattress in India 2024

    The best Sunday Mattress at present is the Sunday Latex Plus Mattress which is a 100% pure, natural latex mattress with 5-zone pressure points relief technology. The Sunday Plus Mattress is made from 2 inches of 65D Latex foam which provides an adequate amount of bounce, softness, and cushioning, and a 6 inches 70D Latex Foam which provides adequate firmness to the mattress. Given the 100% pure, high-quality latex material used with 5-Zone technology and orthopedic support, all at such a low price, this is clearly the best mattress in India that can work well for young as well as adult age groups and light as well as overweight people.

    Sunday Latex Plus Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

    Pros of Sunday Latex Plus Mattress:

    • Comes uncompressed which guarantees longer mattress life

    • 100% Pure, natural latex mattress

    • Euro-Latex Eco Standard certified ensuring there are no harmful materials in your mattress such as Heavy metals, Nitrosamines, Pesticides, Solvents, or Volatile organic components

    • LGA Certified ensuring the mattress can withstand rigorous domestic usage

    • Orthopaedic support with its 5-Zone technology

    • Good motion isolation

    • Suitable even for severely over-weight (140 kgs) people

    • 100% Organic top cover to keep your mattress free from allergens

    • Cheaper as compared to other pure latex mattresses from brands like MorningOwl & Springtek

    Cons of Sunday Latex Plus Mattress

    • Limited sizes are available on the website. Though you can custom order your mattress size by contacting their customer service.

    • Limited options in mattress thickness. Only an 8-inch mattress thickness option is available.

    • Natural latex mattress emits some odour for a few initial days which some people may find uncomfortable.

    💡Expert Tip:
    Before buying a mattress, know your weight and your partner’s weight who you may be sharing your mattress with. Always know what weight your mattress supports to avoid problems like sagging, or finding a mattress “too firm” or “too soft”

    To understand this better, read our Mattress Buying Guide that covers A to Z of all that you need to know before purchasing a mattress

    2. Sleepwell Mattress: Best Mattress Brand in India

    Sleepwell is another top mattress brand in India and it comes under the same parent company as SleepX, that is, Sheela Foam Pvt Ltd. Sleepwell Mattress brand in India is around 50 years old brand and it is one of the few mattress companies to be profitable annually. Customers can find ultra luxury mattresses on Sleepwell such as the Spintech Air Luxury Mattress to a more affordable range such as Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled PU Foam Mattress. The mattresses on Sleepwell start at approx Rs.4000 and goes up to Rs.1 Lakh. Also, Sleepwell mattresses come with certain patent technologies such as Neem Freshche, Quiltech Foam, Sleepwell Nexa Foam, Impression Foam (responsive memory foam) & more, thanks to the brand’s R&D innovations.

    Sleepwell Best Mattress Brand in India

    Why Sleepwell is a trusted mattress brand in India?

    Apart from Sleepwell’s high-quality mattresses, 100-day trial period, 5 to 15 years warranty period, and 4000+ exclusive Sleepwell retail outlets in the country, the brand is among the few profitable mattress companies in India suggesting it to be a trusted mattress brand to consider.

    Sleepwell Mattress Warranty Details

    The Sleepwell Mattress warranty can be availed if the mattress is shopped via a registered online retailer like TataCliq, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Pepperfry, SleepX, Urban Ladder, or the Sleepwell website. You can check out the Sleepwell warranty details here.

    Best Sleepwell Mattress in India 2024

    Out of the 28 mattress models, we found the top 3 Sleepwell mattresses in India to be the Sleepwell Air Mattress, Sleepwell Air Luxury Mattress, and Sleepwell Durafirm 4.0 Mattress. The Sleepwell Air range mattress costs twice as much as the Sleepwell Durafirm mattress as they are more directed towards luxury. However, our suggestion would be to choose the Sleepwell Durafirm 4.0 mattress if luxury isn’t on your priority list and you need the best value-for-money mattress from Sleepwell.

    Sleepwell Air Luxury Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

    To speak of the best Sleepwell mattress in India for 2024, it has to be the Sleepwell Air Luxury Mattress. However, it too has some cons that you must consider.

