Google rolls back file items limit: Drive storage limits all details

Google Drive file limit was recently introduced & then was shortly rolled back. Currently, every Google Account comes with a 15GB Storage limit for Google Drive, but apart from is there any other limit on Google?

by Vrushali.S Updated: 05 Apr, 2023, 15:24 IST
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Google yesterday on 4th April rolled back the Google Drive file limit after first introducing it recently. The Google Drive file limit stated that users can only upload up to 5 million maximum files. This limit was said to be applicable for both, free and paid users. While 5 million files may seem like an impossible number to reach for normal users, some users have passed the 5 million files limit. It is important to note that your Google Storage space limit of 15GB is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Below are mentioned all the details of the Google Drive Storage limits, and if can you upload more than 5 million files to Google Drive currently.

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What is the limit on Google Drive?

Google Drive currently has a limit of 15GB for free users and users have a choice to get more storage in Google Drive by upgrading to any of the paid services such as Google One, or Google Workspace for individual and work. The maximum storage limit across all of these 3 paid services is 5TB storage which comes with the most premium Google Workspace Business Plan which costs Rs.1380 per month.

Google Drive Storage Limit (2023)

Type of Users


Google Drive Storage limit

Free Google Drive users


15 GB storage

Google One basic plan

Rs.130 per month

100 GB storage

Google One Standard Plan

Rs.210 per month

200 GB storage

Google One Premium Plan

Rs.650 per month

2TB GB storage

Google Workspace business starter

Rs.137 per month

30 GB storage per user

Google Workspace business-standard

Rs.736 per month

2 TB storage per user

Google Workspace business standard plus

Rs.1380 per month

5 TB storage per user

Google Workspace Enterprise



Google Drive Files Limit:

Google Drive currently in total can have 3 limits, Google Storage limit, Google Drive file size limit, and Google Drive files limit (number of files you can store).

Google never had any limits on how many files you can upload in your Drive Storage. Though this changed recently when Google announced that all users (free and paid) can only upload maximum 5 million files in their Google Drive Storage.

Previous Update: Google Introduces File Limit of 5 Million Files

Recently Google introduced a file limit of 5 million files per user which meant that a single user can only store a maximum of 5 million files in their Google Drive storage. Google said that the move was brought to ensure stability and optimize performance.

But, the tech giant introduced the file items limit without sharing intimidating its existing users which subsequently caused inconvenience to some of its users who had more than 5 million files in their Drive storage.

Also, one of the users on Reddit decoded a supposed flaw in Google’s move to limit file items to 5 million for free and paid users. The Reddit user said that if a paid user who has 5 TB of storage limit, uploads 5 million files of 400 KB size, it equals to 2 TB which would mean that the user is paying for more storage than it is allowed to use.

Latest update: Google Rolls Back file limit of 5 Million Files in Drive

Interestingly, on 4th April, Google rolled back its Google Drive file items limit of 5 million. Speaking on the same, the tech giant wrote on Twitter that the brand is rolling back the new update and is looking into alternate options as well as ensure a great experience

Can we upload more than 5 million files?

As of now, all free and paid users can upload more than 5 million files in their Google Drive storage, as Google has rolled back the update but there’s a possibility that this feature may not be available in the near future.

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