Christmas Sale 2022 India Offers & Deals!

Christmas Sale 2022 is around the corner. So, we decided to put together a list of all the top Christmas 2022 Offers and Deals in India from top brands like Amazon, Myntra, H&M, Lenskart & more.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 16 Dec, 2022, 11:38 IST
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Christmas 2022 Sale in India is in the air. December as we know is the last month of the year but it is also a time when many top stores launch their End of Season sales. Flipkart and Myntra both have their End of Season Sales live. But, there’s also one more sale that comes up during this time. It is the merry Christmas Sale! Below we have tried to mention all the expected Christmas 2022 offers in India and the top Christmas 2022 Sales you can expect from brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, JBL, Lenskart & more.

All the Christmas Sale 2022 India Offers and Deals that you need to know to shop during this Christmas

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The Christmas Sale 2022, the year-end exciting sale will soon be here once again. Christmas Sale in India 2022 will most likely be held on various different e-commerce retailers and brands. From Amazon Christmas Sale India, and Flipkart Christmas Sale to H&M Christmas Sale & more, there are a number of stores and brands that launches Christmas Sale offers and deals in India.

So far at the time of writing this article, major retailers have yet to announce Christmas Sale 2022 on their platforms. However, we have tried to look at the past data of the previous Christmas Sales to share with you some of the best expected Christmas Sale offers in India from Amazon, Flipkart, H&M, Lenskart, Zivame, Plum, JBL, Apple, Hamleys, Oziva, Hostgator & any other Christmas Sale that we come to know about.

Christmas Sale 2022 Dates India

Christmas 2022 India date

25th December 2022

Christmas Sale 2022 India dates (starting)

20th December 2022

Christmas Sale 2022 India dates (ending)

25th December 2022

Christmas 2022 in India will be as always celebrated on the 25th of December. Though there may be some places, where you’d find people celebrating the Christmas festival slightly earlier or longer as compared to others.

Christmas in India is among the most celebrated festivals. We see people celebrating it through midnight masses with family and friends, decoring their homes, sending gifts to friends and relatives, and visiting churches. Overall, the city lightens up with the twinkling Christmas lights, the high spirits of people, and their elated joy.

Christmas Sale in India may not be the biggest sale of the year but it does bring some exciting Christmas deals and offers. Note that the above-mentioned Christmas Sale dates may differ from store to store.

Amazon Christmas Sale 2022 India Offers & Deals (Live)

Amazon Christmas Sale India brings some of the coolest discounts on winter wear, electronics, books, stationery, and more. In the Amazon Christmas Sale India 2022, you can purchase Christmas Lights, Trees, & decor products at up to 70% OFF! The Amazon Christmas Sale in India is already live and offers some of the best Christmas deals across home decor, kitchen products, geysers, room heaters, and a lot more. Below we have mentioned all the best deals in the Amazon Christmas India sale 2022 that you can buy:

  • The Amazon Christmas Sale 2022 India date is from 12th December 2022 to 25th December 2022 and the sale is live!

  • Amazon Christmas Sale 2022 may offer a Christmas trees sale of up to 70% OFF along with other Christmas decors

  • Christmas cakes bakeware at up to 60% OFF during the Christmas sale on Amazon India

  • Amazon Christmas Sale India 2022 is also bringing the sports and fitness category at up to 50% OFF including badminton, kids' cycles & footballs

  • Unlike last year, this time Amazon India is not offering Gift cards & money transfers up to 50% OFF

  • Federal Bank offers a 10% instant discount on credit card transactions on a minimum Rs.5000 purchases during the Amazon India Christmas sale 2022

This year's Amazon India Christmas sale 2022 is not offering as exciting deals as the one that did last year. Last year, we saw the brand offering discounts on gift cards, smartphones, and even on fashion during its Christmas sale. This time in Amazon India Christmas Sale 2022, we however are still getting some good Christmas deals on home decor, Christmas decor, and kitchen products.