    Pros of Sleepwell Air Luxury Mattress:

    1. Plush top with medium softness that provides luxurious comfort

    2. The 2nd layer consists of a recovery memory foam that adapts to the contours of your body

    3. The open-cell structure maintains airflow keeping heating issues away

    4. Made from 6 foam layers to provide enhanced firmness and spinal adaptation

    5. Rebonded foam and the antimicrobial

    6. Good for all age groups

    Cons of Sleepwell Air Luxury Mattress:

    1. Only comes with a warranty of 7 years at this price

    2. Price seems too expensive if compared to even a pure latex mattress which can come with a 12-15 years warranty

    3. May not be the best for people with lower back pain as the mattress is medium soft which may cause more harm than goodShop Sleepwell Air Luxury Mattress!

    Sleepwell Coupons & Offers

    💡Expert Tip:
    Buying a Mattress is an investment that can range anywhere from Rs.5000 to 2 Lakhs or above. While companies claim to provide a 7-year, 10-year or even 20-year warranty, you want to make sure you are investing in a mattress brand that is profitable enough to sustain that long, right?
    Some Mattress Companies & Their Profitability as of 2024 (January)
    1. Sleepwell (profitable)
    2. Sunday (profitable - as per reports)
    3. The Sleep Company (possible to turn profitable this year)
    4. Springfit (looking into expansion as well as aims to double its turnover by the end of FY23. Profit/loss statement unavailable)
    5. Kurlon (declining market share & EBITA + loss (at present date))
    6. Wakefit (2.8X Loss reported in the year 2022)

    3. SleepX Mattress - Best Mattress Brand in India

    SleepX Mattresses is another best mattress brand in India. The e-commerce brand SleepX along with Sleepwell is owned by the parent company, Sheela Foam Ltd, founded by Mrs. Sheela Gautam who was also an Indian billionaire and politician. We are pretty sure you didn’t know about this, did you? Sleepwell and SleepX, are among the top 5 mattress brands in India currently and both of these brands though may be owned by the same parent company, but they both have varying mattress portfolios. SleepX offers you limited but affordable, high-quality orthopaedic mattress options while Sleepwell offers you more options in terms of materials as well as firmness levels.

    SleepX - Best Mattress Brand India

    Why SleepX is a trusted mattress brand in India?

    Owned by a decades-old mattress foam company, Sheela Foam Limited, the SleepX Mattress has 50 years of trust in it and hence is a reputed mattress brand in India that also comes with a 100 days trial period offer on its mattresses.

    SleepX Mattress Warranty Details

    SleepX mattresses come with a 10-year warranty and warranty as well as a 100 days trial period that promises to pay back a 100% refund in case you do not like the mattress you bought (and the mattress is not damaged in manner, of course). You can check the SleepX Warranty details here. However, after reading tons of reviews, we found that the customer care support of SleepX at times may not be on par with standards set by other brands.

    Best SleepX Mattress in India 2024

    When it comes to choosing the best SleepX Mattress in India, there are two names that you’d find in almost every expert mattress reviewer’s recommendation. These are SleepX Dual Mattress (Medium Soft & Hard) and SleepX Ortho Plus Memory Foam Mattress. It is quite difficult to tell which of these two is the best mattress to choose as both of these come with certain pros and cons. The SleepX Dual Mattress is ideal for those who want to experience different mattress firmness levels as per their sleeping needs and comfort. While the SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress is ideal for those who have back pain, blood circulation health problems, or are looking for an Orthopaedic mattress to sleep on.

    SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

    Our recommendation after watching and reading several reviews of both, the SleepX Dual Mattress and the SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress would be

    To choose the SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress if:
    • You have back pain - The medium firmness by the HD foam and the HR foam with memory foam quilt on top in the SleepX Ortho Plus mattress acts great to provide your back the needed support with some softness for comfort.

    • You weigh less than 80 Kg approx - For people weighing more than 80 Kg, are overweight or obese, a mattress made from slightly more high-density foams like Bonded foam with a bouncy foam layer or structure like the innerspring mattress is less likely to sink in with your body, avoiding the risk of increasing back pain.

    • You live in pretty airy conditions - As the memory foam in the SleepX Ortho Plus mattress can emit heat

    • You are a back sleeper or stomach sleeper - The memory foam in the SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress is provided in the form of the quilt and not a foam layer as such which reduces its cushioning, and ultra-softness quality. While this acts good for those who sleep on their back or are stomach sleepers as it provides them with a medium-firm mattress that is not too soft. But for side sleepers, a firm mattress doesn’t provide enough contour and support to the body.

