How To Create an NFT for Free and Sell it in 2024?

Here you can learn about How To Create an NFT for Free and Sell it on top free NFT Marketplaces to make a handsome money.

by Amit.Saha Updated: 07 Feb, 2024, 00:31 IST
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NFTs are new form of digital asset that is surprising the world. It could be worthwhile to learn how to sell NFT art now that their fame has exploded into the mainstream. On some of the most popular NFT marketplaces, this can even be done for free. NFTs can be minted on a variety of blockchains and platforms, each has some benefits and also some drawbacks. We'll walk you through every stage of creating an NFT art for Free, the process of converting your digital assets into NFT art in this article.

Create NFTs for Free

NFT Minting

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a type of token that is used to establish ownership of a specific asset. When we talk about digital assets, we're referring to them in general. Minting NFTs simply means producing them on the blockchain. In a nutshell, all we have and possess in the digital realm is an NFT. Being the most popular in 2021, it could be an art collection or other than that a tweet, a music album, or a digital artwork. Artists from all around the world can use blockchain technology to connect with art consumers and sell their work in a secure manner.

The nicest part is that anyone can develop NFT art and learn how to market it. However, the tokenizing process of a digital asset, also known as NFT minting, comes with a hefty gas price. Because the majority of them are built on Ethereum, we'll focus on Ethereum minting. When it comes to transactions and gas fees, the popular network has one major drawback: high gas charges.

Until the network switches to Ethereum 2.0, this will be a sore point. While the method involved with printing an NFT is similar to uploading a piece of video to a streaming network, the gas charge is not insignificant, and it can fluctuate over time. A cryptocurrency wallet will be required such as MetaMask to mint and create NFT, as well as enough ether (ETH) to pay for the gas expenses. However, we'll show you how to create and sell NFTs for free utilizing the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains in this article.

Gasless Minting of NFTs

Lazy minting allows NFTs to be minted at the time of purchase (rather than at the time of creation) and was designed to reduce up-front costs for new artists. It is also known as gasless minting. The method was established in late 2021 after the creators were concerned about the gas fees, especially those who are new to the business and don't like to spend much before knowing if their work will sell.

OpenSea and Rarible are the most popular NFT Marketplaces, and have a feature called lazy minting. By applying advanced procedures, it is possible to defer the cost of minting an NFT until it is sold to its first buyer with lazy minting. Until it is sold for the first time, it is effectively minted on the blockchain. Until it is minted, the data related to it is held on a decentralized file storage system called IPFS. The gas fees are also covered by the transaction that allocates the NFT. As a result, the creator does not have to pay any further fees. A portion of the price of purchase is used to create the NFT blockchain record.

How to Create an NFT for Free?

  • To learn how to sell NFT art, you must first find a free NFT marketplace where you can mint or create an NFT for Free.

  • A crypto wallet will also be required to pay fees and collect payments if you sell your NFT.

  • Many specialized platforms allow you to create and trade NFTs.

  • We'll go over the two most popular NFT trading platforms, OpenSea and Rarible.

  • In terms of the crypto wallet, these platforms support a variety of wallets, but we'll consider one of the most famous among crypto users, MetaMask.

  • However, an important aspect of these popular NFT marketplaces is that they allow free NFT minting, but they still charge a 2.5% service fee (from the selling price) for each NFT listed.

  • However, while these popular NFT marketplaces enable free NFT minting, still they charge a 2.5 percent service fee for each NFT listed.

  • This charge will be deducted from the selling price.

  • The platform receives this fee, not the blockchain network.

Suggested Marketplaces to Create an NFT for Free

These two NFT Marketplaces are very popular and you can create your NFT art free of cost -


OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for buying and selling NFTs in the world where the Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains are all supported. On this portal, you may search through over 34 million NFTs organized into dozens of categories, including digital art, virtual worlds, game goods, collectibles, and domain names. Because the NFT isn't transferred on the blockchain until the purchase is made, OpenSea allows creators to mint NFTs without incurring any gas fees. That implies you can convert a digital file to an NFT for free and just pay the gas price when the item sells. After the NFT is sold, OpenSea takes a 2.5 percent cut. The buyer pays the cut on fixed-price items, whereas the seller pays it on auctioned items. So, as of now Opensea is the biggest NFT Marketplace for create an NFT for Free and sell it smoothly with lower minimum commission fee.


Rarible is another well-known marketplace for NFT items. We'll tell you through every step of learning how to sell free NFT art on Rarible. We'll use the same MetaMask wallet that we did for OpenSea because you'll need a crypto wallet to connect to Rarible. The most appealing feature of this platform is the ability to earn royalties on the NFTs you resale, allowing you to generate passive income while still receiving a cut every time the NFT is sold. Rarible can also be used to earn prizes, which are paid out in RARI tokens. So, Rarible is the second largest NFT Marketplace which can help you create an NFT for free and earn money selling your artworks. 

