Licious launches Plant-based Meat “UnCrave” that looks & feels just like chicken

Licious launches new plant-based meat range UnCrave that as per the brand, cooks, looks and feels just like chicken. See how to order the Licious plant-based meat seekh kebabs online, its prices and more.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 11 Oct, 2022, 16:38 IST
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Licious, India’s largest D2C Unicorn in the meat & seafood delivery industry has launched a new range of plant-based meat brands "UnCrave". The UnCrave by Licious is a plant-based meat brand that can be especially appealing to those who cannot eat meat but want to consume a plant-based alternative to it, those looking for high-protein plant-based meat alternatives, or those who cannot eat meat on select days of the month.


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“India is a religiously and culturally diverse country and every ethnicity has periods in which they abstain from eating meat for various reasons. Our products are targeted towards (consumers) who abstain from eating meat on certain days of the week or month,” said Abhay Hanjura, co-founder of Licious, in an interview.

“We have invested in over 20 months of R&D, in-house, to develop a range of products that closely resembles the taste and texture of meat in a never-before-experienced way," he added.

The Uncrave plant-based meat brand by Licious can not only be a good option for people looking for meat alternatives but it can also be a good option for fitness enthusiasts who wish to consume high-protein delectable foods.

“Licious is the only Indian company to house both animal and alternative protein under one roof,” said Simeran Bhasin, Business Head, Alternative Protein- Licious. Bhasin said UnCrave products can address everyday protein needs - an extremely pertinent need in a protein-deficient country like India.”

“A superior, meat-like taste is our biggest unique selling point,” said Bhasin.

How to order Uncrave plant-based meat by Licious online?


Image Source: Licious 

Currently, the Uncrave by Licious plant-based meat is only available in select cities such as Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and Bengaluru. But, you can expect the brand to soon launch its Uncrave plant-based meat products in other cities as well where Licious operates including Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune Chennai, Coimbatore, Jaipur & others.

You can order Uncrave plant-based meat on the Licious website or through the Licious app.

The price of Licious plant-based meat by Uncrave starts from Rs.99 for a single-serve Chick~n Seekh Kebab and Rs.349 for a serving of 4 pieces.

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While describing the new Licious plant-based meat Seekh Kebabs, Licious says that this Uncrave plant-based meat treats cooks, smells, and feels just like chicken seekh kebabs.

With a crisp charred texture on the outside and a juicy, succulent, flavorsome taste on the inside, these Licious plant-based meat Seekh Kebabs can truly be some delectable treats to try.

These Uncrave plant-based meat kebabs are made from veggies, pulses, legumes and spices and it takes approx 8 minutes to cook them.

What is even great is that Licious says there’s no MSG, artificial colors or preservatives added. Similar to the other meat and seafood products of Licious.

So, this was all about Licious launching its new plant-based meat range Uncrave and how you can order these Licious plant-based meat seekh kebabs online.

What are your thoughts? Would you be ordering these delectables?

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