    The SleepX Dual Mattress is also a good option to consider if you want to experience the best of both worlds, soft and hard mattress feel. However, if you have back pain issues, it is generally recommended to go with an orthopedic mattress. The SleepX Ortho Plus Mattress is one of the best mattresses in India under a 10000 rupees budget.

    See SleepX Coupon Codes and Offers

    💡Expert Tip:
    If you are purchasing a mattress offline, be sure to check the feel of the mattress by both, sitting and sleeping on it. Also, for example, when you sleep on a mattress, do not just get up in 5 seconds. Certain foams like Memory foam are slow in responsiveness and take a few more seconds to fully reflect their effect.

    4. Sleepycat - Best Mattress Brand in India

    Sleepycat mattress brand in India is easily among the best mattress brands in India in 2024. The brand has some trade-marked technology such as CoolTec and a wide range of mattresses for different needs. The Sleepycat’s Ultima Mattress is considered one of the best mattresses in India. Sleepycat also says that they were the first brand to bring mattresses in a box concept to India. Established in 2017, Sleepycat has made a name for itself in a very short span of time. The mattresses by Sleepycat walk the talk and deliver a superior level of comfort and quality.

    SleepyCat - Best Mattress Brand India

    Why Sleepycat is a trusted mattress brand in India?

    Sleepycat is a trusted mattress brand in India with investors like Saama Capital and Sharp Ventures. The brand’s revenue stands at approx INR 60 Crore currently and it also offers a 100-day free trial period offer.

    Sleepycat Mattress Warranty Details

    Generally, we get to see brands offering a 1 to 10 years warranty. However, Sleepycat offers a straight 10-year warranty on all its adult mattresses. You can check the Sleepycat warranty details here The customer care of Sleepycat is overall good and reliable as compared to some other brands like

    Best Sleepycat Mattress in India 2024

    One of the best mattresses in India 2024 is the Sleepycat Ultima 4-degree cooler memory foam mattress. While cooling and memory foam may at first sound like polar ends, the brand claims it to be the first cooling memory foam mattress with CoolTEC fabric. The first layer is made from Sleepycat’s trade-marked CoolTECH fabric followed by an open-cell memory foam layer, a high-density responsive foam, and a super high-density foam for stability. The materials used in the Sleepycat Ultima mattress are of high quality and it is designed to provide you a medium soft feel to give you dream comfortable sleep.

    Sleepycat Ultima Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

    Here’s why we consider the Sleepycat Ultima Mattress as the best mattress in India:

    Pros of Sleepycat Ultima Mattress

    • Memory foam helps spin alignment and blood circulation

    • Provides you cooling despite memory foam

    • 100 Nights free trial

    • Ideal for side sleepers and stomach sleepers

    • Zipper removable cover

    • Zero partner disturbance

    • Open-cell memory foam maintains airflow

    • 7-Zone support for the body

    Cons of Sleepycat Ultima Mattress

    • May not suit some back sleepers esp those who are overweight (above 70 Kgs approx)

    • No cash on delivery option

    • Only available in 8-inch or 10 inches

    Sleepycat Coupons & Offers

    5. Wakefit Mattress - Best Mattress Brand in India

    Wakefit Mattress is one of the best mattress brands in India established in the year 2016. The mattresses at Wakefit are made from raw materials imported from Europe & Middle Eastern manufacturers and the mattress brand has an ever-expanding portfolio that includes mattresses, pillows, bedframes, and mattress protectors, comforters, bedsheets, neck pillows, ergonomic chairs, and more. What’s greater is that the brand claims to provide a 100 days trial period too so you can shop for your favourite mattress worry-free!Wakefit - best mattress brand in India

    Why Wakefit is a trusted mattress brand in India?

    Backed by investors like Sequoia Capital India with over 70,000 sqft. factory area and having delivered 18 Lakh+ products, Wakefit is a trusted mattress brand in India.

    Wakefit Mattress Warranty Details

    Wakefit Mattresses are backed by a 3 years to 15 years warranty depending on the type of mattress. Customers can claim the warranty and get a new mattress in return based on the terms mentioned here which you must read if you are planning to purchase a Wakeftit mattress. Talking about the customer care service of Wakefit, it is overall good and reliable.

