8 Best Smart TVs in India with Smart TV Buying Guide 2022

Checkout the 8 Best Smart TVs in India in 2022 and also get to know important points to consider when purchasing with the Smart TV Buying Guide

by FighterMan Updated: 15 Nov, 2022, 11:51 IST
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Smart TVs have evolved a lot today with new OLED panels, 8K resolutions, Rollable screens, and much more. Therefore, we have got a detailed Smart TV Buying Guide for you. Moreover, we have got the Top 8 Best Smart TVs in India in 2022 currently.


We asked our users for Smart TV Recommendations and got some great views from them. I have highlighted some of them here.

  • Bumblefoot says “LG rollable I think isn't available yet for purchase in India (or maybe I am not aware). Z1/G1 should be a good bet”.

  • jinviz174 says “Let me put in sequence from high to low quality QD OLED > OLED > QLED > NANOCELL> LED (Full HD1080p ) > HD Ready (720P)”.

  • Premindia87 says “My recommendation. If your budget is near 1 lakh Definitely go for LG CX or C9 series OLED. A better deal is Bx Series was on for 86k in the last sale with Flipkart axis card. If your budget is around 60 to 70k then Get a Samsung frame 55 inches 2020 edition. If your budget is 50 to 60k. This is the best anyone can get. High spec mostly reviews any International reviewers. Most Indian reviewers don't even know how much capable this tv is for such a low budget. Its HI sense qled full array led for 55k”.

  • racy.rahul says “My VU LED TV had some display issues after 3 yrs of use. And the service centre says that the display panel has to be replaced, and can't be repaired. Although I am not sure if this is the case with other LED TVs as well, I definitely wouldn’t recommend VU TV. My Sony LCD TV purchased in 2009 is still going strong!

To check out the entire discussion visit the Need Best Smart TV Recommendations thread.

Best Smart TVs in India in 2022

Check out the list of Best Smart TVs in India in 2022 based on our users voting of a total of 178 votes as of 28th Jan 2022, 10:05.


Smart TV

No of Votes


Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K 55-inch Smart TV



LG Signature OLED R 65-inch Class Rollable 4K Smart TV AI ThinQ



Samsung 65-inch QN700A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV



Mi TV 4X 50-inch



Realme Smart TV 32-inch



Vu 75-inch Premium QLED TV 4K



OnePlus TV Q1 Series 55-inch Q1 Pro



Haier 43-inch Bezel-less Android TV Smart AI Plus


Smart TV Buying Guide India 2022

Now, let’s get into the Smart TV Buying Guide in India for 2022 after which we will again have a look at some of the Best Smart TVs.

TV Screen Size

It is always great to have a big sized TV for better viewing and bigger pictures. The bigger the size, the more should be the resolution. For TVs greater than 75-inch in size, it is recommended to go for 4K or 8K resolution.

Watching Distance (in feet)

TV Screen Size




HD Ready



HD Ready


40-43 inch

Full HD



Full HD



Full HD or 4K

15 or above

65-inch or above

4K or 8K

4K Smart TV

A 4K Smart TV comes in 4K resolution i.e. 3840x2160. Thus, you get 8.3M pixels for awesome clarity, detailing, and an immersive experience. Just like in a Youtube video the video quality is 1080p, in a 4K TV it is 2160p or higher so you can imagine the level of difference.

4K content is also available in TV channels and OTT such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are also 4K smartphones and cameras available. Thus, a 4K TV is suitable for these types of 4K content.

TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and others have a 4K upscaling technology that transforms a regular picture into a 4K-like one. However, the quality may differ based on different companies' technologies. 4K is a type of UHD (Ultra HD) quality.

8K Smart TV

8K TVs are the latest technological advancements in the UHD type. It brings in magical 33M pixels for an unmatched viewing experience. It contains 117 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) while the 4K TV has 59 PPI and FHD (full HD) has 29 PPI.

8K TVs also come with an upscaling feature to convert normal pictures into 8K-like ones. Some of them also have 8K AI upscaling which uses artificial intelligence to perform better conversions. No doubt, 8K televisions are the best to date in India.

Content Recommendations

Many smart TVs provide Content Recommendations that help you find your best-suited content at your fingertips. This is helpful as today there is so much content available that you might get confused about what to watch and whatnot. Also, it helps in a quick search.

