Domino’s Cheesy Rewards Launched : A Loyalty Program that Earns You Free Domino’s Pizza

How to get Free Pizzas with Domino’s Cheesy Reward Points? Get to know this and a lot more about this New Domino’s Loyalty Program.

by FighterMan Updated: 29 Nov, 2021, 12:39 IST
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Domino’s Pizza which has established itself all over India has come up with a new & exciting loyalty program called ‘Domino’s Cheesy Rewards’. Domino’s is well known for its offers and coupons amid which it has come up with this new reward system.

Currently, the Domino’s Cheesy Rewards program is available for select users. However, expectations are that it will be available to all Domino’s Pizza lovers in the country soon. If you are not the lucky one then here are the latest Domino’s Promo Codes on Pizzas worth checking out.

Domino’s Cheesy Rewards

What are Domino’s Cheesy Rewards?

Domino’s Cheesy Rewards is a loyalty program where you can grab Free Pizzas by redeeming Domino’s Cheesy Reward Points. A special thanks to our Dimer rahulkothu for bringing this up. It is similar to the ‘Piece of the Pie Rewards’ of Domino’s U.S. where users get 10 points on ordering a pizza, and with 60 points they can claim a Free Pizza. Thanks to Dimer bdatta1981 for this info.

How to get Free Pizza with Domino’s Cheesy Reward Points?

For every Rs 350 or Rs 350+ order placed on Domino’s App, you will earn 100 Domino’s Cheesy Reward Points. These 100 points = 1 Pizza slice. Thus, in order to avail a Free Pizza you need to have min 400 points or 4 pizza slices (regular pizza) / 600 points or 6 pizza slices (medium pizza).

Probably, 1 Domino’s Cheesy Reward Point = 1 Rs so you can redeem for pizzas of that value. For instance, if you have 400 points (4 slices) then your free pizza will be of regular size and amounting to Rs 400 or less. It is not yet clear whether you will be able to carry forward your points or not.

Checkout the below table for a detailed summary of this Domino’s Cheesy Reward offer.

Your Domino’s Cheesy Reward Points / Pizza Slices

Free Pizza Type

Free Pizza Price (expected)

100 Points / 1 Slice



400 Points / 4 Slices

Regular Pizza

Rs 400 or less

600 Points / 6 Slices

Medium Pizza

Rs 600 or less

Domino’s Wallet vs Domino’s Cheesy Rewards

Checkout the table below for Domino’s Wallet and Domino’s Cheesy Rewards comparison. Talking about loyalty programs, here are the Best Membership and Subscription Loyalty Programs to Be a Part of in 2021.

Domino’s Wallet vs Domino’s Cheesy Rewards

Domino’s Wallet

Domino’s Cheesy Rewards


Limited offers (as of Nov’21)

Fixed offer

Rewards Type

Domino’s Digital Wallet

Domino’s Loyalty Program

Point System

1 Point = 1 Rs

1 Point = 1 Rs (unofficial)

Accessible to

All Users

Select Users

Refunds (in case of failed orders)


Not Sure

Check your Domino’s App to know whether you have got the Domino’s Cheesy Rewards or not? Do share your views on this Domino’s offer below. Before going, here are some of the Best Pizza offers for you.

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Currently this program is only available in select stores of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Patna and Ahmedabad.