Flipkart Christmas Sale Offers 2022 (Expected)

Flipkart last year did not specifically launch its Christmas Sale. However, Flipkart did launch a few sales on electronics and fashion such as the Flipkart Grand Gadget Days sale, Flipkart Fashion Days sale, and Flipkart Smartphone of the Year-end Sale all of which were almost held during the same Christmas period. So, I think it's safe to say that even this year you can expect Flipkart to launch its Flipkart Christmas Sale 2022 or at least some Christmas-like deals & offers. Flipkart recently announced its Flipkart Big Savings Day sale from 16th December to 21st December

Below is a list of Flipkart Christmas Sale offers in 2022 that we can expect this year:

  • Flipkart Christmas Sale 2022 is to launch on 24th December expectedly and the sale may end on 29th December

  • You may see Flipkart Christmas Sale discounts and offers on India Ka Furniture Studio mattresses & wardrobe

  • Offers on Airpurifers in the Flipkart Christmas Sale may also be seen

  • Flipkart Christmas Sale may also offer Christmas deals on iPhone13 as it did for iPhone 12 mini last year

  • You can also expect to get 50-80% OFF on fashion brands like Puma & others

  • During the Flipkart Christmas sale, we may also see the brand offering 25 to 50% OFF on fragrances and deodorants

  • 10% Instant discount bank offers from either Federal Bank, PNB Bank or Axis Bank may also be available during the sale period

  • Flat 20% OFF on all Flipkart Flights may also be available similar to last year in the 2021 Flipkart Christmas Sale (Thanks to @mayavi for sharing the deal with us)

Myntra Christmas Sale 2022 Offers & Deals (expected)

Last year the Myntra End of Reason Sale was until 25th December and offered some of the best Christmas deals to shop. This year, since Myntra is ending its Myntra EORS sale or Myntra End of Reason Sale 2022 by 16th December, we are expecting the brand to launch a Christmas Sale. In the expected Myntra’s upcoming Christmas sale, we may get to see some EORS-like deals available on top international brands. Below we have tried to mention all you need to know about the Myntra Christmas Sale 2022:

  • Expect to get 50 to 80% OFF on fashion styles in the Myntra Christmas Sale 2022

  • Myntra Christmas 2022 Sale may start on 19th December 2022

  • We can expect to see brands like Mango, H&M, US Polo Assn, Puma, Adidas, Levis, Pepe Jeans, and Louis Philipe be on discount offers during the Myntra Christmas Sale 2022

  • New users get Rs.200 OFF on first orders offer may also be available in Myntra’s Christmas sale

  • We will be updating this column once we find more information. So be sure to come back to this article again.

Xiaomi Christmas Offers 2022 India (Live)

Xiaomi brings some of the best budget mobile phones packed with value-for-money features. The good news for Xiaomi fans is that the Chinese company also brings some exciting Christmas offers for its users in India. Recently, the brand launched its Xiaomi No 1 Fan Sale which brings some exciting rewards and prizes for those who participate. Below we have mentioned some of the notable Xiaomi Christmas Sale offers in 2022 in India that you must check out:

  • Xiaomi No 1 Fan Christmas Sale 2022 India started on 15th December

  • Share your fan story and get a chance to win your favorite product (Participate)

  • Up to 65% OFF on Xiaomi TVs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets

  • Spot Light Deals at 6 pm daily

  • Up to Rs.5000 discount on shopping in the Xiaomi Christmas Sale with ICICI bank cards

  • Flat 1000 OFF offers are valid for 1 hour at 12 PM during the Xiaomi Christmas India sale 2022

H&M India Christmas Sale Offers 2022 (expected)

One of the anticipated sales of the Christmas Season is the H&M India Christmas Sale 2022. H&M Christmas Sale in India may not be as happening as it is in foreign countries like US or UK. However, fashion lovers in India would definitely be looking forward to shopping in the H&M Christmas India Sal 2022. Below we have mentioned a couple of Christmas Sale offers that you can expect to see in this year’s Christmas H&M Sale 2022 India.

