How to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2023? Easiest Guide to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency Safely.

A Guide to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency Safely. List of top Global & Indian Crypto Exchanges to Trade Cryptos in India Easily in 2023.

by Amit.Saha Updated: 29 Jan, 2024, 13:29 IST
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Nowadays cryptocurrencies are the most popular digital asset across the world and most of the crypto investors and traders are from countries like the USA, Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, China & India. The current global market cap of cryptocurrency is US$2.64 Trillion. Alone India has around 11 Crore cryptocurrency holders but most of the crypto traders and investors are confused about how to get into crypto gems before it becomes too big. Beside this it is hard to find and buy many cryptocurrency into local exchanges. In this article we are going to discuss how to buy cryptocurrency and related assets on different exchanges and using wallets.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2023

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of payment that uses a decentralized technology called blockchain to buy goods and services online. Blockchain manages and records transactions as the technology is spread across many computers. The important feature of this technology is its security.

How Many Cryptocurrencies are there?

According to, around 7557 distinct cryptocurrencies are available to trade publicly by this November 2021. Top 5 popular currencies among them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether, Solana, Cardano, and Ripple.

How much is the Cryptocurrency Market Worth?

If we combine all cryptocurrencies to get a total value of more than US$2.5 trillion. The total value of all the cryptocurrencies was above US$2.9 trillion in the third week of November 2021 which has fallen off and reached $2.5 trillion.

Are Cryptocurrencies Legal?

Except EL Salvador no other country has announced bitcoin or any Cryptocurrencies as legal tender. Countries like the USA, Japan, Canada, UK, India etc are trending those virtual currencies and making good money. Now India is thinking of regulating crypto assets, from June 2021 Bitcoin is legal in the United States, UK and Japan; however, China has prohibited their utilization, and eventually whether they’re legal relies upon every individual country. Likewise, make certain to think about how to save yourself from fraudsters who consider cryptocurrencies to be a chance to swindle investors. The main reason to not make it as legal tender is the high Volatility.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Now, we are coming to the point of how one person can buy, trade or invest in various cryptocurrencies. These are the following points have to follow while going to buy crypto tokens-

1.Choose a Crypto Exchange

The 1st step is to choose a Cryptocurrency trading platform. Now there are few parameters that you need to take care of-

  • Which crypto coin do you want to trade?
  • How to find out where the chosen crypto is available to trade.
  • Is that particular exchange available to access from your country location for hassle free trading.
  • Is it easy to buy or sell crypto and cash out easily at your local currency?
  • Is the crypto exchange providing the facility to transfer the crypto assets to personal crypto wallet if someone wants to for security purposes.
2. Number of Cryptocurrencies

You can choose from those exchanges who have the maximum number of crypto tokens available. This can increase your opportunity to earn more by investing in different crypto projects.

You can use coinmarketcap or Coingecko to check where can trade the coin of your choice. These sites clearly shows you in which exchanges that particular token is available.

3. Fees for Crypto Trade

Different crypto exchanges charge different fees for adding local currency to their wallet, to buy major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) etc. for trading other crypto tokens. Most of the exchanges have their own virtual currency along with BTC, ETH or USDT as trading pairs for other cryptocurrencies. Example- Binance Exchange has Binance coin, WazirX exchange has WazirX token. All crypto exchanges charge around 0.1% to 2% as their trading fee.

4. Security

As cryptocurrencies are not regulated, there are lots of scams that also occur daily which cost millions of dollars daily to innocent crypto traders. So, choose only reputed crypto exchanges which are backed by a good team and have the best security features for ease of doing business. For example Binance is the world leader on crypto.

As we are talking about security you also have to check online decentralized crypto exchanges or wallets official addresses carefully on searches and then use the site. For example, the popular platform or has duplicate forms of fake sites ads are also shown on top search which you have to be very careful.

After evaluating all these points you should choose the best crypto exchange platform and trade cryptocurrencies.

Top International Crypto Exchanges to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency in 2023

Since various representatives have various qualities, you want to sort out what type of crypto exchange would be best for your crypto interests. A few brokers give a social trading platform where you duplicate other brokers’ exchanges in your account. Others can offer the capacity to make exchanges in a more extensive determination of altcoins. Picking the best crypto representative relies generally upon tending to your necessities as a dealer or investor. Some famous cryptocurrency exchanges are given below to buy or sell crypto.