Voice Control

Look out for the voice control feature in a smart TV. It helps in searching for content and controlling your TV with just your voice commands. You must be familiar with the popular Alexa which is a voice control system developed by Amazon. It is being used in Amazon’s FireTV Stick device. With voice control, you can manage settings, turn volume up/down, change channels, search the internet, and much more.

Smart Device Connectivity

Just like a smart TV, there are many smart devices available. What’s great is that you can control all of them with your TV or TV mobile app. This helps manage your IoT devices conveniently and effectively while binging on your favourite TV shows.


An HDR (high dynamic range) TV brings pictures to life. It manages very dark and very light-coloured pictures in a balanced manner to bring out the best quality pictures. For instance, a sunrise scene or dark cave scene are well pictured in an HDR TV rather than an SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) TV.

There are 2 HDR standards to look out for in HDR10 and HDR10+. HDR10+ is better because it uses dynamic metadata to produce better quality images. There is also various HDR content available along with 4K resolution.

Thus, choose an HDR TV that has HDR10+, 1000 nits or above brightness, local dimming (for real blacks), and 100% colour volume.

Gaming Smart TV

A smart tv can also work as a gaming tv. A smart gaming TV enhances the picture and sound quality for giving a rich gaming experience. It should have low input lag for quick response time so that your gaming commands are performed instantly. This is helpful while playing sports, action, and FPS games. There is also a Game Mode here for better gaming performance.

Smart Remote

A smart remote includes only necessary buttons, unlike the traditional ones which included a whole lot more. You can voice control, navigate quickly, perform quick operations, and do much more with a smart remote. It also includes hotkeys for popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Smart remotes also may come with motion sensors for using it as a computer mouse and playing games.

A smart remote also acts as a universal remote so you can control all devices connected to your TV with a single remote. Many tv brands have got remotes in the smartphone itself via the app. Thus, you can switch on/off the tv, turn volume up/down, change channels, manage settings, and more from your mobile itself.

Display Type

LED TVs are edge-lit or generate light from back-lit LEDs. These are the budget popular smart TVs today in India. One major drawback here is that during a dark environment, the display works poorly.

For an LED tv make sure that you have an IPS display for higher viewing angles so that more people in a room can view simultaneously. You can get a 32-inch smart LED TV for around ₹15k.


QLED TVs use LEDs with a quantum dot panel. Here, brightness is great in any lighting condition. Moreover, it has superb colors with perfect whites. Also, the viewing angle here is large so you can view perfectly from any corner. These are costly so charges around ₹80k for a 55-inch smart QLED TV.


OLED TVs are the latest here. They use individually lit pixels i.e. every pixel acts as a light source here. Thus, it produces perfect black colours. Moreover, it excels in blur reduction. OLED TVs are the thinnest of them all. A 55-inch OLED TV will cost you somewhere around ₹1.5 lakh.

Operating System

Smart TVs come with either an AndroidTV OS, OS based on Android, or Brand OS. AndroidTV OS is provided by Google itself. It helps you get all the Google Play Store apps. Many companies have TVs with OS based on Android where they add their own interface and software. Finally, there is brand OS such as Samsung using their own Tizen OS and LG with their webOS.

Every OS will have its own interface and apps so go for the one which provides all your desired apps and a friendly & easy navigation interface. Amazon has their own FireTV OS which runs on their FireTV Sticks and keeps coming with regular updates.

RAM & Storage

Smart TVs come with different RAMs and storage spaces. Generally, smart tv with 2GB RAM and 8GB storage is recommended, but for gaming, heavy apps, and high media storage you can opt for higher ones.


Today’s Smart TVs have a lot of connectivity options like USB, HDMI, audio ports, VGA, RCA port, ethernet, 3.5 mm audio out, and HDMI Arc. Also, there is Bluetooth and wifi connectivity available.


A tv with higher wattage produces a louder sound, but it is recommended to. Also, there are sound modes available for movies, sports, music, etc. The sound technology here can be Dolby Digital, DTS Premium, or Harman Kardon. All 3 are good.

Best Smart TVs in India (Highlights)
Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K 55-inch Smart TV


The Sony BRAVIA XR X90J smart TV is the world's 1st cognitive intelligence TV. You can know more about it only by experiencing it. It comes with XR Triluminos Pro color technology for bright, vivid, and immersive pictures.

