Jio removes Disney+Hotstar free subscription from all 12 Mobile Plans

Jio has silently removed Disney+ Hotstar free subscription offers from all of its 12 mobile plans. Only two Jio mobile plans with Disney+ Hotstar subscription is now available.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 16 Oct, 2022, 18:58 IST
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Reliance Jio, the telecom brand that recently launched the trials of its Jio 5G in 4 Indian cities has now removed its free Disney+ Hotstar subscription offer from all of its 12 mobile prepaid recharge plans. See which Jio mobile plans now offer the free Disney+ Hotstar subscription and which Jio mobile recharge plans no more provide the Disney+ Hotstar subscription offer.

The list of Jio Mobile Recharge Plans that no longer have Disney+ Hotstar free subscription Offer is rather long and includes some of Jio’s popular mobile recharge plans as well such as the Rs.2999 plan that was launched on Jio’s 6th anniversary this year in September.

Let’s have a look at all the Jio Mobile Plans removed by Jio recently.

List of Jio Mobile Plans Removed by Reliance Jio Recently
  • Rs 151 Disney+ Hotstar data add-on pack

  • Rs 555 add-on recharge plan

  • Rs 659 add-on plan

  • Jio Rs 333 Disney+ Hotstar recharge plan

  • Jio Rs 499 prepaid plan

  • Jio Rs 583 mobile plan

  • Jio Rs 601 - 3.5GB per day monthly plan

  • Jio Rs 783 - 84 Days mobile plan

  • Jio Rs 799 plan

  • Jio Rs 1066 plan

  • Rs 2999 Jio 6th Anniversary Special One-year plan

  • Jio Mobile Recharge Rs 3119 plan

So these are 13 mobile recharge prepaid plans removed by Jio recently. The Rs.2999 plan is still available on the Jio website though it is no longer offering the Disney+ Hotstar complimentary subscription.

These Jio prepaid plans are also no longer visible on the Jio website. There are only 2 Jio Recharge Mobile Plan available with the Disney+ Hotstar free subscription offer. Let’s have a look at what this Jio mobile recharge plan is.


Which Jio mobile recharge prepaid plans now offer Disney+ Hotstar free subscription?

The only 2 Jio mobile recharge prepaid plans with Disney+ Hostar complimentary subscription are:

  • Rs.1499 mobile plan 

  • Rs.4199 Jio mobile yearly recharge plan

It offers 3 GB of data per day and comes with a 365 days validity.

Apart from this, there are no other Jio Recharge mobile prepaid plans that currently offer a free Disney+ Hotstar free subscription.

So now the only way for you to get the free Disney+ Hotstar subscription on your Jio mobile prepaid recharge is with this Rs.4199 prepaid plan or the Rs.1499 plan. Jio has not disclosed any clarification as of yet on why Jio has removed its Disney+ Hotstar free subscription offer from its Jio mobile plans.

The Jio 5G is also launched in 4 Indian cities and Jio has announced that it is working on providing its 5G network service as more cities get ready. So soon we may get to see the 5G Jio tariff plans as well. While the Jio 5G plans are not launched yet, you can find out if your smartphone supports Jio 5G or not. Here’s a list of phones that support Jio 5G from brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Poco, Apple iPhones, Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus.

What are your thoughts on all this? Why do you think Jio has removed its mobile prepaid plans with Disney+ Hotstar subscription offers? Do share with us in the comments below. 

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Pata tha..time to take U turn by jio now 
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Before dumping on Jio, remember, Disney Corp is really possessive and aggressive in terms of partnership and in every business they involved in. Not sure why everyone is dumping on solely one Jio even though they have proper track record of keeping lowest prices in all the fields they are involved in. I think negotiation with Disney failed or in the process of price revisement in B2B model. It's the only thing I can think of. If Jio was planning revision of prices it would have taken off all OTT platforms right?.
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Whatever said and done, Jio absolutely revolutionalized Indian mobile data market. Remember the days we used to pay 250 rs for 1GB data??? We are getting spoiled by getting services for free.
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@Altruist Yeah!! I remember paying hefty amount of money for airtel and Vodafone. I think they weren't charging whopping 250/- for just 1GB data. I ported my entire company's mobile corporate plan for almost all the available companies because of hefty fees. Like Vodafone, idea, airtel, etc. Finally now in Jio. There are still network issues even in Bengaluru areas. However, costs of mobile plan drastically reduced 95%. I remember one of my friend who was in love at that time had a some kind of couple plan which was costed around 3.5k/ month!!!!!  the guy escaped with her to marry and ne have a cute little kid and happily married which is rare sight in love marriages.
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