PS5 Restock – PlayStation 5 Restock in India

Will there be a third re-stock for Sony PlayStation 5 consoles? Sources suggested June 2021 can be the month, Find out!

by Akansha_B Updated: 10 Jun, 2021, 17:53 IST
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Sony PlayStation 5 consoles, which were available for pre-order in India on 17th May, sold out in less than an hour. While PlayStation 5 has returned to India, the question remains will there be a restock.

Sony Centre, a Sony-authorized retailer, has listed PS5 consoles for pre-order beginning May 17. The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition marked its first restock after its global debut. The next-generation console has been in short supply worldwide since its official introduction in February 2021. The digital and disk versions of the system were available for Rs 39,990 and Rs 49,990, respectively, on the Sony Centre India website.

PS5 Restock – PlayStation 5 Restocks in India

Sony is now likely to re-release the gaming console in the coming months. According to a press report, the Sony PS5 India restock is scheduled for June. The PlayStation 5 will be available at all big e-commerce sites, but the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition seems to be exclusive to the Sony Centre website ShopAtSC. There is no news on how much stock either of them has but expect it to be very limited —if you're not quick, it'll be sold out in a minute or two.

The exact date for the third Sony PS5 pre-order in India is unknown at this time. According to a report, Sony delayed the release of further units because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. The company is expected to make amends with the third PS5 pre-order. It is expected to release more units of its game console in June 2021.

The bigger question for the ones that ordered the PS5 would be whether they will still have the PS5 delivered to their houses, considering the current bans on non-essential goods during the continuing crippling second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the ShopAtSC stated that the allocated order is expected to be delivered around 24th May, while a delay in delivery services might get impacted as a result of lockdown/curfew restrictions in your locations.

According to the reports by Sony they sold 7.8 million units of PS5 through March, Globally. The PS5 has two models, the standard edition, and Digital Edition. However, only the standard edition is available in India. The Sony PS5 costs Rs 49,990 in India, while the Digital Edition costs Rs 39,990.

The biggest difference between the 2 consoles is that the latter does not include a Blu-ray disc drive. Sony has yet to announce a shipping date for the consoles, and also a third restock. However, we will keep you updated on any developments regarding the PS5 restocking.

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The problem is shopatsc website, I’m having pathetic experience with them. The shopatsc model is they don’t send products directs, they just sent your purchase request to a local dealer. Local dealers can be very unreliable.
I order Sony XB75AP earphones a week ago, dealer sent earphones through some local courier and I had to personally go to courier office to collect my package. And the product seal is tampered, so most likely they sent product returned by others or used as display item. Shopatsc doesn’t have phone support, if you call number listed on their website they will route you through few call centers and finally ask you send an email. It been 2 days since I sent email to [email protected], no one is bothered to even acknowledge my request.