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. Kraken
  4. Kucoin
  5. Huobi Global
  6. Bitfinex
  8. Gemini
  9. Bitstamp
  10. Bybit

This is to be noted that, All of these exchanges need a proper KYC verification to trade cryptocurrency and few of them have their local versions available to use. But few have restricted access to some countries.

How to buy Cryptocurrency in India 2023?

Indians are dominating the remainder of the world with regard to the adoption of cryptocurrency. Out of 154 countries, India ranked 2nd on the Global Crypto Adoption Index 2021. Over the past year, the crypto market of India has grown 641%. If you are looking to buy Cryptocurrency, you may use any of these-

  • Hardware or Online Crypto Wallet : You can buy or sell cryptos on P2P platforms and use an online crypto wallet or hardware crypto wallets to store your asset.
  • Online Cryptocurrency Exchange Service : The easiest way to get a cryptocurrency would be to get it through an online exchange service. To create an account in an exchange service, you will be required to provide your KYC details.
Future of cryptocurrency in India

As per NDTV’s exclusive report Govt of India will not ban cryptocurrency but they will regulate it. Though bitcoin or any other crypto token will never be the legal tender in India but may be termed as virtual asset and will be looked after by SEBI. So, the government is going to introduce the cryptocurrency bill in the winter session of the parliament.
Decision can have cons and pros both but as per blockchain technology cryptocurrency ban is next to impossible and many big industry like Reliance, Tata, Navi Fintech also on the way to go with the flow of future technology.

As crypto trends are growing rapidly in India, there are a bunch of big crypto giants operating where you can trade cryptocurrency in India seamlessly. These crypto exchanges are as follows-

  1. WazirX
  2. CoinDCX
  3. CoinSwitch Kuber
  4. ZebPay
  5. Unocoin

Top P2P Platforms to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

Here we have listed top Peer to Peer (P2P) Cryptocurrency exchanges to trade crypto with multiple local and global payment options-


2. Binance P2P


4. WazirX P2P






Largest Trading Cryptocurrencies

Before buying a cryptocurrency, it is a must to know the market you’re going into. You’ll have a look at the best trading cryptocurrencies and consider one of them to invest in. Below are the top 10 trading cryptocurrencies provided according to the market capitalization updated as per the April 2022 :


Market Capitalization (US$)


$1.05 T


$522.45 B

Binance Coin

$100.75 B


$74.13 B


$68.65 B

Where can I Buy Bloktopia Metaverse Token?

Ans. You can trade Bloktopia  Metaverse token at Kucoin exchange as of now and very soon this token will be available on Binance also.

Before investing in Cryptocurrencies, you must do deep research on crypto projects. As the market is very volatile there is a chance of big lose like big gain so trade wisely and without violating government regulations. To do research on cryptocurrency tokens and projects you can use, and other top crypto exchange blogs. If you have any query please comment below.

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Hardware or Online Crypto Wallet : You can buy or sell cryptos on P2P platforms and use an online crypto wallet or hardware crypto wallets to store your asset

Is it safer to keep in a seperate wallet other than the trading platforms?

What are the best wallets and how to transfer between trading site and wallet?

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1 to 5 BTC or ETH limit is there for trading platform.
But for safety you can send BTC ETH to other wallet.
I prefer hardware wallet, but hardware are prone to physical damage for long term. Online wallet also have similar limit. But I don’t know anything about charges for wallet online.

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Since 2011, over $1.65 billion worth of crypto assets have been stolen, and the numbers are accelerating on a…

Keeping your digital assets in an exchange wallet is comes with added risks, so storing your cryptocurrency there for a long period of time is not a good idea.

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120$ annual charge +
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Royal Q has no withdrawal power. It trades in your binance account. So royalQ is 100% safe.

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3. same process can be used with CoinDCX and WazirX also.

4. Someone told me that WazirX can directly be linked to Binance and we should transfer all money to Binance and do the trade.

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ETH, BTC, etc..

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Siacoin will rise
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