  • H&M India Christmas Sale 2022 will most likely start on 20th December and end on 25th December

  • Similar to H&M Black Friday Sale, we can expect the H&M Christmas Sale in India 2022 to offer up to 40% OFF on women’s and men’s clothing

  • An extra up to 15% OFF on everything can also be seen for H&M members

  • H&M Black Friday Sale in India was also live in offline stores of H&M. We can also expect something similar for the H&M India Christmas Sale 2022

Lenskart Christmas Sale 2022 Offers India (expected)

Christmas Sale in India is held across many popular stores. One such popular store that hosts the Christmas India sale is Lenskart. Lenskart last year launched its Lenskart Christmas Sale by the name of The Very Merry Sale and was offering some great offers such as free Lenskart Gold Membership, Buy 1 Get 1 Offers & more. This year too, we can expect to see something similar in the Lenskart Christmas Sale 2022.

  • Lenskart may offer 40 to 50% cashback during the Lenskart Christmas Sale also called, The Very Merry Sale

  • Lenskart Christmas Sale 2022 may go live from 20th December 2022

  • Expect to see Lenskart Cash offers on brands like John Jacobs, Vincent Chase, Lenskart Air & others

Zivame Christmas Sale 2022 Offers (expected)

Zivame is one of the top brands when it comes to buying inner wears for women. Last year Zivame launched its Zivame Christmas Sale with the best of its styles at up to 60% OFF. Those who are looking to purchase some top-quality inner wears and sportswear from Zivame can shop during the Zivame Christmas Sale 2022 to save on their shopping.

  • Expect the Zivame Christmas 2022 sale to start on date 23rd or 24th of December and end on the 25th of December 2022

  • We may also see Zivame offering up to 50% discount + free shipping during the Christmas Sale 2022 season

  • Last year we saw the brand offering 4 Styles for Rs.999 during the sale. So we can expect to see a similar Christmas deal

  • Expect to get 50 to 70% OFF on beauty and jewelry in the Zivame Christmas Sale 2022

Plum Christmas Sale 2022 Offers & Christmas Deals (expected)

Plum has emerged as one of the quality beauty brands in India that are popular for its serums and face packs. By shopping in the Plum Christmas Sale, you can get your beauty shopping done at a much-discounted price and even receive some freebies. Last year, Plum was offering freebies on select orders. This year's Christmas 2022 Sale in India, we can expect Plum to again offer something similar. Below are mentioned some of the notable Plum Beauty Christmas Sale offers that you can expect in the 2022 Christmas Sale.

  • Plum Christmas Sale also called Plum Very Mery Sale 2022 may offer up to 35 to 50% OFF

  • Plum Christmas Sale 2022 dates are not confirmed yet but we will be sure to update them here as soon as we receive any information

  • Freebies in the Plum Christmas 2022 sale may include Plum’s top-selling shower gel or a facewash

  • On shopping above a certain amount such as Rs.999, you would be eligible to receive a free Santa gift from Plum such as a shower gel, a facewash, etc.

JBL Christmas Sale 2022 India Offers (expected)

JBL, one of the top audio electronics companies in India and internationally also launches its own Christmas Sale in India. Last year, we saw JBL Christmas Sale in India offering up to 60% OFF on JBL speakers, headphones, and wireless devices. For this year’s Christmas India sale, we can expect something similar from the top audio brand, JBL. Below we have mentioned all the offers of the JBL India Christmas Sale 2022:

  • Expect the JBL Christmas Sale 2022 India date to be 21st December

  • You may also expect to get up to 50 to 60% OFF on your shopping in the JBL Christmas 2022 Sale in India

  • During the JBL Christmas 2022 sale, you would get to see discount offers on JBL Speakers, wireless headphones, earphones, and Bluetooth speakers including some new arrivals if we get lucky

Apple Christmas Sale 2022 India Offers & Deals

One of the most anticipated Christmas Sales of the year is the Apple Christmas Sale. However, the funny part is that the sale never comes (for the Indian audience). Apple does not offer an Apple Christmas Sale in India. However, worry not because we have tried our best to put together as many Apple Christmas deals (India) in this article as possible. So, if you are looking to shop some top-notch Apple products at discounted prices, be sure to check out the below-mentioned Apple Christmas Sale 2022 India offers & deals:

  • During this Christmas 2022 sale, you can expect to see iPhone 13 at about 10% discount on Amazon or Flipkart (exclusive of bank offers & exchange offers) like it was during this year’s Amazon Black Friday Sale

  • Another Christmas Apple deal that you can expect to see during this Christmas 2022 sale is the iPhone 12 to be priced somewhere between Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000. Currently, it is priced at around Rs.57,000. Though the chances of it happening aren’t as high. Our best bet would be Flipkart’s Christmas Sale.

