Bicycle Buying Guide 2022 : For those looking to Buy the Best Bicycles in India

Are you looking to Buy the Best Bicycles in India. If yes then here’s a Bicycle Buying Guide which will help you in making a quick and informed decision.

by Floriya Updated: 12 Apr, 2022, 13:21 IST
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Cycles in today’s time have become necessary for many of us. Not only from a point of view of having a healthy lifestyle but also for easy transportation where travelling has become difficult. Also keeping many factors in mind such as hiked fuel prices and less accessibility to public transport. Due to these reasons, the demand for bicycles has increased in the last 2 years. We all look for a bicycle that is durable and perfect for all journeys and routes.

Due to high demands the shopkeeper may or may not be able to get you a bicycle according to your needs and you might end up getting a bicycle which may be regretful. So before purchasing, get your homework done right.

Things to Lookout for in a Bicycle

Quickly highlighting points to look for, while getting a Cycle.


Let's Start with the purpose of the bike first, while choosing a bicycle. Purpose will always play a vital role while looking for a correct bicycle that will serve you. Know your purpose whether you will need daily long or short distance commuting, racing, workout or for fun mountain rides etc.


Once you understand and know your purpose next is to check on budget. It can be very overwhelming to look at, but if you need a good bicycle with features, always keep your budget 10% to 12% flexible.


Since frames are the base of any bicycle it has to be correct to give a comfortable riding experience. Mainly there are 3 types of frames.

  1. Steel Frame - If you are beginner you can opt for it, its affordable at the same time its heavy is weight so for short distance commuting is easy with this type of frame
  2. Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy Frame - These frames are slightly more expensive than steel frames as they are more durable, light and are not corrosive as compared to steel frames.
  3. Carbon Frame - Cycles with this frame are generally very expensive because of its properties- Durability, Very light weight due to aerodynamic properties which is suitable for long races and for professional cyclists.

Height of Bicycle (Size of Frames)

Height plays an equally important role while buying a bicycle. Height of the bicycle will help you maintain proper posture and smooth handling. Also, Wrong Frame may Lead to Unwanted Joint Pain and Back pain, Hence Choose the correct frame according to your height. Following Chart may help you to choose the correct frame.'

Riders Height (ft in inches)

Frame Size

4’10”- 5’2”

13’ /14’

5’2” - 5’6”


5’6”- 5’10”


5’10”- 6’1”


6’1”- 6’4”


6’4”- 6’6”


Different Types of Geared Cycles : Bicycle Buying Guide India 2022

Cycles have different circular spike parts for different levels of speeds which are known as gears. There are 3 different types of gears mainly

Fixie or Fixed Gear Cycle

It has become quite popular in recent years, these types of gear are attached to the back wheel. Typically, it works on a ball bearing system that allows the wheel to spin without depending on the cog. Which means if you pedal forward the bicycle will move forward and if you pedal backward it will move back. It's good for Exercise too due to uniformity in speed, Long distance commute & can ride at Uphills too, it is cheaper so the idea of buying a fixie when budget is a concerned can be a good idea.

Single Speed Gear Cycle

Name itself suggests bicycles with these gears have single speed, good for workout and are budget friendly and need less maintenance. Major difference between fixie and single speed is that you need to pedal continuously to move and have control over it unlike fixie which allows you less control. Very common type good for short distance commute and exercise.

The Derailleur Gear Cycle

The derailleur helps change in gears by moving the chain from one sprocket to another. There are 2 derailleurs: one on the rear and other on the front. When the bike goes fastest (Highest Ratio), it is produced when the chain is on the biggest sprocket on the front and the smallest on the back. It can be 1 or 2 derailleurs. Best for racing and Long distance commute & on Terrain.

Components of Bikes (cassettes and chains) in Shimano and SRAM : Cycle Buying Guide India

Shimano is a very popular brand in the Bicycle Industry. It produces wheel gears, derailleurs, and brakes. Mostly the gears of shimano are the main components used in bicycles. Some of the recent components that are absolutely loved and choose are:-

1.  From 2009 - Digital Integrated Intelligence (Di2) electronic shifting

      Di2 was launched for Shimano’s Dura-Ace level group. It was the first commercially viable electronic shifter and derailleur system. Di2 made electronic shifting set the new standard. 