    Best Wakefit Mattress in India 2024

    One of the best mattresses in India is Wakefit’s 7 Zone Latex Mattress with Memory Foam. The mattress is designed to provide relief to 7 pressure points of the body as illustrated below. It is made of an eco-friendly latex material layer at the top, followed by a memory foam layer, a responsive support layer (soft foam), and a ResiPro foam base which is a high-density PU foam.

    Wakefit 7 Zone Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

    Pros of Wakefit 7 Zone Latex Mattress:
    • Latex mattresses under 15,000 rupees: Latex mattresses are among the costliest mattress materials and they are rightly so for their high quality and various health benefits. If you do not have a high budget, the Wakefit 7 Zone Latex Mattress is a good option to consider.

    • The ortho memory foam mattress layer in it helps relieve back pain

    • Comes with a 100 days trial period

    • Latex and memory foam layer combinations provide good motion isolation

    • The 7 Zone design structure of the mattress helps provide adequate support to the 7 pressure points of the body

    Cons of Wakefit 7 Zone Latex Mattress:
    • Possible heating issue: Latex helps keeps your mattress breathable and cooling. However, since the latex layer in the Wakefit Mattress isn't as thick and is followed by the memory foam which is known for generating heat, you may find some heating issues in this Wakefit 7 Zone Latex Mattress. However, if you have AC in your house and live in cool temperatures, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

    • Medium firmness but on the softer side: Even though the Wakefit 7 Zone latex mattress product page says it has medium firmness, some customers may find it to be on the softer side (which can cause back pain issues). So, before purchasing, ensure you are selecting the right thickness of the mattress as per your weight.

    If you are looking for a cheap, affordable mattress, Wakefit comes up as a good mattress brand to consider and the Wakefit 7-Zone Latex Mattress is definitely one of the best mattresses in India under 15000 budget.

    See Wakefit Coupon Codes, Offers

    💡Expert Tip:
    Most mattress companies have a strict warranty policy that allows them to dismiss a customer’s warranty if the mattress is not placed properly. For example, the edge of the mattress is out of the bed frame, or there’s something kept under the mattress. So, be sure to avoid doing those things and keep your mattress on a plain flat surface.

    6. The Sleep Company - Best Mattress Brand in India

    The Sleep Company is a name we are sure you must have come across at least once in your quest of finding that perfect mattress. With famous celebs like Anil Kapoor as its brand ambassador and backed by investors like Fireside Ventures and Alteria Capital, The Sleep Company has managed to flourish well in the Indian mattress market. The brand also spends a big chunk on its R&D as a result its popular patent technology Smart Grid is one of the biggest USPs of The Sleep Company mattresses. The revenue of The Sleep Company grew 4.8X in 2022 and the brand is expected to turn profitable this year. Mattresses from The Sleep Company start from Rs.11,925 and can go on up to Rs.75,000. While on a higher price side, The Sleep Company mattresses are one of the best mattresses in India in 2024.

    The Sleep Company - Best Mattress Brand in India

    Why The Sleep Company is a trusted mattress brand in India?

    The Sleep Company is a trusted mattress brand in India backed by investors like Alteria Capital, Premji Invest, and Fireside Ventures and with brand ambassadors like Anil Kapoor. Being one of the best mattress brands in India, The Sleep Company has also built an only-one-of-its-kind SmartGrid Patented technology. Needless to say, The Sleep Company is definitely a sleep expert and can be trusted for your sleep.

    The Sleep Company Mattress Warranty Details

    Wakefit Mattresses are backed by a 3 years to 15 years warranty depending on the type of mattress. Customers can claim the warranty and get a new mattress in return based on the terms mentioned here which you must read if you are planning to purchase a Wakeftit mattress. Talking about the customer care service of Wakefit, it is overall good and reliable.

    The Sleep Company Best Mattress in India 2024

    The Sleep Company has 2 ranges mainly, Ortho Range and Luxe Range and both of these ranges have limited mattresses available at present. There are several mattresses from The Sleep Company that we could consider the best. However, from a more value-for-money point of view, the best Sleep Company mattress under a budget price range would be the Smart Ortho Pro Mattress which costs about Rs.15,500 for a single bed (6-inch). I know that sounds super expensive for a single bed mattress and that too a non-latex one. However, there are some reasons why the Smart Ortho Pro Mattress from The Sleep Company is so expensive. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of it below.