  • 4K resolution with HDR

  • Full array LED

  • Cognitive Processor XR

  • Voice control

  • Gaming tv

  • XR contrast booster

  • 4K upscaling

  • Motion clarity

  • Acoustic multi-audio

  • Dolby Atmos with 3D surround sound upscaling

  • 360-degree spatial sound

  • Voice enhancer

  • Control other smart devices

  • Screen mirroring

  • Netflix calibrated mode | IMAX enhanced | Dolby Vision | Calman Ready


This is the best Sony Bravia smart tv to date in India. What makes it stand out is the Cognitive Processor XR which generates pictures and sounds best-suited for the watcher. It covers all the aspects of being the best smart tv.


It's smart remote contains too many buttons like the traditional remotes which makes it look old-fashioned.


₹1,13,990 on Amazon, Flipkart, Sony Center, Vijay Sales, Pai International, Lotus, and Tata Cliq

₹1,19,990 on Reliance Digital

LG Signature OLED R 65-inch Class Rollable 4K Smart TV AI ThinQ


The LG Signature OLED R is the world's first and only Rollable 4K Smart TV. It is well-known for its Perfect Black, Intense Color, Infinite Contrast. What’s amazing is its ultra-thin rollable screen which is dazzled by the self-lit OLED technology.

  • 4K Rollable OLED TV

  • α9 Gen 4 AI Processor 4K

  • AI Picture Pro/Sound Pro

  • Dolby Vision IQ & Dolby Atmos

  • webOS & ThinQ AI

  • Voice Control

  • HDR10 Pro

  • Smart Remote with Universal Control, Point, Click, Scroll, and Voice


If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime investment on a smart tv then this is it. Although being an ultra-premium smart tv, it follows the basic rules of picture and sound technology well.


Costs a bomb!


₹74,99,990 on LG

Samsung 65-inch QN700A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV


This is the only 8K smart tv currently available in India. Moreover, it uses AI to bring the best out of 8K with Neo Quantum Processor Lite 8K. The best part about this TV is that it reveals every hidden content so ultra-dark scenes can also be viewed with great finesse.

  • Quantum Matrix Technology Pro with Mini LED

  • Neo Quantum Processor Lite 8K with AI Upscaling

  • OTS+ (object tracking sound) & SpaceFit Sound

  • Infinity One Design (ultra-thin)

  • Quantum HDR 32x

  • Real 8K Resolution

  • 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot

  • Wide Viewing Angle

  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo for Gaming

  • Multi-View (split screens)

  • FreeSync Premium Pro

  • Multiple Voice Assistants

  • Content Guide


The Samsung 65-inch QN700A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV comes with a great design and effective smart remote. It keeps you hooked.


There are very limited user reviews out there so we will have to wait some time to get the proper verdict of this new 8K AI technology.

Mi TV 4X 50-inch


The Mi TV 4X is well known for its immersive viewing experience, thanks to balanced contrasted 4K HDR. The best part here is that you get regular UI, patch wall, and OS updates.

  • 4K HDR 10-bit display

  • Vivid Picture Engine

  • 20W speakers Dolby and DTS-HD

  • PatchWall with a massive catalogue of 4K content

  • Android TV and Google Assistant

  • Data Saver

  • 4K HDR TV

  • Intuitive Navigation


It comes with Chromecast in-built along with Google Assistant and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it includes a flagship-grade processor.


Hard to view during high daylight hours.

Therefore, make sure to check out these important points before purchasing a Smart TV. You can also opt for Smart Gadgets such as FireTVStick which can make a TV smart. There are many other TV brands available in Redmi, TCL, Panasonic, and more which are also good.  

FAQ's on Best Smart Tv in India
Q1. Which brand is best for Smart Tv in India?

Ans. Sony is the best Smart Tv brand in India. Apart from Sony people also love to buy big brands like LG, Samsung for Smart TVs.

Q2. Which is the Best Smart Tv in India in 2022?

Ans. Sony BRAVIA XR X90J 4K 55-inch Smart TV is the best smart tv to buy in 2022 according to DesiDime's survey.

Q3. Which type of smart Tv is best?

Ans. Nowadays people love to watch on the big screen so most prefer to buy 55 inch and full HD or 4K Smart TVs. 

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