Steps for Minting NFTs for free on OpenSea

Please check out the following steps to create an NFT for free on Opensea -

Step 1. Install MetaMask extension and create a wallet
  • MetaMask is a browser extension that works with your device and is perhaps the most well-known cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Go to the MetaMask website and download the wallet if you haven't already.

  • Follow the instructions below to establish a new wallet.

  • Make a note of the secret code because it will be required to recover your wallet if your device is lost or stolen.

  • You'll also need to create a wallet password, that you'll require every time you wish to link it to a new app.

Step 2. Connect MetaMask to OpenSea
  • To connect your wallet, go to the OpenSea marketplace and click on the wallet symbol.

  • Select MetaMask and confirm the wallet connection.

  • From the pop-up that appears, select MetaMask and affirms the association from the wallet.

  • You can see your profile and make your first NFT after your wallet is connected to the NFT marketplace.

Step 3. Creating and Minting
  • You have the option of purchasing a single item or a whole NFT collection.

  • We propose minting an NFT collection based on the most popular NFTs, as these appear to be more successful than single NFTs.

  • Click Create to make a single NFT.

  • Click the account icon and go to My collections.

  • Tap on Create a collection to start minting an NFT collection.

  • Both single and collection have a similar set of steps.

  • Further information is required by the NFT collection, and you can add things to it and decide the exact quantity of NFTs to be minted when you create it.

  • You'll need to submit a few details for each item or NFT, including Name, Description, Digital artwork (image, video, audio, 3D model), Collection (if you have more collections created), External link, Unlockable content, Special properties, Supply, Blockchain.

  • Instead of Ethereum (which is the default), use the Polygon blockchain.

  • Although Ethereum is the most well-known blockchain for NFTs, additional blockchains supporting smart agreements and NFT minting exist.

  • Polygon is a popular network for NFTs and crypto transactions because it has reduced fees and faster transactions.

  • It permits OpenSea authors to mint NFTs for free in this circumstance.

  • When you click Create, your first NFT will be created.

  • However, the item is not for sale, and if you use the search box to look for it, you will not find it.

Step 4. List your NFT
  • Click on Sell (upper right) to list your NFT

  • Set the ideal cost for your NFT.

  • After you've entered all of the information, click on Complete listing, and the NFT will be listed for sale.

Steps for Minting NFTs for free on Rarible

Please follow these steps to create an NFT for free on Rarible -

Step 1. Install MetaMask extension and create a wallet
  • This is the same as the first step on the OpenSea platform.

  • Please install and set up a MetaMask wallet on your smartphone if you don't already have one.

  • Make a secure backup of the secret recovery phrase in case your device is lost or stolen.

Step 2. Connect MetaMask to Rarible
  • By going to, you can connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on Sign in > Sign in with MetaMask.

Step 3. Create and sell NFTs on Rarible
  • Confirm your wallet's connection to the marketplace.

  • The Rarible Terms of Service should be accepted.

  • To make a new NFT on Rarible, click Create.

  • Choose between a single or several NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Selecting numerous indicates that you wish to establish an NFT collection, which is the most popular option.

  • Then you must fill out all of the information for your new NFT, including Name, Description, Digital file (image, video, or audio), Choose the listing type, Price, Free minting, Unlockable content, Collection, Royalties.

  • If you wish to take advantage of the free minting option, you must select the Rarible (RARI) collection.

  • Also, make sure to enable the Free minting option.

  • By selecting this option, the NFT will be minted only when it is initially sold on the platform, and the buyer will be responsible for the minting gas fees.

  • After you've filled out all of the details and double-checked that everything is correct, scroll down and click Create an item to start creating your first NFT on Rarible.

  • The NFT will be available for purchase on Rarible once it has been developed.

  • The NFT will not be registered on the Ethereum blockchain until it is purchased and minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sell your NFTs and Earn Money

You should concentrate on the two most important components of selling NFTs: building a community and promoting your NFTs. Developing a community around your NFTs is a crucial step that any new NFT artist should do. OpenSea uses social proof to accept NFT art. OpenSea demands that you incorporate no less than one count of the social media you use to manage and share your NFT collection with the public. To increase your chances of selling your digital art, you must understand how to advertise your NFTs. You can't just put it on the market and expect people to buy it. All accessible social media outlets should be used to promote your NFTs to your audience. To communicate with their audience, most NFT artists and creativity labs use Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.

Sell NFTs on OpenSea or Rarible?

You may be wondering which marketplace is better and which one to choose? This is a personal decision based on your community, existing fan base, platform features, and personal choice. While OpenSea and Rarible have certain distinctions, they tend to adopt features from one other if the market loves a specific feature.

Finally, these are the most popular NFT marketplaces, and they are rather comparable. One significant difference is the ability to mint NFTs for many blockchains. OpenSea gives developers the option of minting NFTs on either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains. Rarible provides the same on Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos. The opportunity to apply for a verified badge is another feature accessible on Rarible. Artists may prefer this functionality, which could influence their decision about which platform to use to sell NFTs.

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