JioCinema 299 Plan Launched! Worth buying or not? Find out

In this article, let’s have a complete breakdown of the JioCinema 299 annual plan, is it worth buying? Let’s find out.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 29 May, 2024, 21:28 IST
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Jiocinema 299 annual plan is launched and is finally up for grabs for those wishing to get a 12-month JioCinema plan (ad-free except for Sports & Live Shows). Currently, the JioCinema annual plan costs ₹299 which on the face of it looks cheaper than Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Zee5, etc.

But hold your horses right there, the Jiocinema 299 plan is under the 50% OFF offer and the original plan price is Rs.599 yearly.

This means for the first year, users will have to pay ₹299 for a 12-month JioCinema subscription and from the next year onwards the subscription price will be ₹599.

In this article, let’s have a complete breakdown of the JioCinema 299 annual plan, is it worth buying? Let’s find out.

JioCinema 299 Plan Launched! Worth buying or not? Find out

JioCinema 299 Plan Launch

JioCinema's ₹299 annual plan is out but did you know it's not the first time that JioCinema is launching an annual plan? Earlier this year the telecom giant was offering the JioCinema Premium at ₹999 per year. Later on, the plan was removed and was replaced by monthly and family plans. Jio has now brought back the annual plan at a much lower price.

The JioCinema annual plan costs ₹599 and with a 50% OFF discount, users can grab the plan at ₹299.

Existing Monthly Plan Users Can Grab the JioCinema Annual Plan at Rs.273 instead of Rs.299

If you are an existing JioCinema subscriber (monthly), you can grab a discount of Rs.26 on a Rs.299 annual plan bringing down the price to Rs.273. Now, this might or might not be user-specific. But, it's certainly worth checking once. This doesn’t have any effect on the validity of your annual plan, that is you will still be able to get a complete 12-month subscription plan upon upgrading.

Note that this discount depends on the number of days left of your monthly plan's validity.  

JioCinema Premium annual plan

How to Get a Discount on JioCinema Subscription? JioCinema Promo Code

To get a discount on JioCinema, you can use a JioCinema promo code. Though its not as easily available. Last time our users were able to grab 30% OFF on renewing their subscription by using the promo code JC30 on JioCinema.

There’s also one more way to get a discount on JioCinema plans and that is by using Google Play Gift Card which is up for grabs at flat 5% on Wohoo. Here are the steps to take if you wish to grab a 3% to 5% discount on your JioCinema Premium Plan:

  1. Buy a Google Play Gift Card at a discount from any of the gift card-selling websites such as Amazon, Wohoo, etc

  2. On the payment window, select Redeem Code

  3. Enter your Google Play gift card code

  4. Complete the payment

  5. You have now successfully bought JioCinema Premium at a discount

JioCinema how to get discount

Important: This method would only work for new users (who are buying the JioCinema plan for the first time) & those who had selected the same payment method earlier while buying their initial plan (that is if you already have JioCinema Premium and you had paid for it using UPI, debit card, etc, you cannot use this method)

Is the JioCinema 299 Plan Worth It?

Disclaimer: Views mentioned below are personal opinions/views of the author

The JioCinema Premium annual plan at Rs.299 is only worth buying for those who are occasional OTT buffs (thanks to the limited content library of new movies & shows on JioCinema). The content library currently features only a few latest movies, originals and TV shows. The remaining content library is filled with some old, renowned movies of the 2000 era.

You can find a few recent (not latest) Hindi Bollywood movies like OMG 2, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, Bloody Daddy, and Akeli. However, the list quickly reaches a limit, leaving only older Hindi movies from 2010 to 2022 to mention, such as Bhediya, Tanu Weds Manu, Vikram Vedha, Airlift, and others.

The Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & other regional genres content library also seem to have a pretty similar tale to tell.

However, it does get a little better when you switch to the English genre movies and TV shows. Users can browse through some latest or recent movie & TV show releases like The Sympathizer (2024), Oppenheimer (2023), The Flash (2023), Barbie (2023), etc. There are also some old but popular English movies, shows & web series like Chernobyl, Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Shark Tank and more.

The JioCinema subscription plan is not worth buying for those who prefer a mega-size content library such as Amazon Prime, Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar may have. If you think you could be happy watching a movie or two on weekends, JioCinema can be certainly worth it.

JioCinema Premium Plan Pros

JioCinema Premium Plan Cons

Includes some highly popular movie & show titles from national & international studios

Still, the content library feels limited

Good availability of dubbed audio in several Indian regional languages across all genres

Changing audio language is a bit of a challenge on JioCinema in smart TVs (much easily doable on mobile & desktop devices)

Ad-free experience for movies and shows (sports & live excluded)

Despite being a premium user, you still get to see some banner ads which could be a bit annoying

Parental controls for kids' content

Reasonable subscription price of Rs.299 (for the first year)

So this was all about sharing the JioCinema 299 plan launch in India. Note that the features of the JioCinema annual plan of ₹299 offer you up to 4K quality for any 1 device. If you need more than a single device, you must purchase the JioCinema Family Subscription Plan which costs ₹89 currently.

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worth buying or not ka to pta nhi, mgr ye post 4-5 baar repost ho gyi iska pta h ..
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@Nayak420 Dimers Post and Authors Post has difference in explanation and more details 

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worth buying or not ka to pta nhi, mgr ye post 4-5 baar repost ho gyi iska pta h ..
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Publishing news article ≠ creating a Dost & Dimes discussion/deal post. With news articles (apart from catering to our existing dimers) we also try to reach out to users beyond DD. 
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Bought it in sharing via subspace app and then left the group by saying admin not providing credentials got 150 refund out of 250rs and used it to buy premium for 299, now have jio cinema logged in into multiple devices for just 350 combined joy
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Good 👍🏻

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It will be 1 device at a time or only 1 device

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Can be login to many devices but usage of 1 device, if another device plays something, it gives an error.
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Subscribed through Appstore, can't see the family plan. It seems I need to cancel monthly subscription and than might see this plan.

Any such plan for 4 users? I don't like paying monthly.

The JioCinema subscription plan is not worth buying for those who prefer a mega-size content library

Ad free is worth buying even though they have less content. I disagree with the above statement. 

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hi, so the family plan is currently on a monthly basis only..so either one needs to buy the individual plan separately for 4 users (599 x 4 = 2396) or stick to the family plan (up to 4 devices) (149 x 12 = 1788) 

not sure though why the family plan isn't visible to you..because it is to me despite having an active monthly subscription 

coming to your view on the plan being worth it. It depends from user to user. What's mentioned in the article is just my own personal say which you are ofcourse free to disagree


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Annual plan not showing in my app today when I went to subscribe

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