WhatsApp Users in India starts getting excessive Spam Messages from Businesses

Have you been receiving a lot of spammy promotional messages lately on Whatsapp from different businesses & brands? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here’s why its possibly happening and what we can do.

by Vrushali.S Updated: 11 Oct, 2022, 13:17 IST
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WhatsApp users in India have started receiving a lot of spammy messages on their WhatsApp numbers from different brands and businesses. Popular brands like Ajio, Zepto, JioMart, Flipkart, Croma, Bank Bazaar & more are also on the list of WhatsApp users’ complaints. 


I received this message after blocking a message from another official JioMart Whatsapp Account.

A tweet from a WhatsApp user complaining about the same issue on Twitter said, “First it was email, then it was SMS. Now it’s WhatsApp - can’t escape the spam 😭.”

WhatsApp which earlier used to be a simple messaging app has lately been trying to get its foot in the eCommerce industry, and the online payments sector, and recently, the Meta platform has even launched a paid subscription for businesses on WhatsApp. It seems like WhatsApp in an attempt to increase its revenue, has opened several doors for inviting spam on its platform. And well, we all are very well versed with the platform’s privacy policies, aren’t we?

Why you are receiving a lot of spam messages on your WhatsApp number?

Disclaimer: These are speculated possible reasons and cannot be taken with complete certainty.

  • The first possible reason could be the leak of your data online because of using malicious apps on your device. Recently a few days ago in October 2022, Meta warned over 1 million users about a potential data leak from using malicious apps present on the Alphabet app store and Apple store.

  • The next possible reason could be the leak of your data online through data sharing between different companies. Though most companies would deny sharing their customer’s data, we consumers are not indifferent to receiving messages from companies we have not even subscribed to, are we?

  • Lastly, a possible reason why you are receiving a lot of promotional spam messages on your WhatsApp number could be a possible leak of your data through Facebook Data Breach that may have happened in 2021. In 2021, a Facebook breach happened in which over 531 million Facebook users’ data was leaked including their phone numbers, full name, email address & more. Out of these 6 million users were from India.

These are only some of the possible reasons why we think you are receiving a lot of spam WhatsApp messages recently on your Whatsapp number.

Well, now, let’s discuss some helpful precautions you can take to combat this spam on your WhatsApp

How to Stop Getting Spam Messages on WhatsApp?

To speak honestly, you cannot stop getting spam messages on WhatsApp. But, you certainly can reduce it using by following some helpful practices.

  1. Avoid using malicious apps (Fake Betting apps, Anti-virus apps or mobile cleaner apps, etc)

  2. Avoid downloading apps outside the official Alphabet App Store or Apple Store

  3. Change your profile passwords frequently across all Meta platforms

  4. Avoid visiting malicious websites

  5. Avoid downloading music/files online from sites that feature advertisements on illegal/explicit subjects

  6. Block and report unwanted Whatsapp spam messages

  7. Clear cookies and cache frequently in your Google History

  8. Don’t enter your personal mobile number on just any site you visit. Be sure to ensure first that it's a trustworthy site.

Following these practices does not mean you’d stop receiving spam messages on your WhatsApp number but it can certainly be reduced, hopefully.

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Have you been receiving a lot of spam messages on your Whatsapp number? I personally have been lately receiving more of them and I do not even use Facebook, visit any malicious sites or download any malicious apps. WhatsApp and Facebook surely need to strengthen their user’s privacy safety.

What is frustrating is that even after you block certain WhatsApp business accounts, they’d again contact you through some other number.

I would love to know if you too have experienced this and what has been your experience.

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