Reliance Jio Rs.3333 Plan Launched with Free FanCode OTT Subscription

Reliance Jio has recently introduced an exciting new prepaid plan priced at Rs.3333, which comes with a range of valuable benefits for its subscribers including free OTT subscription to Fancode.

by Sadikaa Updated: 22 May, 2024, 18:37 IST
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Reliance Jio has recently introduced an exciting new prepaid plan priced at Rs.3333, which comes with a range of valuable benefits for its subscribers. One of the key highlights of this plan is the inclusion of a free complimentary subscription to FanCode, a popular sports OTT platform known for its live coverage of various sports including cricket, football, Formula 1, and more. Normally, accessing FanCode's premium content requires a separate purchase, with a monthly pass costing Rs 200 and an annual pass priced at Rs 999. However, with Jio's new plan, subscribers can now enjoy exclusive access to FanCode's premium sports content at no extra cost. Let's take a look into the Reliance Jio New Rs.3333 Plan Benefits, Availability and more!

Reliance Jio Rs.3333 Plan Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits of the Reliance Jio Rs.3333 Plan:

Daily Data Allowance: Enjoy high-speed data access with a generous daily limit of 2.5GB. Over the course of the plan's 365-day validity, this totals 912.5GB, ensuring ample data for streaming, browsing, and more.

Unlimited Voice Calling: Make unlimited voice calls to any network across India, ensuring you stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about call charges.

100 SMS per Day: Send up to 100 SMS messages daily, providing a convenient way to stay in touch via text.

Long-Term Validity: The plan offers a full 365 Days of service, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for long-term users.

FanCode Subscription: Gain a complimentary one-year subscription to FanCode, a premium sports streaming platform available through the JioTV mobile app. This offers exclusive access to live sports events and content.

Access to JioCinema: Enjoy a wide variety of movies and TV shows on JioCinema. Note that this plan includes the regular JioCinema subscription, not the premium version.

JioTV: Access a broad selection of live TV channels, covering various genres like entertainment, news, and more through JioTV.

JioCloud Storage: Benefit from JioCloud services, providing secure cloud storage to keep your important files and media.

Unlimited 5G Data: Enjoy unlimited 5G data, where available, ensuring high-speed internet access without any data caps.

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Key Features of Complimentary FanCode Access

Exclusive FanCode Access: Stream a wide range of sports including cricket, football, and more, directly through the JioTV+ or JioTV app.

Formula 1 Coverage: Watch Formula 1 races live, as FanCode holds exclusive broadcast rights for the 2024 and 2025 seasons in India. Coverage includes all practice sessions, qualifying rounds, sprint races, and Grand Prix events.

Live Streaming and Analysis: Access live streams of major sporting events along with in-depth analysis and real-time updates.

Comprehensive Sports Library: Explore a rich library of match highlights, detailed sports statistics, and fantasy sports insights.

Stay Updated: Keep up with the latest news from Indian cricket and the global sports scene, ensuring you never miss an important update.

Reliance Jio Rs.3333 Plan Availability

The new Reliance Jio Rs.3333 plan is available for recharge on Jio’s official website and mobile app. It's also part of a broader offer where JioAirFiber, JioFiber, and Jio Mobility prepaid users on specific plans can enjoy complimentary FanCode access.

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Comparison with Other Jio Plans

The Rs.3333 plan is particularly attractive for those planning to subscribe to FanCode, offering a more comprehensive package compared to the Rs.2999 plan, which lacks the FanCode subscription. It's worth noting that the Reliance Jio Rs.2999 plan shares similar features and benefits with the Reliance Jio Rs.3333 plan.

What is FanCode?

FanCode is a premier sports streaming platform in India, renowned for its interactive live streaming and extensive sports coverage, including exclusive broadcasting rights for Formula 1 in 2024 and 2025. The platform offers a range of features such as live match highlights, detailed analysis, fantasy sports insights, and up-to-date sports news.

Reliance Jio has introduced this new plan priced at Rs.3333, designed to offer a better experience for sports fans. This plan aims to provide access to high-quality live sports content as well as Jio's wide range of entertainment options, catering to sports enthusiasts across India. Additionally, users will also get an exclusive FanCode subscription, allowing them to stay updated with live matches, detailed analysis, and comprehensive sports coverage. However, if you are not a sports fan, this plan may not be suitable for you. There are many other plans from Jio that you can choose from, depending on your needs.

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1. What is the new Reliance Jio Rs.3333 Plan?

The Rs.3333 plan is a new prepaid offering from Reliance Jio, which includes a complimentary one-year subscription to FanCode, a premium sports streaming platform. The plan also provides daily data, unlimited voice calls, and other benefits over a 365-day period.

2. How can I recharge the Reliance Jio Rs.3333 plan?

You can recharge the Rs.3333 plan on Jio’s official website or through the Jio mobile app.

3. Who can avail of the complimentary free FanCode subscription?

The complimentary FanCode subscription is available to users of the Rs.3333 plan as well as specific plans under JioAirFiber, JioFiber, and Jio Mobility.

4. How does the Rs.3333 plan compare to other Jio plans?

The Rs.3333 plan is especially beneficial for sports fans due to the included FanCode subscription. The Rs 2999 plan, for instance, does not include this subscription but offers similar data benefits.

5. What is FanCode?

FanCode is a leading sports streaming platform in India known for its live and interactive coverage of sports events. It offers features like live match highlights, detailed analysis, fantasy sports insights, and breaking sports news.

6. Is the JioCinema subscription included in the Rs.3333 plan the premium version?

No, the Rs.3333 plan includes the regular JioCinema subscription, not the premium version.

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