    The Sleep Company Smartgrid Ortho Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

    Pros of The Sleep Company SmartGrid Ortho Pro Mattress:
    • Clinically proven to relieve back pain in 2 weeks

    • Patented Japanese SmartGRID technology for comfort

    • AIHA-certified orthopedic mattress

    • 5-zone orthopedic support for ideal spine alignment

    • 2500+ air channels for breathability

    • The hypoallergenic and eco-friendly quilted cover

    • Anti-skid base prevents the mattress from sliding

    • Firm orthopedic feel great for back health

    • Comes with pocketed springs for bounce

    Cons of The Sleep Company SmartGrid Ortho Pro Mattress:
    • Orthodontic design may feel too hard for side sleepers

    • Motion transfer can be felt due to springs

    • Initial off-gassing may be felt

    • Not as cozy as SmartGrid Luxe

    • Not as soft so if you do not have back pain and weigh under 60Kg, you find this mattress a bit firm

    • 100 Days trial period is not available on ordering mattresses from Amazon or Flipkart

    Shop The Sleep Company SmartGrid Ortho Pro Mattress

    See The Sleep Company Coupon Codes, Offers

    💡Expert Tip:
    To increase the longevity of your mattress, it is recommended to rotate your mattress periodically to evenly distribute wear.

    7. Duroflex - Best Mattress Brand in India

      Duroflex was established in the year 1963 by a Kerala Engineer with just 3 Lakhs. Today Duroflex revenue is over INR 500 crore. The mattress brand in India offers a wide range of mattresses including coir, foam, latex, and more. The company claims that its Duropedic Range mattress is the only orthopedic-certified mattress in India. Duroflex is considered to be one of the best mattress brands in India for research-backed, technology-led back-friendly mattresses that are also endorsed by the National Health Academy. In addition to retail, the brand is one of the leading suppliers of mattresses, bed covers, and more to hospitality chains across India.

      Duroflex - Best Mattress Brand in India

      Why Duroflex is a trusted mattress brand in India?

      Duroflex is a trusted mattress brand in India as the mattresses by Duroflex are ISO & orthopedic certified as well as go through 10+ quality checks before reaching your door. As a mattress brand in India, Duroflex has gained over 50 years of trust.

      Duroflex Mattress Warranty Details

      Duroflex offers a warranty of 1 year to 10 years on its mattresses. However, the warranty customer care experience of Duroflex isn’t the best known. We would recommend you first go through the warranty terms here and then decide to purchase a Duroflex mattress.

      Best Duroflex Mattress in India 2024

      One of the best mattresses in India from Duroflex in 2024 is the Duroflex Back Magic Mattress which is doctor-recommended and comes with 5-Zone support for your body. The mattress is made from several foam layers starting with a PU Foam on top to provide that surface-level softness and comfort. The 2nd support layer is an orthopedic 5-Zone layer that helps evenly distribute weight as well as provide relief to different pressure points of your body. The remaining 6 layers are an alternate combination of high-density coir and HR Foam and rebonded foam. The coir provides breathability and softness and the HR foam as well as rebonded foam provides firmness and support.

      Duroflex Back Magic Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

      Pros of Duroflex Back Magic Mattress:

      • Bonded foam is proven to provide orthopedic benefits

      • The 5-Zone technology helps relieve different pressure points in a body

      • The coir present in the mattress keeps the mattress cool and breathable as well as adds softness

      • Good support for those who weigh less than 60 Kgs

      • Doctor-recommended mattress for back pain relief

      Cons of Duroflex Back Magic Mattress:

      • The coir present in the mattress sags over time and is more susceptible to insects and allergies

      • Feels more expensive than other good mattresses in this range

      • If you are looking to purchase a mattress that’d last for years, this may not be it

      • Not recommended if you have asthma or breathing problems

      💡Expert Tip:
      Avoid sitting for too long on the edge of your mattress as it can cause deformation which might give your mattress brand a chance to cancel your warranty for “not taking proper care of your mattress”

      8. Kurlon - Best Mattress Brand in India

        Moving on to our list of the best mattress brands in India, we have Kurlon. Kurlon is a 6-decades old mattress brand that is more popular in the budget mattress segment. Kurlon mattresses start from as low as approx 5000 and can go up to Rs.40,000 or above. The mattresses from Kurlon are known for their variety, affordability, and comfort. In addition, the long-standing presence of the brand and its popular coir mattresses range has made the brand a place for itself on our list of the best mattress brands in India in 2024. While Kurlon is definitely an old player in the market, it seems to be losing its market share pretty significantly lately. The lesser warranty provided by Kurlon is also a big disadvantage that can generate some concerns regarding quality and purity.

