Mi Smart Band 5 Launched at a Price under 2.5k with New & Improved Features

Will the Mi Smart Band 5 prove its worth over Mi Band 4?

by FighterMan Updated: 08 Oct, 2020, 21:13 IST
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In a recent official event, Mi launched their new & improved Mi Smart Band 5 in India. It is priced at just under 2.5k which means that there is not much difference when compared to the Mi Smart Band 4. Considering its newly upgraded software and price which is similar to its previous generation, the Mi Smart Band 5 is definitely worth a grab. It follows the recent launch of Mi Smart Speaker which is highly anticipated.

mi smart band 5
Mi Smart Band 5 Specifications

The specifications of Mi Smart Band 5 are good with improvements in display size(0.9” to 1.1”), screen brightness, and software algorithms.

Mi Smart Band 5 Specifications


1.1 Inch AMOLED Colour with 126x294 Resolution



Water Resistance Rating

5 ATM(can be used during showers and swimming upto 50m)








125 mAh

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Mi Smart Band 5 Features

The Mi Smart Band 5 has got many upgraded and new features when compared to its predecessor.

Mi Smart Band 5 Features
  1. It has got an approx 20% increase in display size which lets you access calls, messages, and notifications better. Moreover, it comes with unlimited watch faces.
  2. Charging your smart band will now be hassle-free with magnetic charging technology. You get a 2 week battery life in normal mode and 3 weeks in power saving mode.
  3. PAI(personal activity intelligence) activity tracking metric calculates your personal vitality index(out of 100) based on gender, age, heart rate, and other data points. If your score is low, Mi Smart Band 5 will offer you suggestions to improve it.
  4. Considering the Coronavirus impact, Mi has introduced tracking of indoor exercises in this band. There are 11 sports modes available including yoga, power walking, outdoor running, jump rope, freestyle workout, and outdoor cycling.
  5. This new & improved Mi band monitors your heart rate 24X7 with more accurate PPG Biosensors. Whenever your heart rate jumps to an unusual high, you will be automatically alerted via vibration.
  6. Mi says that this band will monitor your sleep 40% more accurately than the previous generation bands. It records your sleeping patterns like REM(rapid eye movement), naps, etc to generate a sleep score which determines the quality of your sleep. The band also gives you scientific advice to improve your sleep score.
  7. A new feature here is the Menstrual Cycle Tracking where ovulation phases are recorded to give reminders. Based on machine learning the band will keep improving this tracking in time.
  8. Stress Monitoring gives you a stress score and low/mid/high levels sign. More the score, high is the stress level. You can use the breathing patterns shown on the display to ease yourself.
  9. You can check all your health stats in the Mi Fit app.
  10. Other useful features include camera control, music playback, alarms, phone unlock & mute, calendar & event reminder, and message & incoming call alerts.
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Mi Smart Band 5 Price in India

The Mi Smart Band 5 costs a mere 200 Rs more than the Mi Smart Band 4. Given its specs and feature upgrades, its price is definitely justified.

Wearable Name


Mi Smart Band 5

Rs 2,499

Mi Smart Band 5 Launch Date in India

The Mi Smart Band 5 is now launched in India, but will be available for purchase after a few days.

Wearable Name

Launch Date

Mi Smart Band 5

30th September 2020 | On Sale from 1st October 2020

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