List of Top NFT Marketplaces to Create, Buy and Sell Non Fungible Tokens in 2023

Learn about top NFT Marketplaces here. Check out the top NFT Marketplaces list and expensive NFTs sold as of Jan 2023

by Amit.Saha Updated: 06 Jan, 2023, 12:26 IST
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NFT Marketplaces are decentralized platforms where you can buy and sell Non Fungible Tokens. You can create your own NFTs and sell it on auction or at a fixed price. From 2020 the rise of NFTs made many artists, art curators famous and financially stable for their unique and extraordinary art works. NFT Marketplaces are also known as million dollar revenue systems. The key features of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are strong ownership rights, security and immutability over your arts, audio, video, collectables, games etc. But many people find it hard to select the best NFT Marketplace for creating or buying and selling NFTs easily. So here we have listed few popular & trustworthy NFT Marketplaces to start -

List of Top NFT Marketplaces

List of Top 14 NFT Marketplaces in 2023

Here is top NFT Marketplaces list full of bigger, popular & newest marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible or WazirX NFTs -

1. NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum and Polygon

Fees - 2.5%

2. NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 2.5%

3. NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - Gas fees + additional 15% marketplace fee

4. Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 20%

5. Binance NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 1%

6. Decentraland NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 2.5%

7. NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Flow

Fees - 5%

8. Enjin NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 2.5%

9. WazirX NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Binance

Fees - 5%

10. SuperRare NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 3%

11. MakersPlace NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 2.5%

12. NFT Marketplace 

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 2.5%

13. Axie Infinity NFT Marketplace

Blockchain - Ethereum

Fees - 4.5%

14. NFT Showroom Marketplace

Blockchain - Hive

Fees - 10% 

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NFT Marketplace Website List

Check out the websites of best NFT Marketplaces here-

NFT Marketplace Website Link
Opensea https://opens...o/
Rarible https://raribl...m/
Foundation https://foundatio...p/
Nifty Gateway https://niftygatewa...m/
Binance NFT
Decentraland NFT https://decentralan...g/
NBA Top Shot https://nbatopsho...m/
Enjin NFT
WazirX NFT https://nft.wazir...g/
Superrare https://superrar...m/
MakersPlace https://makersplac...m/
Mintable https://mintabl...p/
Axie Infinity NFT https://axieinfinit...m/
NFT Showroom https://nftshowroo...m/
Top 10 Most Expensive Artworks Ever Sold [ Updated Jan 2023]

Here we have listed top and expensive artworks which can make you surprise -

1. The Merge: USD 91.8 million

2. Everydays – The First 5000 Days: USD 69.3 million

3. Human One: USD 28.9 million

4. CryptoPunk #7523: USD 11.75 million

5. CryptoPunk #3100: USD 7.58 million

6. CryptoPunk #7804: USD 7.57 million

7. Right-click and Save As guy: USD 7.09 million

8. Ringers 109: USD 6.9 million

9. A Coin for the Ferryman: USD 6.01 million

10. Ocean Front: USD 6 million

So, NFTs can be really worthy and a source of recurring earning for you. To make NFTs free you can use Opensea or Mintable and start your NFT journey today with top NFT Marketplaces mentioned here.

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