  • We may also see Apple’s official resellers like Imagine Online apple store provide some discounts on Apple MacBooks, earbuds, and iPhones.

  • Latest update: Flipkart has announced its Big Savings Day sale 2022 and it is also going to bring some deals on Apple iPhones

Please know that Christmas Sales in India generally see very lesser deals on Apple iPhones, etc. But, we can still expect to receive at least one of the above-mentioned deals (if we get lucky). We will try to update our article as soon we come across one. So be sure to check back here again.

Hamleys Christmas Sale 2022 Offers & Deals India (Live)

Another popular Christmas Sale in India is Hamley's Christmas Sale. If you have children at home or if you are a parent, you may want to shop during the Hamleys Christmas Sale India 2022. Last year, we saw the Hamleys Christmas Sale offering a minimum of 25% OFF.

  • This time around Hamleys already has Christmas Sale Offers running the entire of December month.

  • Hamleys Christmas Sale in India offers flat 30-60% OFF (offer ended on 8th December. Though the deals are still live at the time of writing this article)

  • Hamleys Polar Express Toy Train offer through BookMyShow at an Early Bird price of Rs.299 till 16th December (Book Now)

  • Jio World Garden offers a fun-filled Extravaganza Family experience (22nd December to 1st Jan)

  • 10% Cashback on a minimum purchase of Rs.2500 using a Citi Bank card. There’s also a maximum Rs.4000 cashback offer available

Oziva Christmas Sale Offers 2022 India

The Oziva Christmas Sale which can also be called as Oziva Year-End Sale last year was launched on date 23rd December. The sale will likely bring Buy 1 Get 1 Offer like it did last year. We can also expect Oziva to end the Oziva Christmas Sale 2022 by 25th December. Below mentioned are all the offers and deals that you can expect in the upcoming Christmas 2022 sale of Oziva.

  • This year too, we can expect Oziva Christmas Sale 2022 to begin on date 23rd of December.

  • Expect to see up to 20% OFF + an Extra 21% OFF in the Oziva Christmas Sale 2022 like it was last year

  • Oziva launches its Oziva Year End sale around the same time so you may also get to see some Buy 1 Get 1 steal deals

  • Last year Oziva also made some new launches in its Year End Christmas Sale. This year too we can expect to do something similar. Though we can’t confirm this.

Dominos Christmas Offers 2022

Last year Dominos was presenting Dominos Christmas Party Coupon Codes during the Christmas season that offered users up to 30% OFF Dominos deals, free garlic bread, and more. The Dominos Christmas Coupon Codes were made live on the Dominos app and users could avail of any coupon code as per their terms and conditions. This year too we are expecting Dominos to come up with some enticing Christmas Offers to make our Christmas Celebrations even more fun. Below we have tried to mention some of the Dominos Christmas offers in 2022 that we can expect this season.

  • Dominos Christmas Offers & Coupon Codes 2022 may go live on the Dominos App from 20th December. Though this is not confirmed.

  • We may expect to get free garlic bread offers or free coke offers during the Dominos Christmas Offers 2022

  • A discount of up to 30% on select pizzas and up to 50% OFF on select orders may also be available like it was during the Black Friday Dominos Offers last year.

We will be updating this article as soon we find some more information. So do come back here after a while. Also, be sure to follow our Dominos Coupon Codes page to find the latest Domino’s deals and coupon codes.