      2. From 2014 - XTR Di2

          Shimano brought its Di2 technology to mountain bikes with the XTR Di2 M9050 group, the first electronic mountain bike group. Very popular amongst the riders

          3.  From 2021 - Semi-wireless Di2 shifting

            Shimano introduces Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 with shift levers that are connected wirelessly with the derailleurs, which remain connected to each other with battery via wires.


            Another renowned company in the Bicycle industry. It gave a shifting solution for road bikes and gave riders access to shift in both directions using a single shifter paddle.

            1.  From 1987- Grip Shifter

              They started with Grip Shifter that were coiled around the handlebars. It is still seen in some MTB.

              2.  From 2015 - Red eTap

                eTap was SRAM’s first electronic road group and it set itself apart by being wireless unlike Shimano’s Di2 system .

                3.  From 2016 - 1x12 Eagle group

                  The first 12-speed mountain bike group. It expanded the capabilities of SRAM’s 1x11 groups with a wider 500% gear range.

                  4.  From 2019 - eTap AXS and Eagle AXS

                    SRAM continued the progression of its wireless electronic group with AXS. AXS introduced a new 12-speed road bike which was the first wireless electronic MTB.

                    Check out following table for better understanding before buying with respect to components. 


                    3 Main Types of Bicycles : Best Bicycle Buying Guide

                    Look at the Following 3 Main Types of Bicycles in India.

                    Mountain Bike
                    1. The name itself suggests that these types of bikes are generally used for mountain biking (off road) or climbing uphills or rough terrain.
                    2. These types of bicycles give high performance and durability, Only drawback I feel is that it is heavier and has a high maintenance cost.
                    3. Comes with full suspension and broad tyres compared to Road and Hybrid Bikes.
                    4. Very Common and gives good handling and control. Good for beginners.

                    Road Bike
                    1. Another name for Road Bikes is Racer Bicycle/bike.
                    2. It is used for long distance commuting or for racing due to its speed, it is fast and very light in weight and has very slim Tyre.
                    3. The is Sitting position is very aggressive- you need to push to the front.
                    4. Since it is fast, less power and effort are required.
                    5. Not recommended for beginners.CHECK OUT FOR ROAD BIKES
                    Hybrid Bikes
                    1. Hybrid Bikes are a fusion of Road Bikes & Mountain Bikes.
                    2. Such Bikes can be used for long distance commuting with comfort as it allows a relaxed sitting posture.
                    3. Commonly used for city to city commute or if you want go to job as it can be used in mixed terrain like Indian streets,
                    4. Tyre are slim but it is a little broader as compared to Road bikes.CHECK OUT FOR HYBRID BIKES
                    Some Quick Tips for Buying Best Cycles in India

                    Here are Some Quick Tips for Buying Best Cycles in India.

                    1. Look for threadless stem
                    2. 4 bolt stem
                    3. Replaceable Mech Hanger

                    You can check the 10 Best Gear Cycles for Men in India 2022. Also, Check a Few More.

                    These are some points to take into consideration while selecting a perfect Bicycle for you according to your budget and need taken into consideration. 

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                    We are so poor that we prefer cycle on rent but pay heavily on electric vehicles.

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                    Good Article Bro. Any advice on cycle servicing? How frequently we need to do and things to consider

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                    Thank you, about servicing- It is Totally dependent on how much you ride, but in general once in a month is fine.

                    Quick tip- For chain use Only Chain lube to Avoid metal-to-metal Grinding which ultimately leads strip your the chain.

                    You can find some here

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                    Where to buy Roadster Cycles in or around Mumbai ?
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                    Get online, you will get good offers and great discount. You can assemble yourself as it comes with 85 present assembled

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                    I ride ninety one trooper 700c, great bike for daily commuting and long rides

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                    I haven’t bought but heard from others that the experience is good.

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                    before buying a cycle, ask yourself if you really use it at all. the excitement is real in the beginning but later nope. you just regret your life choices. i have bought cosmic byte mountain bike a long time ago for really cheap price (Paytm days)! then i rode it for few days. i have realised that it is not for me and sold it 2 years later for profit 😛. i know. Paytm days again. but not everyone would be lucky like me. usually cycles in the used market are asked for insanely low prices. same people will not hesitate paying through their nose in fancy decathlon stores.

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