New Jio 5G Phone Launch Date, Price, Specs with Pros & Cons

Jio 5G phone is a new Jio mobile phone that Jio may soon launch in India. Below we have mentioned all the features and specs of the Jio 5G phone, its launch date in India, and our review of the 5G phone by Jio.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 13 Dec, 2022, 10:40 IST
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Jio is coming up with a new 5G phone. Yes, you heard it right. After its unsuccessful Jiobook Laptop, the Reliance brand has said to launch Jio 5G Phone soon in India. Jio 5G phone is expected to come with better features and specs over its predecessor Jio Phone Next & Jio Phone 2 - both of which as we know did not receive much praise from the tech community. But, what can you expect from the new Jio 5G phone? Below we have mentioned its specs, launch date, expected price, & everything else to help you decide if the Jio 5G phone would be worth buying or not.

New upcoming Jio mobile phone, Jio True 5G phone review, price, specs, launch date in India

The good news for Jio fans is that the Jio 5G phone has finally got listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and has got the approval of the Indian government. Earlier this month, the new Jio mobile phone was listed on Geekbench under the model number “Jio LS1654QB5”. This suggests that the Jio 5G phone launch may be around the corner.

Below, we have mentioned all that you need to know about the Jio 5G phone; launch date, Jio 5g phone price, and specifications.

Jio 5G Phone Launch Date in India

Jio True 5G phone was first announced in August 2022, at the AGM event. Reliance Jio had mentioned there of launching a new budget 5G phone in India. The brand was said to be working with Google to launch its Jio 5G phone by early next year, 2023.

For now, the launch date of the Jio 5G phone is unconfirmed. But now that the phone is being listed on the BIS website, we can expect the launch to be somewhere near.

Also if you remember, Mr. Mukesh Ambani in IMC 2022 had said that their aim is to launch Jio 5G to each and every nook & corner of the country by 2023. And recently, the brand launched Jio 5G in over 12 Indian cities so we can expect that the Jio 5G phone launch is near too.

Jio 5G Phone Specs, Launch Date, Features

Jio 5G phone is going to be an entry-level phone that comes with the most basic 5G chipset of Snapdragon 480+. Similar to its predecessor, Jio Phone Next, we are expecting the Jio 5G phone to launch around a price range of Rs.7,000 to Rs.9,990. Below we mentioned all the specs of the Jio True 5G phone.

Display: 6.5 inches IPS LCD Display with Corning Glass

Picture Quality: HD, supports 720p video recording

Camera: 13 MP rear camera, 8 MP front selfie camera

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ 5G

Clock Speed: 2.2 GHz

Processor Type: Octa-core

GPU: Adreno 619 GPU


Storage: 32 GB (in-built)

Expandable memory: Up to 128 GB

Operating System: PragatiOS, Android 12

Connectivity: 4G, 5G Volte

Battery: 5000 mAh

Charging: 18W Fast charging

Expected Jio 5G Phone Price: Rs.7,000 to Rs.9,990

Expected Jio 5G Phone launch date: 2023

Buy Jio 5G Phone Online

The Jio 5G Phone is still yet to be launched and hence not available to buy online on any major retailer’s platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. Once the Jio 5G phone is launched you can expect to get it first available on Reliance Digital.

However, here are some other phones under the same price range as the Jio 5g phone that you may want to check out:

Jio True 5G Phone Pros & Cons: Worth buying or not?

The Jio True 5G phone though is yet to be launched and its launch is only speculated currently, we can still try to predict the performance of the phone based on its leaked specs. Our review of the Jio 5G Phone is based on the specs that we know so far. Below we have tried to mention all the pros and cons of the Jio 5G phone that we could think of. These can help you figure out if the Jio True 5G phone is worth buying or not.

Pros of the new Jio 5G Phone
  • A 6.5 inches HD IPS LCD display screen in its budget is pretty standard

  • An 8MP selfie camera in this price range is decent enough as you’d mostly find a 5MP front camera in other entry-level phones in the same price range

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ may be a basic 5G chipset but it is still better than Mediatek G80 which we’d commonly see in many other smartphones in the same price range

  • A 4GB RAM in this price range is noteworthy

  • The Jio 5G phone is said to pack an Android 12 which is almost the latest

  • You also get 5G connectivity with the new Jio 5G phone making it a good budget 5G phone to buy

Cons of the new Jio 5G Phone:
  • No fingerprint sensor

  • As per reports, the Jio 5G phone may come with a modified version of the Android

  • Jio mobile phones generally require you to have an active Jio SIM in either of the slots (you can’t just use any other telecom operator’s SIM)

Overall, if Jio 5G Phone is launched under Rs.10,000, somewhere around 7K to 8K, it could be a good budget phone to buy that can deliver a smoother experience with its 2.2 GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor and provide you with a 5G connectivity along with a decent RAM of 4GB.

On the flip side, some reports also suggest that the Jio 5G phone may come with Android 11, and a 5MP front camera, and Jio may price its new 5G phone up to Rs.12,000 in which case, it may not be that good of a deal to buy. There are better mobile deals available from brands like Xiaomi, Techno Spark, and Realme. 

Similar to how Jio launched its Jio Phone Next with PragatiOS, we may get to see something similar with the new Jio 5G phone too. The Jio True 5G phone nevertheless still has a better processor as compared to the Vivo Y53S which is priced at 20K but only comes with a Mediatek G80 processor.

You cannot expect to perform heavy gaming on the Jio 5G Phone. But if you wish to buy an entry-level phone under 10000 with 5G connectivity, and decent performance, the Jio 5G phone can be good to consider.

Note, that this review of the new Jio 5G phone is based on the specifications that we know so far. The Jio 5G phone is still yet to make its launch. Hence, the review may differ depending on the Jio 5g phone’s official specifications.

FAQ on Jio 5G phone Launch, Price, Specs, and Review
  • Is Jio 5G phone available?

As of now, the Jio 5G phone is not available in the market. It is expected to launch in next year, 2023.

  • What is the cost of the Jio 5G phone?

The Jio 5G phone price is expected to be under 10000. We may see the cost of the Jio True 5G Phone to be around Rs.7,000 to Rs.9,000.

  • Is the Jio 5G phone good? Worth buying?

The Jio 5G phone is an entry-level phone, an upgrade over its predecessor Jio Phone Next. The Jio 5G Phone offers some good value in its price range and is worth buying if you are looking for a budget mobile phone with decent performance under Rs.10,000

  • Is Jio 5G available in India?

Jio 5G is available in over 12 Indian cities including Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi & others.

So, this was all about the upcoming Jio 5G phone launch, price, specs, and our honest thoughts on it. If you have any more questions, feel free to put them below and I would be happy to answer.

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PragatiOS, Android 12 - Hope "pragati" doesn't stop at A12 itself and atleast A13 sees the daylight for this model...

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what is d difference between android 10 11 12 & 13
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I face the voice blank issue with 5G network
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Can you try switching off VoLTE from your phone settings and again turning it on? It may help

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Jio phones a strict No . No other operators sim works . 3 rd class brands with no durability of product , outdated model and 3rd class user experience of jio phones , no resale value ( product itself won't work till that stage ) Price will be as of other market players .
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I agree with you, why would anybody buy jio phone when we have better options available in same price segment.
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4000 se ek rupaya zyada na doon main iske liye!

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Do I really need 5G, increase cost, and lots of drama?

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