        Kurlon - Best Mattress Brand in India

        Why Kurlon is a trusted mattress brand in India?

        Kurlon mattresses may not be the best in terms of quality. However, the brand is trusted and has been in the market for over 60 years. As per the latest news, Sheela Foam Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Sleepwell will soon acquire Kurlon.

        Kurlon Mattress Warranty Details

        Kurlon Mattress offers a warranty of 2 to 5 years on most of its mattresses and for some, the warranty can go up to 10 years. Unlike other brands that offer a replacement, Kurlon offers a free replacement only for the 1st year of the warranty after which a rebate is deducted from the MRP (which increases as the age of the mattress increases). Be sure to read all the warranty details about the Kurlon mattress here

        Best Kurlon Mattress in India 2024

        One of the best Kurlon mattresses is the Kurlon Supernova Pocket Spring Memory Foam mattress for couples. The mattress comes with MSI technology to absorb motions and give you a peaceful sleep. The pocket springs in the mattress provide a bouncy feel and the memory foam layer adds cushioning and softness comfort. The High-Density foam on the other hand keeps the mattress firm enough to provide support to your back and spine. Pocket spring mattresses are generally more expensive as they are more durable.

        Duroflex Back Magic Mattress Review - Best Mattress in India

        Pros of Kurlon Supernova Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress:

        • Memory foam layer helps spine alignment and in blood circulation as well as adds comfort

        • The High-Density foam of it helps provide adequate firmness to support your back

        • Motion isolation

        • Pocket springs add bounce to the mattress

        • High GSM Fabric top cover which feels comfortable and luxurious

        • Sag-preventing side walls

        • Good for couples and young adults or kids

        Cons of Kurlon Supernova Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress:

        • May generate heat due to the memory foam

        • Spring mattresses are more susceptible to bugs and allergies

        • Only 5 years of warranty

        So, this was all about sharing the best mattress brands in India for 2024. While brands like Wakefit, and Kurlon may seem to be most popular on online e-commerce platforms, underrated mattress brands like Sunday or Sleepwell can be a good (or even better) choice to consider for certain kinds of mattresses. Peps and Springfit are also some worth mattress brands to consider for their quality and wide range of mattresses.

        Buying a mattress is not a small investment for any of us. Not just in monetary terms but also for our health since it is our mattress on which we spend the most time sleeping or perhaps day-time for some people. Buying a low-quality mattress can hamper your health, and backache, and may even give breathing problems. Hence, be sure to select the best mattress for yourself that perfectly suits your body's needs.

        Do share with us your experience with your mattress brand, please. It would help out others to form their decision.

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        Been using Sunday Latex one since 6 years, of this 1.5 years did not use during Covid. It is quite heavy to turn which we have to do every 3 months. Would not say the best, but it is a good mattress. I was using spring one from Damro for few years before this which was much much cheaper at 15k compared to 50k of Sunday both when I bought. The main reason I wanted to change Damro one was motion isolation which Sunday delivers as promised. Other things are almost same as top is organic cotton etc. and Damro being spring is bouncy(Kids love to jump on this). I searched quite a bit before finalizing on Sunday and everything with these features was definitely costlier some even upto 1.2L with both spring and latex(brand is Dreams something and the shop was in IRR in Bangalore). But, I do observe Sunday Latex one's edges have sunk a bit compared to the center. On the other hand, Damro one is almost in same shape since I bought even with a bit rough usage by kids. Kids use it but I don't see any problems when I use it occasionally. Would I buy Sunday one again? May be or may be not. I'll definitely have to search again when the time comes.

        Review Expert Review Expert
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        Yes, the Sunday Latex mattress would be heavy since it is made from pure latex and the price comparison between Damro mattress and Sunday is pretty evident but it is so because of one big reason and that is the material difference between the both. 

