Jiobook Laptop launched! Price, full specs, worth buying or not?

Jio has finally launched its new Jiobook Laptop, which is now available at a price of Rs.15,799, an Rs.3,701 lesser price than its original launch price. But is the Jiobook worth buying? Read on to know.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 22 Oct, 2022, 09:12 IST
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Wondering if Jiobook Laptop is good or not! Is it worth buying? We were wondering about it too so we decided to do a detailed review of the Jiobook Laptop. Jiobook has been a hot topic in the tech community ever since its first leak. As per Jio, it is Jio’s most affordable laptop. Before you buy the Jiobook Laptop online, there are some important things you need to know.

To be honest, Jiobook Laptop isn’t perfect and it has many, many flaws but it also scores some positive points for a few of its features. So, let’s have a look at the complete specifications of the Jiobook Laptop, its pros, and cons, and lastly if the Jiobook is worth buying.

Jiobook Laptop Specifications (Complete Specs):

General Information

  • Colour: Jio Blue

  • Brand: JIO

  • Warranty: 1 Year

Jiobook Laptop Display Specs

  • Anti-glare Screen: Yes

  • Screen Resolution: 1366 x 768

  • Screen Size: (Diagonal)29.4 cm (11.6 inches)

  • HD Display: Yes

Jiobook Laptop Hardware Specifications

  • Optimized Heat Dissipation: Yes

  • Laptop Type: JioBook

  • Model: NB2112QB

  • Graphics Card Brand: Qualcomm

  • Graphics Card Sub-Brand: Adreno

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB

  • GPU - 950 MHz

  • Expandable Memory: Upto 128 GB

  • Memory Details: Flash memory - 32GB eMMC

  • Battery: 5000 mAh

Jiobook Laptop Processor Specifications

  • Processor: Qualcomm 64-bit, 2GHz octa-core processor

  • Processor Brand: Qualcomm

  • Processor Sub-brand: Snapdragon

  • Speaker Type: Stereo speakers

Jiobook Laptop Connectivity Specs

  • Bluetooth: Yes

  • Wi-Fi: Yes

  • Bluetooth: 5.0 Bluetooth Version

  • No. of USB Ports: 2 + 1 HDMI Port

Built-in Functions

  • Web Camera: 2.0 MP

  • Speaker: Yes

  • Microphone In: Yes

  • Headphone Jack: Yes

  • Inbuilt Microphone: Yes

  • Inbuilt SIM card slot: Jio 4G LTE

  • SD card: Micro-SD card slot up to 128GB

So, these were the full specifications of Jiobook Laptop that Jio has launched recently. Looking at the Jiobook Laptop specs, the Jiobook laptop is clearly not a good fit for everyone. We will discuss shortly if Jiobook Laptop is worth buying or not.

The processor of the Jiobook Laptop isn’t as great as you’d expect from a laptop. Compared to Lenovo Ideapad or HP’s Chromebooks which are available around the same price range offer far better specifications. The Jiobook Laptop launch price in India is Rs.19,500 which is not worth it at all when you get intel iCore processors, better RAM, storage, and OS in the same price range as other laptop brands.

The Jiobook Laptop is powered by JioOS which we cannot really comment much about without testing it first but from what we know so far, with the Jio OS, the new Jio laptop, Jiobook, has pre-installed Jio apps such as JioMeet, JioPages, Jio Saavn & more. With Jio incorporating its own OS in the Jiobook Laptop, you can also expect it to have a better blend of functionalities overall and possibly an optimized battery power.

Let’s now discuss the answer to the question many of us have in mind, is Jiobook Laptop worth buying? The answer is yes for some and no for many. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Is Jiobook Laptop Worth Buying?

The simple answer to this question of whether you should buy a Jiobook Laptop or not depends a lot on your usage requirements and budget.

If you are a student who just wants to do some excel here and there, make some word documents, browse the web for research and perform such simple tasks and you are really tight on your budget, only, in that case, I would recommend buying Jiobook Laptop and only if you get it under 15K or lesser.

Let’s have a detailed look at the pros and cons of the Jiobook Laptop to help you decide if it's worth buying the Jiobook Laptop.

Pros and Cons of JioBook Laptop: Is Jiobook Laptop Good?

What works for the Jiobook Laptop

What doesn’t work for the Jiobook Laptop

Most affordable price

2GB RAM is super low

Warranty of 1 year for this price point is good

32GB storage is not worth it. You can get 64GB storage around the same price range along with more better features.