Domino’s Coupon Codes & Offers

R for Rabbit Christmas Sale 2022

R for Rabbit is a baby products company that produces a diverse range of baby products such as strollers, gears, toys, baby car seats, baby-friendly spoons, and more. They currently have a Christmas Sale running in which you can shop for some great deals on baby products and infant care products. Below is a list of offers available in the R for Rabbit Christmas Sale 2022:

Hostgator Christmas Sale 2022 Offers

Hostgator last year was offering up to 65% OFF during its Hostgator Christmas Sale in India. While many web hosting companies had already launched some of their best deals on the Black Friday Sale, we can still expect a couple of web hosting, domain, or even VPN companies to launch some attractive Christmas deals. Below we have tried to mention all the Hostgator Christmas Sale 2022 India deals and offers that you can expect:

  • Expect to get up to 55% OFF on web hosting by shopping during the Hostgator Christmas 2022 sale in India

  • The Hostgator Christmas 2022 Sale in India may start on 23rd December 2022

  • You may also expect to get 40% OFF on cloud web hosting during the Christmas India Sale 2022 of Hostgator

So, these were all the Christmas 2022 Sale offers and Deals that we could share with you. Christmas Sale in India is much like Black Friday, it is not as known or popular. However, there are some stores that do bring some great Christmas deals that you should definitely not miss knowing. We will keep updating this article with any new Christmas Sale offers and deals we find or if we come across any new Christmas Sale dates for a particular store.

Which of these stores are you looking forward to shopping from during the Christmas Sale 2022 India? If I missed out on sharing any other cool Christmas deal, please do let me know in the comments below.

Happy Christmas month and happy Christmas shopping!:)

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Sale price on Mobiles Motorola can we expect
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I am sorry I can't say with full certainty @loaferg as Christmas sales in India usually have more fashion, and home decor offers. Amazon does offer some deals on laptops and electronics and Flipkart had a mini smartphone sale last year as far as I remember. So this year too we can expect to see at least some discounts on mobile phones but it won't be as high as it was around Big Billion or Black Friday etc. 

I hope this answered your question. If I come across any Christmas sale offers on Motorola mobile phones, I will try to update you. 

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Need to buy second TV (43inch+) what models to be on radar. Not looking for LG, samsung. Inclined towards Japanese brands like Panasonic, Toshiba. Are Mi and Oneplus worth buying?
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What does 'Japanese brand' mean?


We had a batchmate. His name was 'Pushkin'.

He was not Russian though.

Just that his parents liked the writings of the writer, poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.


Farrokh Bulsara nee Freddie Mercury... was not a 'desi'.

Well.. for that matter.. practically speaking.. neither were his parents.


Toshiba has long sold its various consumer electronics, appliances businesses to various entities.. in various markets.


Toshiba Visual Solutions completely sold the brand rights for the television vertical, other visual products subsidiary.. to Hisense Electric Appliance Company Limited (a listed company within the Hisense Group).


Likewise, Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited.. forward merged itself into Panasonic.. and rebranded 'National' and other branded products under the Panasonic name.


Panasonic Holdings Corporation too often signs agreements for technology transfer or just like other brands...

..simply sources components from others or even has complete units of various gadgets.. contract manufactured by its vendors (OEM suppliers).


Blaupunkt has fared even worse.

In that it is an orphan brand.

The changes in management control and the number of times stake sale of the company/Blaupunkt brand probably surpassed the number of times Elizabeth Taylor re-married

Only the brand name is 'Deutsch', in case of Blaupunkt.

But neither the present day technologies coming from Deutschland. Nor the manufacturing is based out of Deutschland or most of Europe.

Nor the management is Deutsch.

Nor do the ethos or self-esteem of the original company/ culture rema8n intact to date.


Same might be true of Panasonic now.


Surely is true of Toshiba (aka Hisense) televisions.

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Articles from this section.. invariably never get promoted or shown☹️.. even in the in-house list of trending deals/ discussion.



👍🏼Details nicely covered and well presented🤍.

Need more contributors or people to update.. this... as and when new developments, announcements happens.

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I don't see any special "sales" esp not in amazon. The prices of products in shopping cart and wishlist have remained same.

It's def not like durga puja/diwali sale period.

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