        Sunday mattress is made from pure certified latex which is super expensive to produce and is much lesser harmful to health & has a longer life as compared to PU Foam mattress which Damro would be made of (assuming - not sure which model you bought) 

        You mentioned your Sunday latest mattress has sunk a bit on the edges, which to me feels a bit unlikely to happen naturally. Maybe people may be sitting on the edge of the mattress (for longer durations of time)? and since sitting puts all the weight at one single area of a mattress, it can cause it to sink a bit

        and lastly yes Sunday like any other mattress brand may or may not be best for all. Someone may find Wakefit to be the best for their budget and needs while some like you may find Sunday mattresses good or Damro the end, it does depend on one's preference and what they are looking for. 

        In this article, we have only tried to help share all that we know about mattress brands to help make this tough decision a bit easier for people like you, me or anyone who may be looking to purchase a mattress or want to in the future. 

        Thanks so much for sharing your experience in such detail. Much appreciated. 
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        Using 2 Sleepwell mattress. 1 since more than 10 years & 2nd since 6 years. No complaint till now. 1st one now fills like foam have become softer but can be understandable after using 13+ years. Now planning to buy 1 more, may be again go with Sleepwell. Very detailed article plus1
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        Hi @drjpatwa yes sleepwell mattresses are some of the best one's. Thanks a lot for sharing your review of the brand. Would highly appreciate if you could share the product link here. 
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        Hi @Vrushali.S you seems to have a lot of knowledge of the mattress.

        I actually ordered two mattress for myself but after checking few online reviews, I cancelled it thinking I need to research more. Online reviews says sleepwell mattress in budget should be ideal for 60-70kgs otherwise it gets soft in an year so I cancelled the below order just now. Can you please recommend any good models with Amazon link, need 2 single bed mattress for custom my double bed and budget is upto 15k, can extend to 20k if it's a deal breaker. Please advice.


        This was the review who said this is ideal for kids :


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        Hi @Faug I do have some know-how of mattresses after reading and watching a ton of content and even videos (from Furnishing Bro YT channel too) But, definitely not an expert. So please take my recommendations as only suggestions.

        1. If you need a good single-bed mattress under 10K or even a double-bed mattress under 10K, we have an article coming up tomorrow. Will tag you to it once it is out. It should give some answers because in that article I have also detailed comparison of different single-bed / double-bed mattresses under or around 10K price range.

        But, if 15K - 20K is your budget, then for a single-bed I would recommend going with Sunday Ortho Latex 4 Mattress It is made from an open-cell latex layer on top followed by memory foam and an HR Foam. Also with Sunday, you get uncompressed mattresses which no other brand offers as mentioned in the article and there's a cash on delivery and card-on-delivery option available too. For idea of the look & feel of the mattress, you can have a look at this:
        on Youtube. 

        But there's a problem it isn't available on Amazon or any other online retailer since they are web retailers.

        If you only wish to go ahead with Amazon, I would suggest you to reconsider it because most mattress brands only offer their 100 days trial period on their official website and some even have lesser warranty valid for purchases made from Amazon, etc. 

        But if you still want to go for a mattress from Amazon, please let me know some more details such as an approx weight range of people going to be sleeping upon it(lightweight, overweight, etc) type of sleeper (back, stomach, side), and any back pain or body pain issue? and possible age groups like kids, young adults (up to 30), over 30 years or old-age parents

        will try to find and suggest the best possible mattress for you in 15K or 20K

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        Thanks for detailed review, I’m still contemplating between ortho royale and Sunday full latex. Being on heavier side and back problems I’m unable to decide will you be able to help out in this?

        Both have some kind of latex in them.


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        Hey there, i am sorry for the late reply. Somehow I missed seeing this comment amidst others. Kindly excuse my oversight. 

        If I was in your place, I would rather go with Sunday latest plus 4 mattress which is 100% pure latex (certified) than going with The Sleep Company's ortho royale which only has a 2 inch latex layer on top (rest is made from other foam materials) 

        pls check this screenshot of the sleepy company ortho royale mattress inside layers to better understand 


        Only the top 2 inch layer is latex, rest are other foams..thus, it doesn't feel as durable to me (for a healtheir/heavier weight individual)

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        Hi @Vrushali.S, Can you add Emma mattress as well ? How is it in comparison to rest

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