Battery of 5000 mAh (Jio claims 8 hours of battery backup)

Low build quality

Lightweight Laptop (1.2KG)

It has JioOS so you’d most likely have to compromise on using features and apps that are by default easily available on other Windows laptops

Pre-installed Jio Apps & Microsoft Office apps

No ethernet

Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 64-bits processor is decent enough for this price and functionality

eMMC memory is not as powerful

Optimised Heat Dissipation

Its graphics card is old and not as powerful.

In-built SIM card slot means you can easily data recharge your Jiobook Laptop like your smartphone

Overall, not the best budget laptop to buy. There are far better options available.

So, this was our honest review of the Jiobook Laptop and if you should buy Jiobook Laptop or not. We hope this helps you know if the Jiobook is worth buying for you. The processor, as well as the graphics card of the Jiobook Laptop both, are we have seen being used in some mid or low-range mobile phones. So, we would suggest not expecting a lot from Jio’s newly launched laptop, Jiobook.

Jiobook Laptop Buy Online

If you are still considering buying Jiobook Laptop online, you can purchase it at the Reliance Digital store.

The Jiobook Laptop price is Rs.15,799 currently on Reliance Digital.

Buy Jiobook Laptop!

Pro Tip: Before buying Jiobook Laptop online, check out our Reliance Digital Store coupons and promo codes for extra discounts

Reliance Digital Coupon Codes!

If you are not looking to buy Jiobook Laptop for all the valid reasons but still want to buy a budget laptop under 20K, here are some alternatives to Jiobook Laptop.

Note that these are just alternatives, not our recommendations. It is up to you to decide what is best for yourself.

Alternatives to Jiobook Laptop: Laptops under 20K online
  • IdeaPad Slim 3i Chromebook (14, Intel) - Price Rs.18,590

  • Lenovo Celeron Dual Core - (64 GB/64 GB SSD/16 GB EMMC Storage/Chrome OS/4 GB Graphics) Chromebook Price Rs.16,500

  • ASUS (2022) Celeron Dual Core - (4 GB/128 GB SSD/Windows 11 Home) Laptop - Price Rs.17,890

  • Lenovo IdeaPad (25cm) HD IPS Detachable 2-in-1 Laptop (4GB/128GB eMMC/Windows 10/1 Yr Warranty) Price Rs.17,990

  • HP 15 APU Dual Core (4 GB/1 TB HDD) Laptop - Price Rs.22,892 (you can get it under Rs.20,000 using exchange offer & bank offers)

So these were some alternatives to Jiobook Laptop and all about sharing the Jiobook Laptop launch price, current price, is it worth buying or not and the complete specs. If you have any questions to ask, please feel free to put them below and I would be happy to answer them.

Would you buy the Jiobook Laptop? What are your thoughts on it?

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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
Better to buy Asus BR100 than this. Costs around 15000 but comes with windows and ssd.
Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast

You should not only buy but spread this through word of mouth and ensure atleast 4 people buy it. Ambani Saab knows what Indian peoples "aukat" and tailor make them perfectly.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
Jio in 'ullu banawing mode'.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
harpy.eagle wrote:
Jio in 'ullu banawing mode'.
It can't get worse than this. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes 5k battery, 11 inch display, 2gb ram.... Perfectly Speced to be a disaster product.
Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
Jiobook Laptop Specifications are worst and Jiobook Laptop Price in India should be 7k with 2 gm RAM. Better go for a Realme phone or tab at 15k joy
Freebie Finder Freebie Finder

Acha to 2GB RAM wale ghatiya tablet me keyboard laga kar use "Laptop" bol sakte hain! 😛😛😛

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
Worst laptop ever
Commentator Commentator
Processor : Snapdragon I didn't knew if i attach keyborad to my phone I can call it as laptop joy
Benevolent Benevolent

I bought HP 11A chromebook for 15K during previous amazon sale. It was available at similar price during diwali sale also. That is a way better option than this. 

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie

WTF is JioOs 😂😄

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
just buy an old dell optiplex with i3 or ryzen and a ssd will cost way below this, even mi box and fire stick are better than this garbage joy
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
isn't this the same specs as jio phone even the 2mp camera joy
Hunk Hunk

Better buy old laptops in second hand market. 

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